How Old Is Ricky Flores From TikTok? Secret Revealed 2024!

How Old Is Ricky Flores From TikTok

Hmmmm…A big fan of Ricky Flores from TikTok? Have any idea at what age he made all of this success? If not then know how old is Ricky Flores from TikTok and the rest of the things which were kept a secret from you all!

Ricky Flores on TikTok is a popular personality and is known for his versatile TikTok videos. Generally he uploads lip-syncing and dance videos. There are rumors roaming around that Ricky Flores became popular at a very young age, if this breaks your heart then wait we have solid information for you which can help you with how old is Ricky Flores from TikTok.

Quick sneak peek into how old is Ricky Flores from TikTok: Ricky Flores is a 19 years old TikTok celebrity who was born on 13th of January in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The Glory Boy is currently located in Chicago, Illinois, United States only!

Spitting facts about your favorite TikTok personality is something we are going to do today! So if you are someone who is into Ricky Flores and wanna know him more closely then we suggest you to stay tuned as this post is going to reveal a lot which we bet you didn’t know earlier!

Ricky Flores Biography

How Old Is Ricky Flores From TikTok?

Popping up of Ricky Flores’s TikTok videos on your For You Page while scrolling through random content is the only interference that you may love as he creates top dancing and most entertaining lip-syncing videos. His TikTok presence has made the audience go crazy with his art and talent of moving around with rhythm and every expression on each beat. 

If you call yourself a die-hard fan of Ricky Flores then first you need to make sure that you know every bit of your favorite TikTok star!! So that every time anyone questions your love for Ricky Flores from TikTok, you can answer them right on their face!

How Old Is Ricky Flores From TikTok?

Ricky Flores is a big name on TikTok who got fame due to his exclusive and quality content. He has gained stardom and notability at a very young age! At the age of 19, this TikTok star not only made a huge presence on TikTok but also used his other social media handles to promote different brands and attract more eyes.

If you follow Ricky Flores, the Glory Boy on TikTok then you might be aware of his love for traveling and elite automobiles. Additionally, your only Ricky Flores also has a thing for inking as he got himself inked various times on his neck and hands! 

Ricky Flores Profile

  1. Full name: Ricky Flores
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Date Of Birth: 13th January 2004
  4. Age: 19 Years Old
  5. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn 
  6. Place Of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  7. Residence: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  8. Nationality: American
  9. Ethnicity: Hispanic
  10. Religion: Christianity
  11. Sexuality: Straight
  12. Height (in feet): 5’8”
  13. Height (in centimeters): 173 
  14. Weight (in pounds): 116
  15. Weight (in kilograms): 53
  16. Hair Color: Dark Brown
  17. Eye Color: Light Brown 
  18. Father: Pastor Flores
  19. Mother: Ana Lusia
  20. Siblings: 1
  21. Relationship Status: In A Relationship
  22. Girlfriend: Mirella Sarai
  23. Profession: Social Media Influencer, Content Creator
  24. Net Worth: $1 Million

Where Is Ricky Flores On TikTok From?

The TikTok content creator, Ricky Flores was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, United States and is residing there only! This crazy creator took birth on 13 January 2004 which makes him a 19 year old as of 2023 who holds a net worth of $1 Million at present.  

Ricky Flores Family Background And Relationship Status

Ricky Flores’s parents are Pastor Flores and Ana Lusia. Ana Lusia is a housewife and Pastor Flores is a businessmen. Ricky Flores also has a sister, Deliah! Deliah is also following his brother’s path and is doing content creation.

The popular TikTok star, Ricky Flores is currently dating Mirella Sarai, an Instagram influencer who is majorly into traveling and fashion. Mirella Sarai also owns Winks By Mimi, an eyelash business in Chicago, Illinois. The couple made their relationship status official in May 2022 with  a sizzling picture on Instagram.

Formerly, there were tittle-tattle in the air that Ricky Flores is dating Joshie Aieshia, who was the ex-girlfriend of his late friend Gabriel Salazar.

What Made Ricky Flores Popular?

Understanding other platform’s algorithms is much easier in front of TikTok’s! There is always something which will make you wonder about how this platform even works! Sometimes, creators get down overnight whereas the ones with good luck shine bright like a diamond!! Ricky Flores is one with the good luck as he ranked among top creators on TikTok in just one night after his videos went high on the platform. He racked up more than 1 million followers in one night on the app. But unluckily, his TikTok handle @theyluvricky was taken down by TikTok. 

Apart from creating content on TikTok, Ricky Flores is also a brand ambassador. He recommends and advertises brands with whom he is collaborating including Truly Clothing. He has more than 676K followers on Instagram at present. Ricky Flores also own a YouTube channel with more than 17.3K subscribers without even being frequent on the platform. 

Ricky Flores was much known for his content collab with TikTok star Gabriel Salazar, also known as GabeNotBabe. But unfortunately, Gabriel Salazar is no more in this world, as he passed away in September 2021. 

Wrapping Up

Being a TikTok addict is something that can be understood very well! Watching impressing and attractive faces like Ricky Flores’s is something one can do all day! If you also enjoy his TikTok dancing and lip-syncing videos and cherish him, then we have something for you: crucial and exclusive data about your favorite TikTok creator, including how old Ricky Flores from TikTok, who Ricky Flores is dating, where Ricky Flores is from etc. 

Dive in and know your TikTok crush from close with this detailed guide! Don’t forget to share this guide with your TikTok friends who also have a thing for Ricky Flores.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Are Ricky Flores And Josie?

Josie Alesia is Ricky Flores’ ex-girlfriend. Josie Alesia has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok. She posts comedy and relatable videos and also models fpor fashion brands like Finest Few and others.

2. What Is Ricky Flores Instagram?

One can get Ricky Flores’s Instagram with the name @rickyfloreess. He has more than 671K followers on Instgarm where he posts selfies and pictures with his friends and family as well!

3. What Happened To Ricky Flores?

Ricky Flores’s TikTok handle @theyluvricky was taken down by TikTok all of a sudden. 

4, What Is Ricky Flores Height?

The popular creator Ricky Flores is 5’8” in feets and 173 in centimeters in height.

5. What About Ricky Flores Tattoos?

Ricky Flores is fond of getting inked and has got himself tattood various times on his neck and hands! 

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