How Can I View A Snapchat Without Opening It | 3 Tricks To Master!

How Can I View A Snapchat Without Opening It

Snapchat is a very popular social media platform where you can make friends and stay concerted with each other. Snapchat makes your communication faster and quicker. But I do like to secretly open Snapchat and read the message without letting the other person know about it? So if you are wondering how can I view a Snapchat without opening it, then here we have mentioned a few tricks to fool the sender.

At times, you are busy or don’t want the other person to know that you have opened their chat or are typing a new message to send them. There are many tips and tricks that you can use to know about the different features of Snapchat.

How to look at a Snapchat Without Opening It? If you are wondering how to view a snap without opening it, all you need to do is with Wi-Fi off and Airplane mode on, go back into Snapchat and view any snaps you want to. Or you can half swipe the snap to view Snapchat without opening it.

Here we have discussed some of the ways by which I can view a Snapchat without actually opening it. So let’s get started without getting much delay. These steps are really easy and you should not have any trouble while you try to follow them.

How To View Snapchat Without Opening It?

How To View Snapchat Without Opening It

Here are some steps on How to see Snapchat message without opening It? Follow these to get your work done:

  1. If you’ve received a brand new photo or chat conversation from your friend, go towards the Conversations tab by pressing left in the tab for the camera.
  2. If the chat message or snap isn’t loaded fully yet wait for it to load. When it’s finished loading you’ll be able to see a pink square as well as a New snap tag (if it snaps) as well as a blue or red arrow, and the New Chat Label (if it’s a chat message) below the name of your friend.
  3. Switch your device into the airplane setting to turn off the internet.
    • For iOS gadgets, you can swipe upwards from the lower part edge of your screen until you see the center control. Then press to select the aircraft icon until it changes to orange.
    • On Android devices scroll down towards the upper left corner of your screen, revealing the quick settings. Tap on the plane icon until it changes to blue.
  4. If you’re not connected to the internet, you’re able to look at the snap of your friend or read their chat messages. Return to the Snapchat application and click the name of your friend plus New Snap to see their snap. You can also tap the name of your friend and New Chat to read their chat messages.
  5. Before turning off airplane mode and connecting once more, you need to clean out your cache on your Snapchat app. Click your profile icon or Bitmoji at the top right corner of the app, after which tap on your gear icon on the upper right corner of the tab for your profile.
  6. In the Settings tab, scroll until the Account Actions section, then click Clear Cache > Clear All. Tap Okay to confirm.
  7. It’s now safe to switch off airplane mode.
    • On iOS, swipe upwards from the screen, then tap on the aircraft symbol in the center of control. This will allow you to connect.
    • On Android, you can swipe down from the screen, then tap to activate the aircraft icon within the Quick Settings.
  8. When your friend opens their Conversations tab, they’ll only see the label that says Delivered label under your name.

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How To View Snapchat Without Them Knowing: Airplane Mode Method

How To View Snapchat Without Opening Using Airplane Mode

If you’ve ever searched “How to look at a snapchat without opening it” You must have come across this method of activating Airplane mode, and then clearing the cache so that someone won’t get the notification, and will not realize that you opened the Snap. We conducted a variety of tests before finding out that it doesn’t work. It appears that Snapchat has fixed the issue. The incorrect steps to follow are listed below So, don’t follow these steps.

Step 1. Open the Snapchat app and sign in to your Snapchat account. Click right to go to the chat page.

Step 2. Do not click on the photo you want to view. Check that it’s loaded by the time it’s marked”New” Chat and New Snap.

Step 3. Scroll down to the right of your screen to switch your phone to Airplane mode. Switch off the WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular data, and all other devices to turn off your phone.

Step 4. Return to Snapchat and click on the Snap that you want to see.

Step 5. After you’ve observed the Snap Profile icon on the left side of your display. In Settings, scroll down until you see Clear Cache and choose Clear All. Snapchat will restart, however.

Step 6: Now you can turn off the Airplane mode.

There are many similar methods such as reinstalling Snapchat or rebooting the mobile phone after having read Snapchat messages in flight mode. We tried each of them but the other user received a notification.

Can You Read A Snapchat Without Opening It?

To a lot of you wondering and raising the query of how to see snapchat message without opening it, we are here for you with a solid answer. Now you can very easily read snapchat without opening. It is simply by sliding the chat of the person and reading the snapchat from above. This is how you will be able to read snapchat without opening. However, there is no such way where in you can open snaps without them knowing. And to all of you who are wondering, is there a way to open a snap without opening it. Whenever, you see a snap of a person they get to know that you have opened their snap.

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How To Read Snapchat Without Opening : The Half Swiping Method

How To View A Snap Without Them Knowing By Half Swiping

In essence, Snapchat will notify the users when their snaps have been fully open. Therefore, if you move it to a third of the screen, it’s likely to see a Snapchat message without being aware. Follow the below steps to view Snapchat messages without opening them. Snapchat without opening the app.

Step 1. Open the Snapchat application on your smartphone and move your finger right to the chat page. Find the New Snap label (if it is an actual snap) or the New Chat label (if it is an email message) below your friend’s name in the chat tab.

Step 2: Click right to the message you wish to look at slowly and keep your finger in the display being careful to not swipe completely to the right. Be aware that you should not let go of your finger while you read the message.

Step 3. Once you are able to read a portion of the text, keep sliding your finger slowly while holding it below until you see a tiny border to the right of your screen. You will be able to read this portion of the message only.

If you’re done you can swipe the conversation to the left. Your message remains in the dark, meaning that your friend will never know the truth.

Here’s how to start Snapchat without the user knowing. It’s helpful if you would like to look over the contents of a Snap but you don’t have time to answer or to think of a specific answer to the person you are messaging.

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Does Snapchat Notify When You View Someone’s Snap By Half Swiping?

No, the other person will not be notified when you open the Snapchat Message by Half Swiping. The great thing about the half-opened Snap trick is that, If you’ve done it properly the people around you won’t even know they’ve opened their Snap. This isn’t a true Snapchat feature and you shouldn’t fret. Your friends will not be informed about your partially-opened Snap actions.

How To Read Snapchat Messages Without Opening The Chat?

How To Read Snapchat Messages Without Opening The Chat

If you follow these instructions, you’ll be able to follow these steps:

  1. Start the Snapchat App on your smartphone and log in on the Snapchat profile.
  2. Click the “Chat” icon at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Then, locate the message you want to read. Tap and hold the profile icon. Then swipe towards the left. Do not go all the way to the left, only the amount you’ll need to read the entire message.
  4. I am able to open this message and read it without even opening it. Once you’re done, simply return to the left. It is crucial to note that you shouldn’t take your finger go off the screen in order that it won’t let you open the chat window.

This is how it’s done!

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How To See Snapchat Messages Without Opening

As we are telling you that yes, it is possible to see Snapchat messages without opening them. So, here is a video tutorial that will demonstrate you with a live example.

Best Apps To See Snaps Without Opening?

There is no way to do that. Although there are plenty of shady third-party applications which claim to allow you to open snaps without anyone else being able to see There isn’t a method to accomplish this.

Be wary when apps ask users to provide their credentials.

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Wrapping Up:

So here I have discussed how can I view a Snapchat without opening it. You too can try if you too want to open a snap without letting the other person know about it. The steps are simple so you can try and test it yourself.

If you have any other queries regarding Snapchat, do comment down in the comment box below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To See Snapchat Messages Without Opening

To see Snapchat Messages without opening them. Go to the chat page and let the snaps load >>> Now turn off your internet >>> Open the Snap >>> Clear the Snapchat Cache >>> Logout your Snapchat Account >>> Turn On The Internet >>> Log Back In. The snap will be there untouched and the other person won’t receive the opened notification.

Why Does Snapchat Say Opened Just Now?

It doesn’t matter at what time you had sent the message, video, or photo it will still say that the snap was opened just now. This is because Snapchat gives the users the feeling that the receiver is not responding to the messages. So when you open the message it will show you that they have viewed the message just now if the receiver opens the message.

How To Read Old Chats On Snapchat?

The Snapchat messages that you want to recover should be there. You need to select them and mark those messages that you want to recover. Find the recover button at the bottom right of the screen and press on it. Now select the destination folder for the messages. Now, wait for the recovery press to get prepared and complete.

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