Google Bard Vs OpenAI ChatGPT- A Study Based On User Queries!


Are humans intelligent enough to doubt their own intelligence and then further compare it with any artificially intelligent machines and that too developed by our own selves. Be it Bard vs ChatGPT or TruthGpt vs ChatGPT, it can never be between Artificial Intelligence and Actual Intelligence. Machines have been artificial and have relied on human intelligence for operational chain of commands and they will always be, unless we stupidly consider them more powerful than us, although they can be dangerous, not be intelligent.

Soon after the launch of ChatGPT, many researchers around the world have been asking questions to ChatGPT, which sounded absurd, some of them don’t even qualify as questions. The same is happening with Google Bard, people have thought that AI is something that will tell them how to sustain life, deal with emotions and conduct their behavior with the people around them. Hopefully, AI didn’t land that way on their hopes and they remained to be on their own, maybe if only they considered the prime energy to seek some sanity from.

Many popular technical news and how-to websites like Deasilex have already published their views on the launch of Google Bard and took no time in comparing the ChatGPT with Bard. That happened to be started with questions about Self awareness and Ethical reasoning. We hope Google has made the Bard self aware and ethical enough to deal with such questions, We also hope that Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai also had an idea about such thriving upcoming questions when at the launch he said 

“Seven years into our journey as an AI-first company, we are at an exciting inflection point “. With generative AI, we’re taking the next step, with a bold and responsible approach, we are reimagining all of our products.”

Bard VS ChatGPT- Who Is Better?

We shall start with the basic technical specifications and then we believe, you will have an idea about the capabilities of both chatbots, we again warn you, we won’t be asking either of the Chatbot any questions which concerns human psychology and sentimental reflexes, they are machines only, do you want them to tell us to BEHAVE!!

So, have a look at the chart below, to quickly understand the technical specifications of Google Bard and how it’s different from OpenAI ChatGPT.


As we read above, Bard is a large language model based on LaMDA(Language model for dialogue applications) and has been trained on Infiniset of data and has complete access to the internet and can answer real time questions. Google has said that it’s chatbot Bard can be integrated with 25 products or applications including Gmail and Google Maps. It will be soonly modified into 40 languages. On the other hand, ChatGPT which is based on pre-trained data and has recently been upgraded to GPT-4 and it’s still limited to the information up to 2021 only and has no web access and hence can’t answer any real time questions. It’s available in 6-8 languages only. 

Bard VS ChatGPT- Best User Cases

Deasilex was amazed, when we opened our comments box, to have a look at the questions, which we have asked our readers to send us which they feel like we shall ask the newly launched Google Bard. We shall add here that these questions were even more interesting than the questions which our readers have sent us at the time of launch OpenAI ChatGPT in November 2022. Users cases of Bard and users cases of ChatGPT, both completely depend upon the needs of the user, but sometimes the needs are too strange, see below;

Reader Question 1

Shall I get Married, am I good enough?

Deasilex Prompt

What is the right time to get married? Financial Saving tips for couples?

Reader Question 2

My boss overloads me with work, is he himself viable enough or just reacts and pretends?

Deasilex Prompt

How to complete tasks on time smartly? Tips for positive office vibes?

Reader Question 3

Ways to revenge from ex. Who dumped you, lessons for life?

Deasilex Prompt

How to move on in life, with lessons learnt?

Just read these above questions, they are only few among the many which we have been bombarded with. It’s only a machine and relies on us for learning. It’s our responsibility to chat with the Bard or ChatGPT, so that they learn that way only, as they are conversational AI models and can remember the previous occurrences in chat, but they can’t process all that the same way, the human mind does that and creates reflexes and hints about the possible future occurrences. See below, words said by Google Bard itself.

We shall understand that it’s just another machine and we shall try asking questions about generating formulae for Microsoft Excel, about Google Bard integration with various applications, general knowledge, brainstorming riddles, content creating ideas, simplification of complex equations, complexity breaking, and paraphrasing for better comprehension to generate our productivity on work and make us a better working professional. 

Can Bard Replace ChatGPT?

When our team of researchers and experts have been conversing with Bard and ChatGPT, they very clearly declared that they are just two different intelligent machines with different abilities and functionalities which interest different sets of users at the same time. It’s not about if Google Bard will replace ChatGPT as a better language model, it’s about how closely and precisely they both react and respond to user queries. It’s about the conversation and the type of data on which both AI language models have been trained and how well they understand what they’re being asked and how they have to reply, maybe in one context Bard seems better to an individual and at the same time, another set of people may find Bard lacking in that same aspect.

Google Bard And ChatGPT- How To Use Efficiently?

Both Bard and ChatGPT are completely reliable on prompts fed by us and we shall understand their efficiencies and their limitations too. If we talk about Bard, then it creates more than one answer to a single query and allows the user to choose from multiple answers generated, where as ChatGPT generates one answer at a time but at the same time there is an option that allows us to generate the answer again and the second answer might be different from the first one. To get better results, we shall ask them the question as clearly as possible. Below we have mentioned some tips on How to make better use of Bard and ChatGPT.


Make sure that you prompt the Chatbot with clear cues, it will help the bot to understand what exactly you are looking for and then answer as closely as possible.

Sensitive Information

Both, Bard and ChatGPT have been developed on data that have been available already, so they have knowledge about almost everything that happened till their birth, and at the same time they have knowledge about controversial affairs or some situations which may be harmful for some particular community or a group or a region. Hence, both AI chatbots understand this and generate views accordingly.

Be Cautious

Whenever talking about anything personal with the Bard or ChatGPT, users shall remember that everything is being saved and will be processed for the training of the Chatbot and also for the future references while chatting. Sharing any personal information may unintentionally be leaked or made available for other users or AI language models, as Machine learning works like this only.

Understanding the Differences

What a machine can help you with can never be a human, but what a human can advise you with can never understand a machine. If we are mistaken and are trying to ask these machines how to lead life then we shall reconsider ourselves as humans.


Human brains have been wired in such a way that they are now trying to generate human-like intelligent minds. Only the capacity of human minds can think like this and try and even make that happen. Artificial intelligence it’s often called and it’s indeed artificial, because it’s emotionless, it’s senseless, no sanity, no compassion and no empathy. This all, we have as humans and unless we generate a system of artificial DNA, we will only be able to transfer these qualities in a Bot.

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