How Do Streaks Work In NoteIt App? Explained!

How Do Streaks Work In NoteIt App? Explained!

Ever wished there was a tool that made it simple to send notes to a friend or partner and even have those notes appear directly on their iPhone homepage? The “NoteIt” software claims to do just that. If you are curious about how do Streaks work in NoteIt app, this article is just meant for you! 

NoteIt is a smartphone application that sticks out as being unique. Although the app was initially made available in June 2021, it wasn’t until February 2022 that it really began to take off. In this article, we will show you how do Streaks work in NoteIt app! 

If you are looking for how streaks work in NoteIt App? Then let us tell you that the NoteIt app’s streaks follow a straightforward rule. You must be sure to respond to your partner within 24 hours if you want to keep your streak alive on the NoteIt app.

Let’s go through the article and explore how do Streaks work in NoteIt App along with how to see the NoteIt streak history, how to recover the NoteIt streak, and how to use this app.

What Is NoteIt?

NoteIt is a widget app that shows you the live notes from your partner on the home screen of your mobile. It became so well-liked in 2022, in fact, that it briefly topped both the charts for free and entertainment apps in the App Store. NoteIt’s concept is fairly straightforward. The NoteIt app is downloaded by two users, who then link their accounts to exchange notes. These notes can be viewed on your iPhone’s main screen and in the NoteIt app.

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Sending notes to your partner will build the streak in NoteIt app. Just like Snapchat, NoteIt also has the streaks feature. The only difference is that on Snapchat you have to send pictures to maintain the streak whereas in NoteIt you have to send notes.

But, how do these streaks work in NoteIt app? Do you also want to get the details about it? If yes, then you must go through the below sections of the article.

How Do Streaks Work In NoteIt App?

The NoteIt app’s streaks follow a simple rule. You must be sure to respond to your partner within 24 hours if you want to keep your streak alive on the NoteIt app. To maintain streaks on the NoteIt app, you and your partner or friend must respond within every 24 hours.

If you or your streak partner fails to respond in time then your streak on NoteIt will break and if this happens then you will lose all your previous notes except the last 5 notes which your partner had sent you. You need not worry, the NoteIt app has the Recover Streak feature which allows you to recover your previous strikes.

Are you looking for the details about all these things related to NoteIt streaks? If yes, then without wasting any time let’s get started.

What Will Happen If NoteIt Streak Breaks?

Now that we have explained how do Streaks work in NoteIt App, you should also know what happens if NoteIt streak breaks. Except for the most recent five notes sent by your spouse or close friends, NoteIt will erase all your past notes if streaks with the partner end. If the NoteIt streak breaks, you will also lose your streak history.

So, be careful to respond to any letters provided to you by your partner or close pals within 24 hours. You can boost the streaks by doing this. They must act similarly in order to prevent your streak from ending.

Before moving forward let’s have a look at the NoteIt streak rose, which is most important for the streak lover.

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What Is NoteIt Streak Rose?

While learning about how do streaks work in NoteIt app, you might have come across the rose feature in NoteIt streaks. The rose grows gradually as your NoteIt streak continues. The growth of rose will also grow your relationship, so never miss any streak on NoteIt.

After knowing about the NoteIt streak rose you must know that you can see your streak history on the NoteIt app. Let’s learn how to do so.

How To See NoteIt Streak History?

As we have already explored how do Streaks work in NoteIt App, let’s check out how to see NoteIt streak history. Your history will be deleted from the NoteIt app when you break streaks there.

You may also easily view your streak history if you wish to. Just select Streak history from the Streak menu. As a result, it is simple to observe every prior note you made as well as the moment you broke the streak.

How To Recover NoteIt Streak?

If the NoteIt streak breaks, you will lose a significant amount of history. You might be thinking that how to get NoteIt streak back. After learning how do streaks work in NoteIt app, you should know that losing NoteIt streak data makes it hard to recover. 

Just take the following actions to get back the NoteIt streak:

Step 1: Go to the Rose screen in the NoteIt application.

Step 2: Tap on Streak history.

Step 3: Tap on Recover streak to get your NoteIt streak back.

This was all about how do streaks work in NoteIt app. You have also learned how to see streak history and how to get NoteIt streak back if it breaks.

If you don’t know how to use NoteIt app, then you must go through the steps provided in the next section.

How To Use The NoteIt App?

Let’s now learn how to use the NoteIt app. NoteIt is just as simple to use to get started as any other contemporary program. Follow the below steps for using the NoteIt app:

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to the App Store.

Step 2: Now, hit the “Search” icon at the bottom of the screen, type “NoteIt,” and then download the “NoteIt – Drawing App” app.

Step 3: Open the app after installation.

Step 4: Select “Sign up,” and enter your preferred email address and password (or select “Sign up with Apple” to create an account that way).

Step 5: Users are prompted to exchange their “link code” with other NoteIt users after creating their accounts. Choose how you want to distribute the code by tapping “Share,” then share it with anybody you wish to use NoteIt with. 

Step 6: If someone else asked you to use NoteIt, you can enter their code in the “Already have your partner’s code?” box and then select “Connect.”

Step 7: The apps of both users will update once you or your buddy have input the other user’s code and have hit the “Link” button, enabling them to begin using it.

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Wrapping Up

So, here we have discussed how do Streaks work in NoteIt App along with more information on NoteIt. Go through the brief on how to use NoteIt and get started with the app. Share your thoughts in the comment box! Follow Deasilex for more updates on NoteIt! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Skip A Day On Streaks App?

Tap the task to bring up its mini calendar from the main screen. The whole calendar will then appear if you long-press the small calendar. To change a day to COMPLETED, MISSED, or SKIPPED, press it.

Q2. How Many Streaks Should I Send A Day?

As per the rules of the NoteIt streak, you and your buddy must communicate with one another at least once per 24 hours.

Q3. Who Can See Streaks?

In NoteIt app, the streak builds when both partners send notes to each other and these notes are visible only to the partners as the notes can be seen on their home screens.

Q4. How Do You Share Notes On NoteIt?

If you are looking to share notes on NoteIt then you must follow these steps:

  1. Install the NoteIt widget app.
  2. Open the app and link it with your partner.
  3. Send a note to your partner which will be displayed on their home screen.

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