How Is Bard Different From ChatGPT? Exposed!

how is Bard different from ChatGPT

It took ChatGPT a little over two months to gather more than 100 million members and awaken a dormant monster. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and Google, revealed a brand-new conversational AI service called Bard in a weblog on Monday. We are all longing for a competitor of ChatGPT from Google! Bard is the answer we got! But, how is Bard different from ChatGPT? 

The challenge was meant to be taken! The next Chrome-versus-Internet Explorer or Gmail-versus-Hotmail battle may have already begun when Microsoft stated it would have an event at its Redmond offices to unveil its own artificial intelligence only minutes after Google announced the debut of Bard on Monday. Competition aside, let us explore the features of Google Bard and how is Bard different from ChatGPT.

How is Bard different from ChatGPT? When we talk about Google Bard AI Vs ChatGPT, Bard has an edge in terms of audience, information availability, and the media options it provides. Users have already found many flaws in ChatGPT and it’s expected that Bard will not have similar flaws. Or does it have already? Let’s go through the article and explore more! 

In this article, you will come across what is Google Bard AI, its features, and how is it different from OpenAI ChatGPT. Let’s get started!

What Is Google Bard AI? 

How is Bard different from ChatGPT? To explore that fact, let’s start with the introduction of Google Bard with you. 

The Google Bard AI can react to text-based inquiries by using a group of deep learning algorithms referred to as “big language models.” The LaMDA-based chatbot is developed to use the web to get the most “current” solutions to queries. Google’s Bard AI is an experimental conversational AI service that gains knowledge via interacting with people. The artificial intelligence chatbot Google Bard, which debuted as a simplified version of LaMDA in Google Search, has the ability to completely change how people find and use online information.

Features Of Google Bard AI

Before moving forward to the differences let’s first have a look at the Google Bard Ai’s features.

Google Bard is a tale that has been tailored for search engines like Google. These days, the search engine is frequently the first place consumers go to find news, and it is a significant source of traffic for media websites.

The majority of the content published online nowadays is driven by this kind of publishing gambit. As Google’s search engine changes to include a new broad language paradigm, it seems that days with Bard may be numbered (LLM).

According to Mr. Pichai, the LLM will be able to use information from the web to deliver new, high-quality responses. The screenshot from the blog post below demonstrates how queries may be addressed at the very top of Google Search results in a conversational, text-heavy manner.

How Is Bard Different From ChatGPT

It’s important to come out on top in Google Search. According to data, 40% of users will click on a link if it is ranked first. This is a fourfold gain from placing third and more than double the click rate for second. It seems that Bard will completely replace this rating by placing itself top with a narrative-style response.

Let’s move to the next section to know the details of Google Bard AI vs ChatGPT.

How Is Bard Different From ChatGPT?

It is anticipated that Google Bard AI will make tales while exploring how is bard different from ChatGPT. After all, this is a news story meant to respond to the queries about Bard that readers will probably type into Google.

Maybe you looked up “Bard ChatGPT”, “Google Bard AI Vs ChatGPT” or “how is Google’s new thing different from ChatGPT” on Google. Hopefully, this article was among the top results to address these questions.

Here are the most common differences between Google Bard and ChatGPT:

  • Bard has an edge in terms of audience, information availability, and the media options it provides. ChatGPT frequently has excess capacity, occasionally steals from others’ work, and boldly makes mistakes in math. In other words, it has a problem. However, it is still capable of providing insightful, precise responses to a wide range of questions. Google Bard might be integrated with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.
  • Compared to Google, which commands more than 80% of the search industry, Bing accounts for less than one in ten internet searches. While Google has one billion daily regular users, ChatGPT has more than 100 million. In this regard, Bard differs from ChatGPT in terms of its potential audience and the volume of real-time input that such usage will generate. This feedback can be used to enhance the tool.
  • While OpenAI’s ChatGPT currently employs GPT-3.5, Bard also makes use of a “lightweight” variant of Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA) AI model. According to Mr. Pichai, “This substantially smaller model uses significantly less computer power, enabling us to scale to more people and allowing for greater input.”
  • While ChatGPT is trained on data that which is not updated with time, Google’s AI tool has access to real-time data. Microsoft has stated that it intends to employ GPT-4 for its Bing integration, which could improve the data quality between the two companies. Bard’s output will go beyond the text. There will soon be a multimedia component, delivering information “from language and graphics to films and music,” though specifics are yet hazy.

This was all about how is Bard different from ChatGPT.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are at the conclusion of this article, hopefully, you got the answer to – how is bard different from ChatGPT! It was a long promise from Google that seemed ChatGPT made in reality first by offering common people access to AI. However, as Musk warned us, AI could be more dangerous than we think. Access to Bard is still limited and Google is waiting for the right moment to make it public. For more updates on Bard and ChatGPT follow Deasilex! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Use Google Bard?

How should I use the chatbot from Google Bard AI? To use the Google AI chatbot if you are selected as a beta tester, simply open the Google app on your phone and touch on the chatbot symbol. Enter your prompt and press Enter, just like ChatGPT.

Q2. What Is Google Bard AI?

Language Model for Dialogue Applications, or LaMDA, is the foundation on which Bard is built. The AI produced writing with such competence that a business developer last year claimed it was sentient, a claim that was largely rejected by the technology giant and scientists.

Q3. How To Access Bard By Google?

Where can I find Google Bard? Only a few people have access to Google Bard at this time; the general public cannot test it. A far more energy-efficient “lightweight model version of LaMDA” is being created by Google.

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