How To Access Google Bard In Gmail?

How To Access Google Bard In Gmail

The AI assistant competition just took a new twist as Google announced the integration of Bard into Gmail along with 24 more applications and services! If you are hunting around to learn how to access Google Bard in Gmail, we have got you covered. 

In March 2023, Google announced the integration of Google Bard to their 25 application and services. However, the bad news is, even if you know how to access Google Bard in Gmail, if you are not among the lucky people picked by Google to experiment with their AI tool, you are missing out. 

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To access Google Bard in Gmail, open Gmail ID and click on the ‘Help Me Write’ option when available in the compose section. Just one click and Google Bard will draft your answer for that email, according to the context of the mail content. 

If your friend got the update, do not be jealous (well, you have reasons to be though!). You can access Google Bard in Gmail, all in good time. Just like the common people now can use Google Bard, sooner they will land the opportunity to use the integrations too! 

What Is Google Bard?

Well, ask ChatGPT and you will know that ChatGPT has no idea about its arch-enemy! Well, Google Bard is the almost clone of ChatGPT! In technical words, Google Bard is an experimental conversational AI chatbot, developed and launched by Google in 2022. In 2023 March, Google Bard is available to all (still in the beta stage) and with a bunch of new updates.

One of the most interesting features of Google Bard is its integration into almost all applications and services that are offered by Google for free! From now, if you get the update, you do not have to spend a dime and enjoy smart AI chat help from Google Bard. 

How To Access Google Bard In Gmail?

The integration of Google Bard into Gmail has already been considered as the smartest move by Google to impress users. With the introduction of Google Bard into Gmail, you no longer need to type long replies, no matter how important the context is. 

As soon as you access Google Bard in Gmail, the AI chatbot will go through the context automatically and draft the reply for your email. All you need to do is click on the ‘Help Me Write’ option in the compose section.

How To Use Google Bard In Gmail? 

When the feature will be released, you can use Google Bard in Gmail. First, you will need the update to access Google Bard in Gmail. If you are biting your nails thinking about how you will access Google Bard integration in Gmail, trust the word, you do not need to be nerdy to use the extension.

Here follow the steps below to enjoy replying to emails with Google Bard AI. 

Step 1: You have to open Gmail and then access the mail that you wish to send a reply to.

Step 2: Then you have to click on the compose section where you can access Google Bard in Gmail. 

Step 3: Google Bard will generate an automatic reply based on the mail context or conversation. Just go through the draft once and then hit the send button.

Step 4: If you want to draft a fresh mail with Google Bard, you have to click on the compose button to open a fresh message box. Click on the ‘Help Me Write’ option to access Google Bard in Gmail. Add a few prompts or just state the subject line and Google Bard will do the rest! 

Step 5: Like before, go through the draft once to make sure all you need is there and then hit the send button. 

Advantages Of Using Google Bard In Gmail?

Feb 06, 2023, Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google Alphabet) sent a message through a blog about the introduction of Google Bard and its immense importance in the integration of other apps. Google has a long history of introducing AI to learn more from the users and personalize the search results according to it. The introduction of BERT and MUM was just the beginning and now we have Bard! The smartest AI chatbot of all! When it comes to the access Google Bard in Gmail, here are some benefits that could not overlook:

1. Reply Faster

When you access Google Bard in Gmail, you can draft a reply to the email in any context in just a few seconds! The process is a lot faster than drafting emails manually and saves a lot of time. 

2. Reply Smarter

Sometimes, we get frustrated while drafting emails and fail to write comprehensive mail with accurate words. Google Bard is never short of vocabulary. It can help you to draft a smart reply without losing any points and use accurate English. 

3. Value Time

Just draft emails in a few seconds with Google Bard integration and save time so that you can invest that time into something more productive. Moreover, not every mail requires your attention. Using Google Bard you can reply to any mail and declutter your inbox.  

4. Error Free

Not all of us can draft emails error-free. You can use Grammarly or similar tools to correct your grammar, but ultimately you have to write it using your precious time. Just access Google Bard in Gmail, and draft error-free emails just in a few clicks! 

5. Better Customer Management

If you are running a business, answering all of your customer queries is a hectic job. You have always thought of a hand to manage your customer queries through emails. With Google Bard now you can answer hundreds of customer queries in just a few minutes. Receiving an email reply from your end will always make the customers feel special and encourage them to come back to you! 


Now that Google has taken the initiative to integrate Bard to Gmail, we are all looking forward to enjoying a hectic free day from typing long emails! Whether it is a reply to your client or a notice for the employees, we will be able to draft it in just a few seconds! What a divine power! Even two years ago we had to spend hours and chew a lot of pencils to come up with the right words to draft a letter to the boss or the clients. Whether it is a work update or leave to apply or simply praise coworkers, the truth was we all hated to type emails. Hope, we can access Google Bard in Gmail soon and enjoy a more productive workspace. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How Do I Enable Google Bard In Gmail?

Google is going to enable Bard in Gmail soon and then you just need to open your Gmail account and hit the compose button or choose the mail to reply. Click on the Help Me Write option in the drafting area to enable Google Bard. 

Q2: Can I Access Google Bard On Mobile Devices?

Yes, Google Bard like any other AI chatbot is available on Mobile devices as well as on the desktop. 

Q3: Is Google Bard Available For All Gmail Users?

No. Google Bard integration is an update that is given to selective users. The feature is not available to all the Gmail users. 

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