Google AI Test Kitchen Use Cases | All You Need To Know!

Google AI Test Kitchen Use Cases

All are invited to play with Google AI Test Kitchen! Yes, it is open to all. You can download Google AI Test Kitchen easily and then sign up to try the amazing AI bot. Signing up for the Google AI Test Kitchen is so easy that anyone can jump into it and experience open-source AI. In this article, we will share some of the Google AI Test Kitchen use cases with you! 

Google intends to give people access to a number of developing demos. There are now three running in the app: Imagine It, List It, and Talk About It. Using all three demo features is jaw-dropping and as promised by Mr. Pichai, all features of this AI are dedicated to improving the way we are getting knowledge. Accessing AI knowledge is a power and Google AI Test Kitchen use cases are the examples you can go through. 

Google AI Test Kitchen use cases that are shared in this article are completely for demo purposes. Studying the examples shared by others as well as Mr. Pichai are hands-on tutorials to use Google AI Test Kitchen in a better way. Let’s go through the article and explore the examples and learn how AI can improve our knowledge and become a friend. 

Google AI Test Kitchen Use Cases

So far we have found – Google AI Test Kitchen could be used for multiple purposes; from sharing experiences and senses that you are unaware of, creating a to-do list and how to do each step carefully to teach you any lesson, and talking to you like a friend on any topic that interest you! Sounds fun? Google AI Test Kitchen is just more than a smart writing aid, it’s the AI that is your faithful companion constantly improving you and your life! 

#1 Imagine It [Sharing Experience]

This may sound awkward, but when you will learn about this feature and how we tested it, you will be shocked! Let’s imagine you are on mars! How does it feel? What if you are traveling under Antarctica? What is your view? Well, you can’t answer that until you share a Jules Verne reference! With Google AI Test Kitchen, you can answer it! Yes, let’s consider you are writing a story and need to know how it feels flying over the sea or landing on Mars, Google AI Test Kitchen will share the REAL experience with you which is taught by a system! Now, your imagination has no limit as mentioned in the Google AI Test Kitchen use cases. 

#2 List It [Guideline]

Looking forward to becoming a writer? Or a pro-floweriest? Ask AI Test Kitchen! This is the second Google AI Test Kitchen use case we are going to discuss. Whether you have a real-life guide or not you can become anything or cherish any passion if you have access to the internet. AI Test Kitchen just took it to another level. If you want to learn anything, do not need to search on the internet and fall for the information/guideline that may be false! When you specify a goal or a subject, LaMDA divides it up into various lists of smaller activities that you may develop and delve deeper into. Whether you want to be a basketball player or an astronaut, ask AI Test Kitchen – your next trustworthy guide. 

#3 Talk About It [Your Companion] 

Need a friend? When a large group of people moved to social media just to make friends with similar interests, Google AI is here just to do the same job! The best part of having AI Test Kitchen as your talk-to friend is that your secret is safe (ha-ha!!). go to  AI Test Kitchen and just pick any random topic to chat with the AI and you will find that the AI bot can become any personality to chat with you in any mood! From cracking a joke to discussing an Italian recipe, AI Test Kitchen can be your instant friend!

Wrapping Up

For now, AI Test Kitchen still has some limitations and the developers are working on it! Hence, the App may not be available to all. However, if you have access, you are welcome to test LaMDA2. Hope, Google AI Test Kitchen use cases that we shared in this article will help you to use the App. Try AI Test Kitchen today and share your experience with us! Follow Deasilex for more updates on AI Test Kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use Google LaMDA?

Anyone interested in getting access to the AI beta can sign up at the AI Test Kitchen. LaMDA is an artificial intelligence that examines spoken language to identify orders. The technologies used to generate subtitles in real-time, as well as the voice assistants Siri and Alexa, operate on a similar tenet.

Q2. Where Can I Test Google LaMDA?

Simple Bug Reporting Using Google Chat On the LambdaTest dashboard,

  1. Choose Real Time Testing from the menu in the left sidebar.
  2. Enter the test URL, select the browser and any applicable browser versions, then click START.

Q3. How Do I Access Google LaMDA 2?

LaMDA 2 is currently accessible, but you must register to get an invite. Once you do, Google will send out invitations to US smartphone users in sporadic batches over the following few weeks. Both iOS and Android users will be able to use the chatbot.

Q4. Can You Test Lambda AI?

Over the past year, we have tested LaMDA internally, which has resulted in considerable quality gains. Recently, we’ve conducted targeted rounds of adversarial testing to uncover further model issues.

Q5. What Is Google’s AI Called?

an AI speech assistant for Android smartphones called Google Assistant, DeepMind, a division responsible for creating deep learning and artificial general intelligence (AGI) technologies, developed TensorFlow, an open-source framework used to perform machine learning and deep learning, including AI accelerators.

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