How Do Songs Get Popular On Reels?

How Do Songs Get Popular On Reels

Everyone wants their Instagram reel to go viral, but not everyone is successful. There are various factors that contribute to making the Reels viral. Viral Reels not just boost the followers but also helps your songs get popular on Reels. Popular Reels are then used widely by other Reels creators.

Once songs get popular on Reels, Instagram adds those songs to the trending list. This helps the singer to get more and more fame and viewers which ultimately helps the artist to make more money from the song. Fans play a big role in making the song popular and trending on Instagram by participating in the Reels challenges.

There are various ways to make the songs popular on Reels. Posting the song trailer before the launch and then creating challenges and hashtags all contribute to the popularity of the songs on Reels.

Being an artist, you can hire a creative team that can help you in making the songs popular on Reels. They can figure out different ways based on the song that can make the Reels viral.

How Do Songs Get Popular On Reels?

Instagram Reels have proven to be very helpful in making songs popular. Not the whole song, but just a part of the song can be seen in many viral videos. Whenever a new song is released, it is for sure that Instagram users have started making Reels of it. But how do songs get popular on Reels? Is there any algorithm behind it?

When a singer releases a new song, it is obvious that the artist has his own fan following. The first target is the fans of the singer. Once the song is released, mostly the artists create a Reel themselves and then share it on their Instagram account. They also set up a hashtag and allow their followers and fans to create Reels and use that hashtag. Then either a winner is decided or the Reels are featured on the singer’s Instagram stories.

In this way, when a lot of users start using the same audio track over and over again, it ranks on Instagram, and based on the user likes, songs get popular on Reels and then you find that song in the trending list as well.

Tips For Increasing Your Song’s Popularity On Reels

How Do Songs Get Popular On Reels

It is important for artists these days to make songs popular on Reels. It helps them to gain more fame and earn more money from the songs. Songs get popular on Reels when you follow certain tips while you create the song and share it with your fans.

1. Create A Catchy Hook Or Chorus

It is really important to have something in the song that can be used in the Reel. It can be a catchy hook step that can be put as a challenge later on or a piece of lyrics in the song that can be used on most of the Reels. To develop curiosity you can also create something like that in the first Reel to give hints to your fans and Reels creators.

2. Collaborate With Creators On Reels

In the current times, there are several Reels creators who have earned their name in the Reels creation, and if they feature your song in the Reel, there are more chances of making it popular. You can even contact someone while creating the song and ask for their suggestion which can help songs to get popular on Reels. This is a great way to help your songs get popular on Reels.

3. Promote Your Song On Instagram And Other Social Media Platforms

Artists usually release their songs on Youtube. You can share the youtube link of the song on other social media platforms as well. You can also add the song cover as your Instagram story and a part of the song on the Instagram Reel. These days trailers are also used by artists to give a message to the fans regarding their upcoming release.

4. Use Hashtags Strategically

It is really important to create a hashtag before releasing the song. Using hashtags, users can find all the reels and posts in one place. It also helps in increasing the reach of the songs. Mostly a combination of hashtags is used and it is for every post or Reel. Create a simple hashtag that matches the song name. It should be easy to find and search.

5. Participate In Trending Challenges and Hashtag Campaigns

How Do Songs Get Popular On Reels

When the release time of the song is nearby, you have to search for the trending challenges that you can use to post on your song as well. Various hashtag campaigns can be used to help songs get popular on Reels.

6. Engage With Your Audience On Reels

It is necessary for you as an artist to keep interacting with your fans and followers. You can share moments with them while you are at the event. Share photos and Reels when you are with your fans. This will create an overall impact on your personality. Fans will also try their best to participate and win each challenge to get featured on your account.

7. Post Consistently On Reels

To help your songs get popular on Reels, you have to keep on engaging with the fans with posts and Reels. You can post Reels behind the scenes or maybe while driving. This will keep the Reels challenge running for a long time. After the success of the song, you have to keep on posting Reels or photos for your fans.


The overall performance and success of the song depending on various factors and Instagram Reels is one among them. Working on your songs get popular on Reels can help in increasing the views on Youtube and augment the fame of the artist. Being an artist if you are struggling in the Reels world, then you can take suggestions from the experts and other artists to help in making songs popular on Reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Make A Music Reel Go Viral?

There are various factors that can help in making a music reel go viral. The most important factor is the use of the music Reel by any celebrity. This can boost the music reel very quickly and help your songs get popular on Reels. 

Q. Do Songs On Reels Get More Views?

Yes, if you have posted good video content on the Reels and you have used relevant hashtags, there are chances of getting more views on the Reels.

Q. What Kind Of Songs Are Popular On Reels?

Different songs are popular on the Reels from time to time. Today one song is popular and trending, tomorrow, there can be something else. Mostly the newly released songs are popular on Reels.

Q. Does Song Length Matter On Reels?

No, the song length has nothing to do with the Reels. Reels only last for a few songs so only a part of the song can be played in the Reels and not the whole song.

Q. Can Using Popular Songs Increase Engagement On Reels?

Yes, definitely the use of popular and trending songs and the use of the relevant keywords related to that song can help in increasing engagement on Reels.

Q. How Does Reels’ Algorithm Determine Which Songs Are Popular?

Instagram AI is set in such a manner that when a lot of users like the same song or the same Reel, the Instagram algorithm increases its visibility so that is seen by more and more users. This makes the song popular and viral.

Q. What Role Do Trends Play In The Popularity Of Songs On Reels?

If you are using the latest trend in the video it can help in making your song get popular on Reels. The only condition is that the audio and video should perfectly synchronize with each other.

Q. How Can I Stay On Top Of The Latest Trends And Challenges On Reels?

Watching more and more Reels on Instagram can help to understand the latest trends and challenges on Reels.

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