Garmin Approach S70 Review | Is It Better Than The Rest?

Garmin Approach S70 Review

Teeing off the hole of the golf course? Little worried if you will end up perfectly or not? If that’s the case, you can try out the Garmin Approach S70! This GPS golf watch can be worth buying! But before buying, check out the Garmin Approach S70 review and its features so that you don’t feel like you are buying something not so useful for you!

The expected Garmin Approach S70 release date was May 23 and it hit the market on the same date. The Garmin Approach S70 price is $699.99 and several users are finding it pretty expensive. However, users reviews of this golf watch makes it very clear that the Garmin Approach S70 price is so high!

As per our Garmin Approach S70 review, this GPS golf watch is extremely useful, not only for golf but also for your daily use. With long battery life, great build quality, and other features, the Garmin S70 is among the best golf watches.

The Garmin Approach golf watch series includes a number of varients in every budget. A recent addition to its list has made users curious about what’s the Garmin Approach S70 review. If you are in the same boat, then here’s what you need to know!

Garmin Approach S70 Review

From the basic Garmin Approach S12 to the extremely luxurious Garmin MARQ Golfer, the Garmin Approach is becoming quite popular because of its trustworthiness. The latest addition, the Garmin Approach S70 has taken the internet by storm! If you are still waiting for the Garmin Approach S70 release date, then let’s disclose that it is already out, and many users have already tried their hands on this amazing golf watch!

The latest Garmin Approach S70 has taken most of the already available features and even improved them to provide an entirely useful product for users. In comparison to its predecessor S62, the Garmin Approach S70 is available in two different sizes and three wristband colors. Along with that, a separate Garmin S70 manual is available for users as they can easily get to know everything they want with this Garmin S70 manual. Let’s have a closer look at the Garmin Approach S70 review.

Garmin Approach S70 Review: Updated Features

The Garmin Approach S70 includes a number of cool features on and off the golf course than its predecessor, S62. Different features such as sharper graphics, improved battery life, and much more have been added to make an overall great product for users. Furthermore, improved and upgraded Virtual Caddie, more detailed maps, and the PlaysLike feature when connected with a smartphone are outshining this cool golf watch among the other Garmin Series. 

Moreover, the S70 allows users to download various applications that can be used with other activities. With a huge range of indoor and outdoor activities, the S70 and its fitness and wellness functions are far beyond what many golf watches hold. So, overall the features of the S70 Garmin Series are better and improved.

Garmin Approach S70 Review: Availability And Price

The Garmin Approach S70 is easily available directly on the Garmin UK, Garmin US, or Garmin AU website in three different colors and two sizes. The 47mm case size of the Garmin Approach S70 golf watch has a cool black-colored ceramic hosel including a black silicone wrist strap that costs around $699.99 in the United States, $1199.00 AUD in Australia, and £599 in the United Kingdom.

If you wish to go for a cheaper version, that is also possible for the Garmin Approach S70. You can pick the 42mm option which has a black-colored ceramic hosel that provides users with a choice of powder grey or the white silicone wrist strap. This smaller version of the golf watch will be available for users at $649.99 in the United States, $1099.00 AUD in Australia, and £599.99 in the United Kingdom.

Garmin Approach S70 Review: Design And Quality

With the highest available resolution, the cool Garmin Approach S70 is available in two different sizes. You can choose a 1.4-inch (47mm) or 1.2-inch (42mm) amazing AMOLED display. The best part is, that users won’t have any problem viewing their S70’s screen even during bright sunlight. With scratch-proof lenses and water resistance up to 5 ATMs, this is surely one of the best displays to grab user attention.

The stylish design, high-quality ceramic bezel, and of course, the lightweight build make this golf watch even more comfortable for users. Though technically, the Garmin Approach S70 is a golf watch, but the performance and looks of the Garmin Approach S70 make it better than any other smartwatch available in the market. Moreover, it can be worn in any situation. Nevertheless, the action button, back button, and menu button are the three-button setup that makes it easier for the user to use the watch. 

Garmin Approach S70 Review: Performance 

If you own the S62, then you must be aware of most of its features. Well, the Garmin S70 includes most of the S60’s features, but with a facelift. The design looks much more slicker and graphics have been improved to a great level. One of the best advantages is that the S70 locates the course pretty faster than the S62. Moreover, if you have a golf watch, then it will easily provide you with distances from the front, back, and middle of the green along with layup on distances and information on hazards. 

However, the Garmin Approach S70 includes all of this along with detailed maps. This will even display on the map where your drive is likely to finish along with what hazards are in the play when you try to tee off. Even the Pinpointer feature on the S70 helps users find where exactly the green is when they have a blind shot. Moreover, the PlaysLike Distance feature has been greatly enhanced and now takes the wind conditions and elevation changes into account to provide users with an accurate yardage reading for every slot.

Garmin Approach S70 Review: Battery Life 

Battery life is one of the important factors to consider when looking for the perfect Garmin Approach S70 review. As per Garmin, users can get 20 hours in GPS when fully charged and 16 days when they are not using the GPS mode. Though you might need to charge it at some point in time. In case, you are using the Garmin Approach S70 for monitoring your sleep, then you can easily charge it while having food or when relaxing. It won’t take much time to be charged fully. Moreover, if you keep tossing it up, don’t worry, the battery is not going to die on you anyway.

Garmin S70 Problems

One of the common Garmin S70 problems is related to the charger. If you are used to standard USB charging, then it can be pretty inconvenient for users to charge with the USB-C cable. As there is no converter in the box, it can be quite difficult for non-mac users. Overall there is no particular problem with the Garmin Approach S70 that can be a matter of concern for users.

Is Garmin S70 Worth Buying In 2023?

Yes, of course! With great features and improved performance, the Garmin Approach S70 is absolutely a perfect solution to get great help while playing your favorite golf course. Whether you wish to use it for your regular exercising, sleeping, or playing golf, this is an apt fit for all situations. Though the Garmin S70 price may look high to some users, it is completely worth it when you look at its upgraded features like longer battery life, premium build quality, stylish design, great performance, scratch-free lens, and a lot more! It is not just a golf watch, but a smartwatch that can be perfectly used for your daily activities such as yoga, swimming, or running! 

Wrapping Up

If you are confused about the latest S70 added to the Garmin golf watch series and looking for the Garmin Approach S70 review, then let us disclose that overall, there is a positive review for the Garmin Approach S70! It is a powerful and perfectly versatile GPS golf smartwatch that offers a number of cool features to help users improve their game. It is not only the stylish design that gives a positive Garmin Approach S70 review, but also the amazing quality, and performance that makes it one of the best products available in the market in 2023! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and grab the opportunity to make the Garmin Approach S70 all yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Garmin S70 Worth The Money?

A. Yes, of course! The latest Garmin Approach S70 review is positive because of its amazing features and stylish design. So, it is worth the money as it includes better battery life, great performance, and improved features than the S60.

Q2. Which Is Better In Garmin S70 vs S62?

A. Of course the Garmin Approach S70 is better than the S62 because of improved battery life and updated features.

Q3. Is The Garmin S70 Waterproof?

A. Yes, the Garmin S70 golf watch is waterproof.

Q4. Garmin S70 vs Apple Watch, Which Is Better?

A. The Garmin S70 golf watch is fantastic and better than the Apple Watch as it has a better battery life.

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