How Does BeReal Camera Work? Get To Know All About it!

How Does BeReal Camera Work

Do you know how BeReal camera work? Do you get curious to know how a social media app comes with such a brilliant idea? That user will get two minutes to capture pictures from the front and back camera. Well, in this article we are going to take you through all the answers that you want to know about how does BeReal camera work? 

BeReal is a new trending social media platform. It has launched an application called BeReal with the concept of authenticity. It says that it wants to remove the fear of how I look. This Means BeReal will capture a picture at a fixed time from the front and back camera to present you and where you are at that time.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about how does BeReal camera work? BeReal takes Pictures from the back and front camera. And it is presented as a single picture where your selfie is kept at the top left corner in a small box and in the full frame your environment picture is kept.

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How Does BeReal Camera Work?

BeReal is a newly launched social media platform. BeReal is exactly what its name suggests. A social media platform that promotes authenticity and reality. It allows the user to present themselves authentically. Nowadays on other social media platforms, users post pictures that are heavily edited that have brighter skin, sharper jawlines, plumper lips, etc. 

Here BeReal came into the limelight. It represents itself as the ambassador of the authentic presentation of the users through its picture-capturing policy. It says that users should stop curation and present themselves as they are at the moment. BeReal is a Snapchat without filters and Instagram without edits. So introduceyourself how you look at the moment. Here you get an option that you can share the be real with your friends only or you want to make it public.

Well, BeReal function is that it send a pop up notification at a fix time. And user have to capture the picture within two minute if you miss the time BeReal will show notification just below the post. To capture the BeReal, open the back camera first it will capture the surrounding picture first then simultaneously it will open front camera and it will capture the selfie of you without giving you more time to beready. You can retake the picture but it will tell your friend that how much time you have re-took the BeReal . That is how does BeReal camera work? 

How Do You Take 2 Different Pictures On BeReal? 

Are excited to know how BeReal take two different pictures? Its an easy process. Two capture different follow these simpe steps and you will end taking two different pictures. 

Launch The BeReal App >  Now Tap On The Capture > First The BeReal will Take Back Picture And Then Simultaneously The Front Camera Will Open And It Will Take Selfie>  Done.

Step 1: Open the BeReal Camera.

Step 2: Tap on the capture button.

Step 3: It capture the surroundings from the back camera.

Step 4: Now simultaneously front camera will open.

Step 5: It capture the selfie.

Step 6: BeReal will make a collage.

Step 7: Done.

Thats it. This is how does BeReal camera work. You can take two different picture and BeReal will convert into a single picture. You can can repost the BeReal but it will notify your friend that how much time you have retook the BeReal . Thats how does BeReal camera work? 

Which Photo Does BeReal Take First?

When pop up notification appear on your screen and tap on that BeReal camera will open. But when camera open there is  option that which picture want to take first. Near the capture button in the centre in the right side there is option for change the camera. When you tap on that the camera will change means if back camera is on the  now front camera will take picture first. But if you look at the BeReal builtin function when we open the BeReal app first back camera opens after you click picture simultaneously front camera will open. Thats how BeReal camera function. To click a picture in BeReal app follow these simple steps.

Open BeReal > Tap on Capture > Capture the Picture > It Will Automatically Switch The Camera > Now It Capture Another Picture > Done

That’s how does BeReal camera work? Now you can take whatever picture you want to take first. 


Bereal came as boom and it has spread over all over the youth. They liked the concept to be real while posting their picture. It has helped those people who have fear to present themselves without any filter. As BeReal says BeReal is Snapchat without filter and Instagram without edit. So Lets wrap up the post how does BeReal camera work? In this article we have discussed how does BeReal camera work and how to take two different picture. If you like this post share it with your friend and have any queries feel free to share it in the comment box. Do follow Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You See Your Selfie On BeReal?

As you open the BeReal camera first it take picture from back camera than it simultaneously open the front camera and take a selfie of you. It doesnot give time to preview the selfie. But you can retake the BeReal . It will notify your friends on BeReal that how much time you retook the picture.

Q. How Long Do BeReal Posts Last?

Once you receive the BeReal popup notification you will have 2 minutes to capture the picture. The post will disappear after 24 hour.

Q. Is BeReal At A Different Time Everyday?

Yes, every day at diffrent time every user gets notifications at the same time. Then user gets 2 minute to capture the picture and post it. Its new and unique way to know about friend what they are doing at that moment.

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