Building Your Own Gym with the Latest Home Gym Gadgets – Everything You Need to Know

Building Your Own Gym with the Latest Home Gym Gadgets

Starting a home gym may seem like a daunting challenge, especially with so many home gym gadgets around – plus, you probably want to do it on a budget as well. It pays off considering what types of workouts you plan to do. Think about your needs and goals – once you have everything written down, you will know precisely what type of equipment to look for.

The general idea is to bring in the right equipment to ensure the same results and progress you would get from a gym. Otherwise, it would be better to just stick to your gym membership. However, the home gym does have its own benefits, so the idea is definitely worth some attention. Again, a little research is mandatory.

Now, as you explore the market and browse products, you will most likely find a bunch of different things. Some of these things are mandatory for a gym, while others would be nice to have. Your priorities are extremely important at this stage. When it comes to gadgets, there are a few things that should never be overlooked.

1. What are fitness gadgets?

A fitness gadget is a device used to exercise. When you think of gadgets, you inevitably think of modern technologies and innovations. This is not always a general rule when it comes to fitness. In other words, do not expect some virtual personal trainer to show up as a hologram and push you from behind or tell you what to do.

Instead, fitness gadgets are simple machines with a few added extras. For example, a treadmill is a fitness gadget. So is a rowing machine. Some of these training gadgets these days come with sophisticated features, such as monitors, screens, and various settings. Some others are more mechanical and do not include any of these – they are still considered to be gadgets.

Of course, smaller gadgets like smartwatches are also considered fitness gadgets.

2. What equipment do I need for a home gym?

Dumbbells are among the first things to purchase when building a home gym, before even moving on to home gym gadgets. You can buy brand new dumbbells, but you can also find some great deals on local marketplaces. A bench is another good addition to a home gym – compact, foldable, and adjustable. It will provide access to various exercises that you cannot perform without a bench.

Even if you cannot do a pull-up, a pull-up bar is a solid idea for a home gym. It takes little to no space. At the end of the day, you can find multiple models that will only require a doorway. The same goes for a power tower – it allows all kinds of exercises, such as push-ups, dips, leg raises, and so on. Resistance bands are not to be overlooked either – inexpensive and less likely to require too much space.

An exercise mat is a must too, while those who want more advanced home gyms can go for a barbell and plates for it, a squat rack, kettlebells and medicine balls. Most of these exercises will allow a good fitness experience – some of them can even allow a bit of cardio. However, when it comes to cardio, this is where you will find most home gym gadgets out there.

3. Choosing some affordable fitness gadgets

You do not need anything sophisticated when it comes to home gym gadgets. Some of these machines come with built-in stereos, surround sound, video monitors and so on. You do not need any of them. You are at home, so you can play loud music or play a show. You can also keep a bottle of water nearby – rather than opt for a machine with a bottle holder. So, what kind of equipment do you need?


home gym gadgets - treadmill

The treadmill is the heart of every gym out there. No matter what gym you go to, there will be plenty of treadmills – dozens of them in larger gyms. These are the most popular options out there and can be found literally everywhere. You do not necessarily have to be a professional runner to invest in a treadmill though. You can get good treadmills for under $600.

Whether you run for pleasure, you like challenging yourself or you are just after a cardio machine, a treadmill is your best choice. There are lots of options in commerce and most of them come with a plethora of different settings. In other words, you can burn calories at an intense rate or you can just take it easy and get into it.

The best budget treadmills, will let you increase the incline, adjust the speed and even walk backward. Kettler Sports Arena is currently one of the top-rated options out there – it goes up to 11MPH and has an inclination angle of 12 degrees. The shock-absorbing deck will also reduce the tension on your legs and feet.

If you want extra speed, Proform Pro 1000 comes with up to 12.4MPH and the same inclination angle. It can take people up to 300 pounds in weight and features a diversified display and a workout fan to keep yourself cool. Looking for something on a budget? JTX Spring 5 is one of your best picks – it also features a good display, lots of features, and a decent price tag.

Rowing machine

home gym gadgets - rowing machine

The rowing machine may not be as popular as the treadmill, but you can still find a few such home gym gadgets suitable for both large and tight spaces. While it may seem easier than the treadmill, the rowing machine will also torch calories like there is no tomorrow. It also relies on your whole body to mimic rowing a boat.

The movement is excellent for different groups of muscles. It works on your legs, arms, upper body and so on. The heart rate will go through the roof, as well as your respiration. Since it does not imply running, it is more suitable for those who find running to be a bit too difficult. According to most experts, you should stick to up to 30 strokes per minute – less if you are a beginner.


home gym gadgets - bicycle

Spinning classes are extremely popular in gyms. Basically, there are a bunch of indoor bicycles and a trainer telling everyone what to do. You do not necessarily have to be in a gym to do it, as you can also find such a workout online and simply follow the instructions. Such bikes are cost-efficient and will not require too much room in your home gym.

An outdoor ride could be a better exercise because you are also likely to see some beautiful sights. However, it is risky and it implies paying attention to more things – forget about music, but pay attention to the traffic. When you do it indoors, you can watch a movie, your favorite show or play some music. Bikes come in more shapes and sizes and each type has its own particularities and benefits.


home gym gadgets - stairs

A stair climbing machine makes a good choice if you are into cardio and some leg workouts. In fact, this machine is often categorized to be a strength training gadget. It offers an exquisite cardio workout and will definitely ruin your legs. Stair climbing implies using glutes and quads, so you are basically using some of the largest groups in your body. Your metabolism will speed up and you can burn loads of calories.

The stair climbing machine is larger than a bicycle, for example, and will most likely require more space. To amplify the fat-burning process, you can use it for high-intensity interval training workouts. There are lots of different exercises you can bring in as you climb stairs – for example, you can extend one leg at a time during each step in order to work on your butt too.


home gym gadgets - elliptical

Elliptical machines are low-impact gadgets. In other words, no matter what workout you choose, it will put less pressure and stress on sensitive parts of your body, such as your knees, ankles or back. Furthermore, they tend to work on the whole body, so they will help you get lean faster as you burn calories.

They come with all kinds of features and settings. For example, you can adjust the resistance and speed. You can alternate between different types of workouts and even bring in HIIT exercises. Feel free to experiment with the motion of such machines as well. You can go in reverse, for example. There are literally no limits to what you can do.

4. Best home gym ideas

You need to use your creativity when about to set a gym and come up with some home gym gadgets. Identify your priorities, choose the products you need and measure twice. You need to ensure you can perform your workouts without hitting various machines in your gym – leave a bit of room between them to prevent injuries.

Now, when it comes to your space, you do need an area the size of a room. If you are not lucky enough to have so much space, feel free to improvise based on where you live. All in all, you can literally set a home gym anywhere – including your own living room. Simply stick to folding machines. Here are a few good ideas to consider:

  • Basement – turn your boring and dark basement into an industrial gym. Basements tend to provide lots of space for machinery and equipment too.
  • Attic – it might be a bit difficult to bring machines into the attic, but get help from a friend and make sure the attic floor is solid enough.
  • Bedroom – your bedroom makes a good gym if you do not have too much space. Get a nice storage unit for dumbbells and weights, as well as one or two folding machines for cardio.
  • Garage – be honest to yourself, you rarely park the car in the garage. You leave it on the drive or you park off the road. Turn your garage into a gym and you will not regret it.
  • Hallway – there is always some extra room in the hallway. This is the space that you will never use. Get a small gym nook in there and make a good use of it.
  • Wall – if space is such a big problem, find a relatively empty wall and turn it into a gym. Keep a folding cardio unit there and get a shelving unit to support your weights and other small accessories.

5. Gym gadgets for guys

Looking for some futuristic gadgets to enhance your workout?

  • Smart kettlebells will adjust the weight without having you buy more units.
  • Smart cable machines are portable and come with multiple connectivity options.
  • Core trainers turn the boring planks into exciting games to keep you involved.
  • Digital foam rollers come with more vibrating features and can fit into backpacks.
  • Smart percussion therapy gadgets will give you a good massage and relax muscles.

6. Gym gadgets for girls

Girls are not to be overlooked either and luckily, there are plenty of modern home gym gadgets for them.

  • Hi-tech stair climbers come with multiple connectivity options, space efficiency and built-in personal trainers.
  • Smart jump ropes will take your jumping sessions to another level, feel more comfortable and burn more calories.
  • Resistance band bows can mimic most exercises from a gym. They feature a bow to provide more stiffness for various exercises that put too much pressure on your hands.
  • Professional yoga mats with lifetime warranties are wider, more comfortable and will never slip, regardless of your poses.
  • Heavy-duty jump ropes promise to burn even more calories. They are normally heavier and based on durable polymer synthetic fiber.


As a short final conclusion, most machines can be referred to as home gym gadgets, whether you are after a treadmill or a rowing machine. But then, there is another category of modern digital gadgets that take this experience even further. Practically, they feature connectivity features and smart capabilities that will turn regular boring machines into an actual personal trainer.

Building your home gym can be challenging and things will add up, so it pays off knowing what you need upfront.

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