What Does IG Mean On Snapchat?

What Does IG Mean On Snapchat?

Did you get a DM on Snapchat saying “IDK, IG you can HMU.”? Are you wondering WTH is going on? Wonder no more. We are here to help you understand the new Snap Slang that is taking over the world. Read on to know what does IG mean on Snapchat.

Snapchat is predominantly used by the Gen Z of today, who are known to be extremely socially active and keen to use all the features Snapchat has to offer. Gen Z constitutes over 67% of the entire users on Snapchat, making them the dominant force behind the success of the social media app. Gen Z is building their very own personal brand and has created the Snap Slang that is now internationally acclaimed by all users. 

If you wish to know what does IG mean on Snapchat, it is mostly used to represent ‘I Guess’, a terminology used for giving suggestions or indicating reluctance. IG could also be used to refer to Instagram.

IG could be a baffling terminology used to refer to different things in different situations. Before using this amazing slang, let’s know what does IG mean on Snapchat and what does IG stand for in texting?

What Does IG Mean On Snapchat?

Are you still wondering what “IDK, IG you can HMU.” mean? It stands for “I Don’t Know, I Guess you can Hit Me Up”. The sender of the message seems to be confused and even a little bit concerned and asks you to contact them.

This is the new Snap Slang that all the youngsters of today are going bonkers over. Trust me, anyone of Gen Z would be able to recognize the message in one look. The Snap Slang is so catchy that it has now become a part of their everyday conversations. Read on to understand what does IG mean on Snapchat and what does IG stand for in texting.

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IG – I Guess

What Does IG Mean On Snapchat?

“I Guess” is quite a commonly used terminology and the new generation has revamped it to IG, making it easier to text or dm. It is all about convenience. Why go through the pain of texting it in full when you can convey the message in just two letters? IG slang meaning? I get it now. I Guess.

To fully comprehend what does IG mean on Snapchat, it is essential that you know how to make use of the term.

1. IG For Confirmation

I Guess is a related terminology, used to accept a situation and working up the courage to complete the work. For example, if your friend asks you to help them in finishing their assignment or complete your work before the allotted time, you can reply to it as,

  • IG I can try to help you finish the assignment.
  • IG I can work a few extra hours to complete it by today.

2. IG For Denial

IG could be used to turn down an opportunity without sounding intimidating. It can also be used to tone down your reply while denying an offer. If your friends invite you over camping during the weekend you can reply to them as,

  • IG I can’t make it this weekend.
  • I’m not built for camping IG.

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IG – Instagram

What Does IG Mean On Snapchat? IG

IG is also widely used by all to refer to Instagram. Most users make use of more than one social networking platform, if not all. Users who post on one tend to update it on all other platforms as well. Snapchat users who have created an account on Instagram, often use IG to refer to Instagram.

If you are still pondering what IG mean on Snapchat, you should consider the possibility of the user referring to their Instagram account.

  • Did you look at my IG update?
  • My IG Story is doing numbers.

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IG – In Game

We cannot leave out our gaming friends on this platform. To all you gamers out there, what does IG mean on Snapchat? The only answer that pops up in their minds is In Game.

Any gamer who texts about IG is referring to all In Game items, it could refer to new features and accessories that are available in the game to all players. If your gamer friend sends a message on Snapchat, consider the possibility of them referring to In Game features and purchases.

  • Did you get the new IG weapons in PubG?
  • This new game has many IG features.

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Wrap Up

Social networking is taking the world by storm, bringing people from all over the world closer. The days are gone when people had to write long letters to loved ones, who treasured it for life. Now, it has become ILY and ILYSMM, which is a weirdly satisfying reply to the youngsters of today, who prefer smart work rather than hard work and like to document memories rather than living them. Let us all get accustomed to the Snap Slang starting with knowing what IG mean on Snapchat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What Does IG Mean In Text On Snapchat?

Users on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and WhatsApp make use of IG to refer to Instagram. Any reference to Instagram made on all other networking platforms is given as IG. Users can type in just these two letters instead of entering the name fully and can be easily recognized by all.

Q2 What Is IG Short Form?

IG is the common abbreviation used to represent Instagram. Users of all social networking channels make use of IG to refer to Instagram. IG can also be used as a short form of I Guess.

Q3 What The Heck Does IG Mean?

IG is one of the most commonly used acronyms. However, its meaning depends on the context in which it is used. It is usually used to say I Guess, but can also be used to represent Instagram. Gamers make use of IG to refer to In Game features.

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