WhatsApp To Change Its Last Seen Feature For Unknown Snoopers

Social media is one of the leading communication platforms where people get to know you. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp millions of people use it as an effective way to get to know each other, earn money online or show their talent. But with this, there are some threats as well. You must be aware that these social media networks have also been a treat to be stalkers. Yes, not only Facebook, but WhatsApp also fall under this category where your privacy can be attacked by someone. And, that is why to maintain the security of a user, WhatsApp has recently been trying to hide the important feature of WhatsApp Last Seen so as to maintain its encryption.

Yes, WhatsApp calls and messages are ends to end encrypted as guaranteed by WhatsApp itself. Also, it maintains your privacy by giving you the option of choosing who can see your status and your profile photograph. Yet, you might be unaware of the fact that your last seen and the online status can be checked by anyone (if not blocked by you). 

So, what if someone is stalking you? What if you are being observed by someone? Maybe your ex? Or, someone whom you had a fight with last night online? Yes, that can be an issue. Why would anyone want to be checked like this by a stranger? Well, this concern among its users can be a vital reason for the leak of belief over WhatsApp’s security assurance among its millions of users. 

Then? How to solve it? What measures are being used by WhatsApp? Are the changes really worth it? Is it a test or are they going to launch the changes on permanent terms? Hang on! You get to know the answers to all these queries below. 

Changing WhatsApp Last Seen Feature Visibility For Unknowns 

Being social and getting in touch with people, knowing what’s going on in their life is a great way to know about them and their personality. Well, without lying, we love doing that! And, it’s not wrong at all. 

But getting into someone’s personal space can be wrong sometimes and that is why WhatsApp is soon going to work against all those snoopers. 

You must be thinking about what took WhatsApp so long to realize this possibility. Right? But, wait! It’s not true to say that WhatsApp has had this realization now. No, not at all! It has been working over this issue and that is why it has allowed the beta users to use the feature of hiding their last seen from the contacts they want to. 

But, soo they realized that restricting a few contacts is not enough. That is why now WhatsApp is making its security settings secured by enabling the snoopers to not be able to see the latest online or last seen as the default.

Also, the news was confirmed on Twitter by one of the Twitter users via WhatsApp support. As per this confirmation, WhatsApp will automatically roll out this feature for everyone. With this update, you will be free from the worry of being in the eyes of the person or the businesses with whom you had no conversation in the past. 

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You must be thinking what if some strangers can see your last seen? But, it is a serious concern! And, if it is a serious issue, then they can use any secondary app. I mean why not? There are a lot of third-party apps that can do the task for them. If you are thinking like this, then there is no need to even think about it. 

The new secured feature will restrict any secondary app from monitoring your rhythm. Thus, giving you security from all those apps as well.

WhatsApps’ Important Updates In 2021

Whatsapp To Change Its Last Seen Feature For Unknown Snoopers
Image Credits:BBC

Since WhatsApp has Millions of users, it is a responsibility to come up with something exciting every time to build a hold in the social media world. From WhatsApp Flash call to Its updated payment mode, here are the important WhatsApp features that took the limelight this year.

These features include:

  • WhatsApp Flash Call
  • Joined Missed Group call
  • WhatsApp payment introduced.
  • Disapperaing mode in the privacy settings.
  • Advanced search using serach option for images, texts, and other media.
  • Dark mode activated.
  • WhatsApp Last Seen as default
  • Increaded Group call limit exceeded to 8.
  • Improved version of the Storage Management Tools.

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WhatsApps’ Important Updates In 2022

2021 is about to end and WhatsApp is already ready to have a few advanced changes in its Meta version along with the WhatsApp Last Seen feature and these include:

  • Replacing the Whatsapp delete account to Log out.
  • Multiple device log in.
  • Introduction of Instagram Reels on WhatsApp.
  • Improvised Read later option.
  • Customised Last Seen Status.
  • Buying Insurance via WhatsApp.
  • Changed Contact Card design.

Wrapping up:

It is clear that WhatsApp is trying hard to increase its user count by maintaining the security and privacy of its users. That is why it is coming up with a lot of exciting features that will increase engagement on the platform and security too like the WhatsApp last seen feature control.

So, this was all on the latest update on WhatsApp last seen feature. Now it’s your turn, tell us your views over this in the comment section below. Your feedback and suggestions matter to us.

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