How Is Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT?

How Is Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT?

AI enthusiasts from all over the world are buzzing with excitement, exploring the wonders of Anthropic’s new AI assistant, Claude 2. While most of us are still hung up on the capabilities of ChatGPT, the pioneer among all AI chatbots, the newly launched Claude 2 triggers the skeptics in us to raise questions like “How is Claude 2 better than ChatGPT?”. Stay with us to explore in detail, various ways in which Claude 2 is in fact better than ChatGPT.

AI assistants are no longer a work of fiction. Starting with Open AI’s ChatGPT up until the new sensational Claude 2, users no longer have to settle for one particular AI tool. Big guns like Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing are also actively testing the scope of their versions of natural language processing AI technology. The heated debate that is currently trending among all AI enthusiasts is if Claude 2 is better than ChatGPT.

Claude 2 is better than ChatGPT with enhanced features, context handling, performance, safety & privacy, pricing policies, and non-verbal abilities.

AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude 2 are fueling the productivity of millions of users worldwide. One of the biggest developments in the field of AI technology is the launch of Anthropic’s Claude 2. Let us dive deeper to understand the wonders of this new AI assistant and is Claude 2 better than ChatGPT. 

What Is Claude 2 AI?

How Is Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT?

Claude 2 is Anthropic’s new AI language processing model, launched on March 14, 2023. It has improved performance and offers longer responses compared to its predecessor Claude. It can be accessed through an API or directly from the website. Users can instruct Claude 2 using natural language to converse with it to complete tasks. It is currently in the beta testing phase and is available only in the US and UK.

Claude 2 is equipped to handle longer prompts of up to 75,000 words. This enables it to browse thousands of pages and summarize complex documents, including legal, mathematical, and scientific research papers. Users can upload up to 5 text documents and PDFs for Claude 2 to process. It can also be used to write longer documents, letters, memos, stories, etc. all in one go.

How Is Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the pioneer of all AI chatbots. Launched on 30th November 2022, ChatGPT took the world for a spin with its innovative skills and unique capabilities. Since then, various new AI chatbots have been developed, and Claude 2 is the current sensation among all AI enthusiasts. However, the burning question among all users remains: Is Claude 2 better than ChatGPT? We have classified, in detail, the unique characteristics of Claude 2 and all the ways in which it is better than ChatGPT.

1. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT With Enhanced Features

Let us first compare the features of Claude 2 and study how it is far more enhanced than ChatGPT.

Claude 2

  • In-depth analysis of uploaded text files and PDF documents.
  • Study documents to summarize, write, and help in coding and solving complex problems.
  • It can digest up to 100,000 tokens i.e., equivalent to 75,000 words.
  • Provides a much more contextual response.
  • Users can upload up to 5 documents in a single query to analyze and summarize.
  • It follows strict Constitutional AI principles that help Claude 2 in decision-making.
  • It is praised for its versatility in processing text that includes research papers, novels, articles, PDFs, etc,


  • It is a conversational AI model that makes use of a machine-learning framework to converse and generate intuitive responses. 
  • It uses deep learning techniques to transform neural networks to process text and generate prompts.
  • It is trained with a large volume of data that includes books, articles, and web pages.
  • It can generate accurate responses to diverse topics, including—but not limited to—science, mathematics, politics, sports, and entertainment.
  • It can generate prompts for creative writing, including poetry and fictional novels.
  • It is equipped to handle pattern recognition for statistical analysis.
  • It is multilingual and is trained to recognize 26 languages from around the world. 

2. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT In Context Handling

Claude 2 is distinguished for its mastery of engaging in interesting conversations, creative writing, editing, and summarizing large documents. Even though it does not have direct access to the Internet, it is capable of browsing through large documents of up to 75,000 words in just a couple of minutes. 

Users can upload up to 5 text documents and PDF files for Claude 2 to browse, which is not currently possible in ChatGPT. This proves to be immensely beneficial for analyzing reports that assist in scientific research and helps content creators to summarize large novels and articles easily.

To check how Claude2 is better than ChatGPT at handling the context, we uploaded a huge PDF file and posed a very specific question to the AI assistant. We were surprised to see how efficiently it generated the correct answer within 2 minutes of raising the question.

How Is Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT?

3. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT In Performance

Claude 2 is celebrated as the AI powerhouse that is capable of handling up to 100,000 tokens which is equivalent to using almost 75,000 words in a single prompt. Claude 2 glorifies this dramatic leap in its performance that proves its distinct advantage over most other existing AI tools.  It is incomparable in generating and summarizing information in the fields of law, mathematics, and coding.

Anthropic has conducted various tests to find the extent of Claude 2’s potential and has found that it scored 76.5% in the multiple-choice segment in the Bar examination and 90th percentile in GRE writing and reading exams at the graduate high school level. Furthermore, Claude 2 scored 88% in GSM 8k grade school mathematics problems. While Claude 2 scored 71.2% in the Codex Human Eval Python coding test, ChatGPT trailed by getting 67%.

4. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT In Safety And Privacy

Claude 2 reportedly enables users to use a VPN for safe browsing. Moreover, it is developed as a Constitutional AI, that abides by a well-instrumented set of principles that are primarily based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This directly dictates the moral obligation of Claude 2 and enables the AI assistant to remain responsible for the privacy and safety of all users. 

Both Claude 2 and ChatGPT allow users to have full control over their conversation history and enable them to delete all their previous interactions. However, Claude 2 goes a step further and adds an extra layer of protection by supporting VPN browsing that guarantees the safety of all user’s information.

5. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT In Pricing Policies

Claude 2 Pricing Plans

Claude 2 is one of the most affordable AI assistants that are currently available. It is capable of generating up to 1000 words for just $0.0465. Even though it is still in the experimental phase, it offers much more advanced and customizable options. Anthropic’s pricing policy for the month of July states that Claude 2 is available for $11.2 / million tokens. This is a whole lot cheaper when compared to Open AI’s pricing policy for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Pricing Plans

ChatGPT which operates on version GPT 3, is currently available for free to all users. However, it does not offer various enhanced features that are available in premium versions like ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Pro, and GPT 4. If you are using ChatGPT as an AI assistant to generate information for research purposes, it is absolutely essential that you subscribe to a premium version of the AI chatbot that costs $20 / month.


6. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT In Knowledge Base

Anthropic claims that Claude 2 has a massive source of an extensive database, ranging from multiple professional backgrounds. Just like ChatGPT, Claude 2 does not have direct access to the internet, however, it is equipped with much more recent information up until 2022, while ChatGPT can generate information only until 2021. Nevertheless, Claude 2 can accept all the current information that is uploaded by the users, to stay up to date on the current affairs.

7. Claude 2 Better Than ChatGPT In Processing Time

You might have noticed that ChatGPT takes any time from a few seconds up to 30 seconds to process your query and generate appropriate responses. Claude 2 on the other hand is a lot quicker in generating conversational responses. It will be able to process all the necessary information within 5 seconds. However, this time may vary depending on the query and data uploaded. If you enter 5 data files including PDFs of large size, it could take up to 2 minutes to process and summarize the entire 75,000 words worth of information.

Wrap Up

AI technology is the most promising field that is sought out by all kinds of users. It plays a pivotal role in every profession from content creation and customer service to research and data analysis. Choosing the most appropriate and favorable AI tool is of paramount importance. While most AI assistants like Bing and Bard have direct access to the internet, ChatGPT and Claude 2 still remain to be most sought-after AI tools, for security reasons. We hope that with the help of all the information given in this article, you can finally decide if Claude 2 is better than ChatGPT and make the best decision that suits you and your organization.

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