How To Add Pictures To TikTok Video After Recording?

How To Add Pictures To TikTok Video After Recording

Using photos in your TikTok videos is one of the most effective methods of giving video content a unique look. Your story and the content value may both benefit from it. If you are editing your video on TikTok and in absolute need to add pictures to TikTok video after recording, this article may come to your rescue.

Let’s put videos and pictures together on TikTok. Being a content creator, you have to be creative and experiment with all the features you could possibly have on social media. With little patience, in this article, we will show you how to add pictures to TikTok video after recording. Find the quick answer first!

There are three popular methods to add pictures to TikTok video after recording. You may try adding pictures by uploading, adding pictures from effect, and adding photo templates.

Over the years, social media has evolved, and so does the taste of the viewers. You need to try new things and ideas every day to stay on the TikTok trend. In fact, you can recreate new content with old videos by adding pictures to TikTok video after recording. Try now! 

How To Add Pictures To TikTok Video After Recording?

Are you trying to figure out how to get more attention and engagement to your TikTok videos? You may make your TikTok movies more vibrant and aesthetically appealing by adding images to them after you’ve finished filming. Even if you are a newbie, you should know that adding multiple photos on Tiktok Video gives height to your creativity.

There is always more than one way to do a particular task on most social media. We’ll go through a few of the many methods you may use to add pictures to TikTok video after recording.

Method 1: Adding Pictures By Uploading

You will need to have the photos prepared because you will be entering your photo gallery to upload pictures in this method. Here is the first method to add pictures to TikTok video after recording:

Step 1: Start by launching the TikTok app on your phone.

Step 2: Between the “discover” and the “inbox” icons at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a “+” symbol. Tap the plus sign.

Step 3: Your interface will alter to that of a camera once you click the “+” symbol, and you’ll see a big red button  centered in between the icons “effects” and “upload”.

Step 4: Choose the Upload button. The “upload” icon will take you to your gallery and showcase the most current photos there.

Step 5: If it isn’t already selected, tap the “All” icon that appears at the top of the photographs.

Step 6: Your photographs will be organized into several albums if you choose “all,” making it simpler for you to locate the images you need.

Step 7: Next choose the Pictures section, from which you can select as many photos as you like. Then hit Next.

Step 8: The photos can be adjusted and edited in any way you like; when finished, tap Post.

Method 2: Adding Pictures From Effects

Apart from uploading from your gallery, adding effects is another option to add pictures to TikTok video after recording. The photos on your camera are often warped by effects like filters, but there are additional image settings under the effects menu.

Step 1: Open TikTok, then choose the “+” symbol.

Step 2: The “effects” symbol is on the left, while the recording button is in the center. Choose the Effects symbol.

Step 3: Tap on the Green Screen from the various pictures and effects that you will see.

Step 4: Now click + in the picture selection to view all of your photographs and pick one you prefer.

Step 5: Click and hold Record after choosing the desired image to capture it as a movie. The video must last for more than one second. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to be in the photo, you must move away from the front camera.

Step 6: Once you’ve finished editing, click Post to submit your content.

Method 3: Adding Photo Templates

You may also include photos in your TikTok video using photo templates. This is another popular method to add pictures to TikTok video after recording. However, these pictures aren’t from your gallery. These are pre-designed photo templates instead. It’s simple to use photo templates, and we’ll teach you how.

Step 1: Open the TikTok app like we have been doing before.

Step 2: Choose the “+” symbol in the screen’s center.

Step 3: The record button will appear in the center of the “effects” and “upload” icons as a camera view. “Templates” are located at the bottom, below the record button. Tap the Templates icon.

Step 4: You will be presented with a variety of templates; you choose the one you want.

Step 5: Under the template, you’ll see a Choose pictures icon; tap on it. One template will be downloaded.

Step 6: Your gallery will appear, where you may select the photos you wish to include in your template and then tap OK.

Step 7: You are free to continue editing your video and adding effects, stickers, filters, and text.

Step 8: Tap “Publish” when you are through editing and are ready to publish.

How To Fix Can’t Upload Photos To Your TikTok Issue?

You might be having trouble uploading photographs to TikTok for various reasons. Here are a few potential fixes:

1. Check your internet connection: Slow or inconsistent internet might interfere with uploading pictures. Check your connection to make sure it’s solid before trying again.

2. Verify the picture format: Make sure your photo is saved in one of the JPG or PNG formats since TikTok only accepts these kinds of pictures.

3. Check the size of the photo: For images, TikTok has a 20MB maximum file size restriction, so ensure sure your picture does not exceed this.

4. Logging out and back in could help: If you’re having trouble uploading photographs, you might try logging out and back in.

5. Cleaning Cache: Cleaning your cache will help you clear up storage space and enhance the functionality of the app, which may assist with problems with photo uploading.

Wrapping Up

Creating TikTok content is not easy! However, adding pictures to a TikTok video after recording will help you to create catchy content. So, use your imagination and creativity to use the feature of using photos and video together in one content. Go through TikTok and follow the popular content creators to understand how they are using this amazing feature. Looking forward to learning more TikTok tricks and shortcuts? Follow Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Add Pictures To TikTok After Recording?

Start recording on TikTok as normal. To stop recording, click the “huge red dot” (record) at the bottom of the screen. On your screen, tap “Effects” in the lower left corner. To change the backdrop option, choose the “green picture gallery” icon where you may upload your own image.

Q2. How To Add Pictures To Tiktok Draft?

To add more pictures to the draft on TikTok, just open the video in your draft, tap back to get on the editing page, and then tap back again to go to the filming screen. When many people attempt to add a clip to the draft, they are unable to do so since there is no “continue shooting” option.

Q3. How Do I Edit TikTok Clips After Recording?

To begin recording as normal, open TikTok and tap the “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen. Tap the red “check” button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished recording. The “Adjust Clips” option will then appear in the upper right corner of the screen; simply tap it.

Q4. Can You Add Effects To TikTok Videos After Recording?

You can apply effects after recording a video. However, certain effects are only accessible before recording, and some are accessible after the recording. 

Q5. Why Can’t I Edit My TikTok Draft?

You must first record a video in TikTok or make one there, then store it as a draft before you can use the first way to modify drafts on TikTok before uploading. You must locate drafts in TikTok in order to update them correctly before posting.

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