How Does The Candid Stories Feature Work? Know The Process!

How Does The Candid Stories Feature Work?

The Instagram app has been working on improving its platform and increasing its user base. Just like Instagram Stories to compete against Snapchat Stories, Instagram has introduced the Candid Stories feature like the BeReal app! What is this feature, and how does the Candid Stories feature work?

Among the latest features introduced on Instagram, like Instagram Notes, Collaborative Collections, and more, Candid Stories is getting hype. It is only the Notes feature that is available for all users while the rest are still in the beta stage. The Candid Stories feature on Instagram is a new way to share Stories on Instagram.

The Candid Stories feature works in the same manner as the It’s Time to BeReal feature of the BeReal app. Users will receive a notification once a day to share their candid moments. As per this feature, a picture from both the rear and selfie cameras is to be captured that too without any filters and then will be shared!

The Candid Stories feature working seems to be the same as the BeReal app, but the feature has surprised many IG users. It is getting mixed reactions from users, as many like the concept of sharing candid pictures in their stories, while many are not much happy with this feature.  

What Are Candid Stories?

Candid Stories is the latest feature for Instagram users. This new way of sharing Stories will only be visible to those users who share the same Stories, and that’s the main difference between the regular and candid Stories. Users will have to capture and post real-time updates on their Candid Stories. 

How To Post Candid Stories On Instagram?

To post Candid Stories on Instagram, tap the notification to post candid Stories > open the app > Stories Camera > Capture a picture > Post the Story.

How To Post Candid Stories On Instagram

Step 1: Tap on the notification that says it’s time to share your candid. This will open the Instagram app, and the Stories Camera will open up.

Step 2: After that, capture a picture from the front camera and capture another from the rear camera.

Step 3: Finally, tap on the Share button to share your Candid Story.

How To Use Candid Stories?

Since the Candid Stories feature is in the developing stage, it is not available for use until now. So, users are currently unable to post Candid Stories on Instagram. But once it is available, users will get the notification, and then they can use the feature to share their unedited and unfiltered pictures on the platform. Below we have mentioned some highlights of the Candid Stories Feature; this will help you with better understanding.

1. Using Filters

Using filters on Stories is quite common on social media. But that’s not how the Candid Stories feature works on Instagram. IG Candid Stories are now being introduced to be posted filterless. So users can share their real version with their friends and followers.

2. Location And Stickers For Candid Stories

Along with adding location to your Candid Stories, users can even add the Time stamp feature. It can display the time when your Candid Story was captured. Also, the hashtag feature can be used on your Candid Stories.

3. Countdown On Candid Stories 

There is no need for adding any separate countdown to your Candid Stories. When you receive the Candid Stories notification, you can tap on it, and the countdown will start automatically. Within this 2-minute countdown, you can capture two candid pictures from the rear and front camera and share them as your Candid Story on Instagram.

4. Highlighting Candid Stories

Like viewing any old Instagram Story is possible with the Highlights feature, the same is the case with Candid Stories. Users can add their Candid Story to Highlights, and others can easily see them on your Instagram profile.

How Are Candid Stories Different From Regular Stories?

Though you can share your Regular Stories any number of times but the case is not the same for the Candid Stories. There are a few differences between how the Regular Stories and Candid Stories feature work on Instagram.

1. Shareability

The Candid Stories feature works in a different way than your Regular Instagram Stories in terms of shareability. The Candid Stories are not shared with everyone. They will only be visible to those users who themselves share their Candid Stories, unlike Regular Instagram Stories that are available and visible to everyone.

2. Editing And Filters

Another major difference between the Candid Stories and Regular Stories is that Candid Stories are added without any editing or filters, while in your regular Stories, you can post your edited and filtered pictures. 

3. Single Icon

The Candid Stories feature works a little differently than your regular Stories, as they are posted under a single icon. However, your regular Stories are visible individually under the Profile icon of a user on the Instagram Feed.

4. Frequency

Post frequency is also another major factor that differentiates how the Candid Stories feature works in comparison to your Regular Stories. You can post any number of Regular Stories. However, you can only post a single Candid Story in a day. 

Can I Edit Or Add Filters To My Candid Story? 

The simple answer to whether you can edit or add filters to your Candid Story is No. This is one of the best things about the Candid Stories feature working. You can add your filterless pictures on Instagram with this feature.

How Can Candid Stories Benefit My Instagram Account?

With the Candid Stories feature on Instagram, users can enjoy several benefits for their Instagram handles.

  1. You can show your filterless and unedited side to your followers.
  2. It encourages users to be more authentic by sharing their real-time photos.
  3. Real content attracts more users, so you can also increase your followers with these Candid Stories feature.

How To Use Instagram Candid Stories For Marketing?

There isn’t any surety whether the Candid Stories feature works for marketing. Although our research team has studied this new feature, and here’s some tips to how you can use it for marketing.

  1. It can help in practicing inclusivity. It will promote positivity along with building connections on an emotional level with a number of different people.
  2. The Candid Stories feature working can be used to show the human side of your brand. Behind-the-scenes moments and unfiltered moments are more believable and thus shows a human connection of your business.
  3. A sense of community can be created with the Candid Stories feature. To attract more users and for engagement, you can give challenges to post certain sorts of candids. Connect with the audience and build a connection with them. 

Wrapping Up

The Candid Story feature on Instagram, which is the BeReal app duplicate, is still not out for users! But seems to hold great marketing value and potential. On Instagram, the Candid Stories feature works to outshine the Story concept and promote a filter-free social media experience for its users!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does Instagram Candid Work?

A. The Candid Stories feature works just the way the BeReal app’s It’s Time to BeReal feature works. On Instagram, to use this feature, users have to post unfiltered and unedited pictures clicked from the front and rear cameras in real-time.

Q2. What Is The Candid Story Feature?

A. On Instagram, the Candid Stories feature works in a similar manner to the BeReal app’s It’s Time to BeReal feature. You have to share your pictures clicked from the rear and front cameras in real time once a day. These are the filterless and unedited pictures shared in real-time.

Q3. Who Can See My Candid On Instagram?

A. Only those users who share their candid Stories and are your followers will be able to see your Candid Stories on Instagram. 

Q4. Can You Turn Off The Candid Instagram?

A. Yes, you can turn off the Candid Instagram feature from your Instagram settings.

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