Furtopia Discord | How To Join The Server?

Furtopia Discord

If you are an animal lover then you must join the Furtopia Discord. Yes, Furtopia is a community of animal lovers. Discord users around the world who have pets and are in love with animals are welcome to join this amazing pet-lover community. 

The Furtopia Discord server is all about sharing thoughts about pets and making new friendships with animal lovers. If you are obsessed with your little Maltese; but have no one to share your feelings with, join this Discord server now and make furry friends! 

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To join the Furtopia Discord server, all you have to do is sign in to your Discord account and then click on the Furtopia Discord server link. Next, click on the ‘Accept Invite’ button and join the server just in seconds! 

“We welcome all furs (and non-furs) and truly hope they enjoy their time on our server!” – yes this is the welcome note to the server that truly reflects the love for pets. When you join the Furtopia Discord, you will be surprised to find all users have their pets as their profile picture; if not, they have anime animals! 

What Is Furtopia Discord Server?

Furtopia Discord Server

The Furtopia Discord server is dedicated to animal lovers all over the world. Anyone who is obsessed with a fur friend can join this amazing group. Also, non-fur friends are always welcome to join if they have an interest in animals. 

As claimed, Furtopia Discord is “One of the best 100% SFW furry communities!”. Discord users below 16 can join this group and enjoy chatting with fur friends. This Discord server has multiple classifications for the team members, such as FLUFFIEST BOI [the server owner], Superfurs [highly trusted by owners], Floof Council [Moderators], Junior Furs [members newly joined], Furtopia Citizens [Level 5 and above] and Loyal Furs [Friends]. 

Is There A Furtopia Discord Server?

Yes, there is a Furtopia Discord server available online. 

If you have a keen interest to join the fury friends, you can open the Discord server link dedicated to Furtopia and enjoy chatting with friends. This Discord server has 453+ members and is growing gradually. 

Furtopia Discord Link

The Furtopia Discord server link is available on the internet. However, there are many spam links. Hence, to save you time, we have picked the Discord server link for Furtopia and shared it in this article. Find the live server link dedicated to Furtopia and enjoy friendship with Fury friends. 

Furtopia Discord Server Link – Click To Join

How To Join Furtopia Discord Server Link?

To join the Furtopia Discord, first log in to your Discord account > Click on the invitation link > Accept the invite > Dine!

Joining the Furtopia Discord server is quite an easy task. If you have a Discord account, it will take a minute only to join the new server. If not, create a new Discord account by visiting and then follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Open the Discord account and log into it. 

Step 2: Click on the shared Furtopia Discord server link or paste the link in a new tab and hit Enter.

Step 3: Click on the Accept Invite button.

Voila! You have joined the Furtopia Discord server successfully!

Furtopia Discord Features

Till now, all you know is that anyone with a pet can join this Discord server. However, there are more amazing features in this group that encourage the non-fury friends to join the server! 

1. Anyone around the world who loves animals can join this Discord.

2. Anyone with a pet is welcome to join this group. 

3. People who can’t afford to have a pet but love animals are welcome to join.

4. According to your input in this group you will be given a role [which is cool]. 

5. This popular Discord is a 100% SFW community. 

6. Discord users below 16 years, can join this Discord server. 

7. If you need any help regarding your pet, this group member can help you through. 

Furtopia Discord Server Rules

To your knowledge, Furtopia Discord follows a very strict set of rules so that they can maintain a 100% SFW community. Here are all the rules that you have to abide by while being part of the Furtopia: 

1. You have to be respectful to all the members of the server. 

2. Discrimination is not tolerated at all. 

3. If someone is accused and proven for Art theft, the user will be banned from the server. 

4. If your content can trigger others, you have to add Trigger warnings. 

5. All staff members should be respected, and no arguments will be tolerated.

6. If Moderators and admins abuse their power, they will be removed from their posts. 

7. Do not joke on any sensitive topic that can trigger other members. 

8. NSFW or sexually connotated comments/posts are strictly banned. 

9. Discussing politics and other controversial topics is not allowed. 

10. Spam or self-promotions are not allowed in this Discord server. 


We love exploring Discord servers that are of our interest. The Discord server dedicated to Furtopia is one amazing server that not only encourages pet lovers to join this Discord channel but also non-pet lovers to join the community and explore their love for animals. Follow the instructions shared in this article and join Furtopia Discord now! Share your experience in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Anyone Join Furtopia?

Yes, anyone can join Furtopia including children aged less than 16 years old. This is a complete SFW Discord. 

Q2. What Is The Age Limit For Joining Furtopia?

There is no minimum age limit for this Discord server. People from any age group can join this server, including children. 

Q3. Is Furtopia Discord Server Available?

Yes, the Furtopia Discord server is now available for free to join. You can find the server link on the internet or just scroll up to this article and find the link shared! 

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