Honkai Star Rail Discord | How To Join?

Honkai Star Rail Discord

We haven’t discussed Honkai: Star Rail, the following installment in the Honkai Universe, in a long time. However, it appears that the Astral Express is making preparations to go into space! If you were a member of Honkai Star Rail Discord by now, you would have known! 

HoYoverse has revealed the beginning of its final Closed Beta. Sign-ups taking place on January 24 at 10 am (UTC+8, 6 pm Singapore time), just before Honkai: Star Rail officially releases. If you haven’t been keeping up, Honkai: Star Rail is a story that, despite taking place in the Honkai series’ universe, has its own plot and motivations. Let’s join the Honkai Star Rail Discord today and stay updated! 

Honkai Star Rail Discord requires a permanent server invite before you can sign up. After clicking the server invitation link, select “I am Human” in the pop-up box. To really get the most out of the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server, all you need to do is confirm your server and follow the rules.

Let’s go through the blog and explore how to join Honkai Star Rail Discord Server step-by-step. 

What Is Honkai Star Rail Discord Server?

In addition to the firm and the IP it is associated with, Honkai Star Rail is also getting a lot of hype because the beta gameplay plus early access footage is tremendously thrilling. Honkai Star Rail does dispense with the open-world and real-time-action fighting approach, in contrast to the well-known game Genshin Impact.

The Honkai Star Rail Discord is dedicated to all the Honkai Star Rail gamers. If you are also a dedicated Honkai Star Rail player, then it’s time to join the popular Honkai Star Rail discord server. The members of this popular discord channel are all excited about the new update and its launching. Join the Honkai Star Rail discord channel to stay updated! Let’s go through the article and explore how to join the Honkai Star Rail discord server easily! 

Honkai Star Rail Discord Server Link

If you are looking for the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server link, the job must be tedious for you. We understand the frustration when you hit spam or 404 links while searching for the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server invitation link. Hence, we have done the job for you! Find the official Honkai Star Rail Discord Server link under this section. Click on the link and follow the instruction to join Honkai Star Rail Discord Server immediately! 

Honkai Star Rail Discord Server Link – Join Now!

How To Join Honkai Star Rail Discord Server?

With more than 151,826 active members, the Honkai Star Rail Discord is making quite a noise! We assume that you have already joined popular gaming discord servers like Warframe or Valorant, it is easy for you to join the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server. Follow the steps below: 

To join the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click On the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server Link 

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Step 6: Congrats! You have joined the server!

Do not forget to go through the rules of the Honkai Star Rail Discord Server. Failing to meet the rules can ban you from the Discord server. 

Honkai Star Rail Discord – Rules To Be Followed 

Following are the rules that should be followed to become part of the Honkai Star Rail Discord group. Failing to meet the rules may lead you to be banned from the server. 

Rule 1: Only send messages through the proper channels. If a message is not in the appropriate location, it can be erased immediately.

Rule 2: Avoid continuously sending distinct messages that are only one letter, word, image, or emoji into the conversation. Be cautious and only remove texts if absolutely necessary.

Rule 3: Always treat one another with respect when communicating. Abuse, harassment, and flaming are not accepted. This includes any messages that are offensive on account of race, religion, politics, or sexuality as well as those that are threatening, vulgar, defamatory, condescending, or libelous.

Rule 4: It is not acceptable to post pornographic or extremely offensive links, images, videos, or text. Any form of hentai, gore, ear-rape, shock imagery, links to hentai websites, etc. are included in this. Avoid ignoring the word filter, especially with this goal in mind.

We have no tolerance for statements or images that feature young characters engaging in sexually explicit behavior. Images and hentai that depict such things will be immediately banned.

Such text messages will result in a server warning and/or mute. or, if necessary, a prohibition.

Inappropriate usernames will be changed, and the user will receive a server warning. Even if you try to hide offensive language and images by using terminology like “legal loli,” you will still be held accountable.

This is an informal reminder that this also applies to Discord Banners and Profiles since they fall under those rules as well!

Rule 5: Avoid taking the role of “backseat moderator”. The Mod Team may be easily distinguished from HoYoverse. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with anyone available if an issue arises.

Rule 6: Give credit when due and respect the rights of others who have used your materials.

Rule 7: Comply with the Honkai: Star Rail Terms of Service. Any violation of the ToS, including account sharing, trading, selling, cheating, or hacking, will not be accepted.

Other HoYoverse games, such as Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis, and Zenless Zone Zero, are likewise forbidden from leaking information.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article enlightened you on how to join the Honkai Star Rail Discord server. if you are a loyal Honkai Star Rail player, you should join this discord server by now! Follow the rules and join the server now! Got a question? Let us know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on the Honkai Star Rail Discord server. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Honkai: Star Rail Going To Be On Mobile?

Honkai: Star Rail will launch on PC, iOS, and Android. However, given the popularity that Genshin Impact has had on these platforms, console support may become a possibility in the future.

Q2. Is Honkai Impact 3 And Star Rail The Same?

Since its October 2021 reveal, Honkai: Star Rail has become one of HoYoverse’s most prominent endeavors to date and the spiritual successor to Honkai Impact 3. Two closed beta tests of the game have already been conducted, and a third is anticipated soon.

Q3. Will Honkai Star Rail Be A Gacha?

Gacha mechanics will be present in Honkai: Star Rail. The possibility to acquire characters, players must use in-game currency, which may be bought with real money. There may be several gacha mechanics, including ones for both avatars as well as weaponry if it resembles Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3rd.

Q4. Is Honkai: Star Rail Genshin?

Honkai: Star Rail is actually a much worse version of Persona 5 in every way except for its art style, which is quite similar to Genshin’s. The pace and animations used in turn-based fighting are consistent.

Q5. Will Honkai: Star Rail Replace Honkai Impact?

Honkai: Star Rail is, in fact, a true successor to Honkai Impact 3rd, according to creator HoYoverse, who confirmed my assumptions in an interview with Yahoo Gaming SEA. However, the game will still have its unique gameplay and narrative.

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