Get your internet services installed during this 3rd Wave of COVID

We have been through a lot this year because of this COVID pandemic and it has changed everything. We do things differently now. Everything is connected to the internet now and people are doing online shopping, taking online classes, working from home, and whatnot. We do everything on the internet and we cannot even imagine having a life without the internet because we won’t be able to do anything without it. People living around the world are connected to each other because of the internet. Life is different now and we need to accept the fact that COVID is not going anywhere anytime soon so we need to deal with it.

If you don’t have internet services and you are looking to get internet services but you are not sure about the availability of internet service providers in your area, don’t worry, you don’t need to go to any retail store. There are different websites where you can find out the availability of internet service providers in your area just by putting in your address. Once you find out the internet service providers in your area, you can reach out to their websites and you can check all the internet packages.

There are many internet service providers who know that because of this COVID pandemic, people are on a low budget but as the internet is a necessity now, they are offering very economic packages for their customers like AT&T internet plans are now available for as cheap as $10.00 for low-income people and then there is Spectrum, which is considered as the second-largest cable TV, internet and home phone service provider is providing free internet services to students.

Even if you don’t qualify for these packages, you don’t need to worry, you will be getting multiple options with the internet packages as almost all the companies are offering multiple packages to their customers with different features and different prices. Once you know the package you want, the main concern is how to get your services installed because of the lockdown, everyone is taking extra precautions and the retail stores are closed.

How to get your internet services installed during the COVID lockdown?

The most feasible way to sign up for the services you want is you reach out to the customer support of the internet service provider with which you want the internet services. Most of the internet service providers are available 24/7 and you can either sign up online or you can call customer support and can sign up for the services.

Once you reach out to the customer support of the internet service provider, let them know your requirements and your budget and they will help you out with getting the most suitable package or if you know the package that you want, you can just let the specialist know and the specialist will sign you up for the services.

Make sure you know the address and you have your details in front of you while talking to the specialist as they might ask you the last four digits of your social security number for verification purposes or to see that if you qualify for the promotion or not. They will also let you know if your house is wired or not and how long it’ll take to set up services at your place.

If your house is wired

Once you give your address to the specialist, the specialist will let you know if the house is already wired or not. If your house is wired, consider yourself lucky as you will be saving around $50-$100 for the professional installation. There will be just the shipment charges and the activation charges of your internet services.

A self-installation kit will be sent to your location with all the instructions in the box like how to install the services and the whole installation process is very simple because everything is already wired so you just need to plug in the wires in the modem and the router. If you know a store near your house, you can also pick up the equipment from the store and can activate the services whenever you want. They will also give you the number for the technical support so if you face any kind of issue while installing the services, you can reach out to them and they will help you out.

If your house is not wired

If your house is not wired and the company is providing internet services to your address for the first time, a professional technician will have to come to your place with all the SOP’s taken, to install the services and that might take an hour or two. The specialist will let you know the available dates for the installation and you can pick one at your ease. The technician will be coming with all the equipment required for the installation and will make sure that the services are well installed and are working fine and you can just sit and have coffee while doing the supervision. 

Summing it up

Don’t wait, just reach out to the customer support of the internet service provider through which you want the internet service and get yourself installed as soon as possible.

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