10 Highest Paid Youtube Content Creators of 2020 | With Estimated Net Worth

10 Highest Paid Youtube Content Creators of 2020

The majority of people use social media just for the sake of entertainment but only a few of them play well and make viral content. This is the reason why they are paid the most. Here, we are talking about the highest paid Youtube content creators who have earned millions.

You can also make your own Youtube channel. What you need is to choose a specific niche you are interested in, make videos about it, and upload it on YouTube. Apart from just videos, you can also create a podcast on YouTube. Late in 2020, revealed the name of Youtubers who were paid the most in 2020.

The names of the top three highest-paid Youtube content creators are Ryan Naji(with 29.3 million subscribers), Jeffree Star(16.5 million subscribers), and Dude Perfect (55.8 million subscribers).

Apart from these three, there are seven more top-paid Youtubers. You’ll gradually know more about them as you scroll down the full article.

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtube Content Creators of 2020

We have listed all these Youtubers according to their channel name and the number of subscribers they have on their channel. Apart from it, we have also disclosed their estimated net worth.

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Like Nastya – 72.8 Million Subscribers

This YouTube channel was created by Anastasia Radzinskaya in December 2016. She and her parents run many YouTube channels for kids. “Like Nastya” is one of them. There are millions of people who watch videos on this Youtube channel every day. The total number of views on the “Like Nastya” is more than 56 million and videos are 566.

Estimated Net Worth: $20 Million

Mr. Beast – 59.5 Million Subscribers


The owner of this channel is an American philanthropist, Jimmy Donaldson. He is one of the top richest Youtube content creators in the world. Although he is the richest Youtuber, he has raised $20,000,000 to plant 20,000,000 trees and gave millions to charity. On his Youtube channel, he has uploaded 705 videos, and views on the channel are more than 10 billion.

Estimated Net Worth: $16 Million

Dude Perfect- 55.8 Million Subscribers 


This Youtube channel is run by five members: Garrett Hilbert, Coby and Cory Cotton, and Cody Jones. On this channel, you will find extraordinary challenging videos with world record shots. The channel was created in 2009. The total views on this channel are over 12 billion and uploaded videos are only 259.

Estimated Net Worth: $30 Million

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Ryan’s World – 29.3 Million Subscribers

Ryan’s World is a YouTube channel by a small kid, Ryan. He loves doing science experiments, DIYs, etc, and uploads videos on his YouTube channel. He also reviews toys but donates those toys to the charity after reviewing them. The total number of videos on his channel is 1,957 and views are over 45 billion.

Estimated Net Worth: $160 Million 

Markiplier – 28.9 Million Subscribers


Markiplier is a Youtube channel where you’ll find exciting gaming videos & other types of entertaining content. The uploaded playlists on this channel are mostly related to gaming such as GTA 5, Drunk Minecraft, Awesome games, etc. Moving towards the stats, the videos on this channel are 4,913 and total views are over 15 billion.

Estimated Net Worth: $35

David Dobrik – 18.4 Million Subscribers

David Dobrik is the name of the YouTuber. He is one of the most popular Viner and the highest-paid YouTube content creator of 2020. As of now, he has uploaded 473 videos on his channel. The total views are more than 5 billion.

Estimated Net Worth: $20 Million

Preston – 16.6 Million Subscribers


Preston is a 25 years old young boy from Texas who creates videos about playing games and other exciting vlogs. He joined the YouTube channel in July 2012 and as of now, there are over 5 billion views on his channel whereas uploaded videos are 3,725.

Estimated Net Worth: $20 Million

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Jeffreestar – 16.5 Million Subscribers


Jefreestar is one of the highest-paid Youtube content creators of 2020 and the founder of This Youtuber has uploaded travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, lip reviews, etc. There are a total of 402 videos uploaded on the Jefreestar YouTube channel and views are over 2 billion.

Estimated Net Worth: $200 Million 

Blippi – Educational Video For Kids – 12.2 Million Subscribers


As the name suggests, this YouTube channel is all about creating educational content for kids. By subscribing to this channel, you’ll be able to explore and learn so many exciting things. The total views on this channel are 9 billion and videos are just 249.

Estimated Net Worth: $16 Million

Rhett & Link – 4.99 Million Subscribers


Rhett & Link are two YouTubers who are getting old but try their best to maintain their friendship by filming each other. Their created playlists are the newest uploads, guest appearances, sketchtober, etc. Rhett & Link YouTube channel was created in 2006 and now, there are 921 million views on this channel, and uploaded videos are 341.

Estimated Net Worth: $30 Million 

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These are the top paid YouTube creators of 2020 according to a report by GQ. Some of these make money only through YouTube while some YouTubers like Jeffree Star make money from both YouTube as well as from their created brands.

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