How To Access Google Bard Without Gmail?

How To Access Google Bard Without Gmail

Finally Google Bard trashed the waiting list! Now, you do not need to be a Google employee to access Google Bard! But, what if you do not have a Gmail ID or wish to access Google Bard without Gmail?

We are living in the era of AI. Almost all of us have a ChatGPT account. And, it’s time that we should all have a Google Bard account too! As introduced by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, you just need to have a legit Gmail account to access Google Bard, but, you can access Google Bard without Gmail or can you?  

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To access Google Bard without Gmail, you must need a Gmail account. However, if you really do not want to share your personal Gmail account to access Google Bard, you can create a new Gmail account. 

The world has gone crazy over AI applications. Besides, the features of Google Bard are just irresistible! From planning your weekend outing to how to start gardening – Google Bard can plan out everything for you! But, if you try to access Google Bard without Gmail, that may be ‘a little impossible’. 

Why Does Google Bard Require Gmail? 

Google is a larger family than you can think of. Google has launched hundreds of apps and one thing is common in every application is the User Experience. Not only the app interface, but Google has also always prioritized the user experience. And the best way to offer an excellent user experience is to offer access to all apps through one credential! 

Using one Gmail account you can access all of the apps offered by Gmail and Google Bard is now one of them. Apart from the user experience, another reason behind using one Gmail account to access all of the Google apps including Google Bard is – Security. 

Google always claims that your data is safe with Google and not shared with any third-party apps. When you are using any Google apps or tools with one Gmail  ID all of your search, activity, and data are stored under one account. 

Besides, Google has said that it will imbibe Google Bard with 25 of its apps and services such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps, and others for a better experience! The more you are sharing with Google Brad, the more personalized recommendations you can get from Google Brad. 

Moreover, when you are using one Gmail account to access Google Bard and other Google services, it gives you control over which apps and services you wish to disconnect from Google Bard and which ones you wish to keep. 

Using Gmail to log in to Google Bard is also mandatory because, if you want to remove all your data from Google Bard including the chat history, that will be a few clicks job only! If you still wish to access Google Bard without Gmail, think again! 

Can You Access Google Bard Without Gmail?

No, you cannot access Google Bard without a Gmail account. To be more specific, you cannot access Google Bard without a PERSONAL Gmail account. 

If you try to log in to Google Bard with a company domain Gmail  ID, then Google Bard won’t allow you. The same goes for the school or university domain Gmail accounts. You cannot log in to Google Bard without a personal Gmail  ID. 

How To Access Google Bard Without Gmail? 

Now it should be clear to you that you cannot access Google Bard without a personal Gmail account. Then how come anyone can access Google Bard without Gmail? 

Well, create another Gmail account. Simple! You do not need to share your very personal Gmail account details to experiment with Google Bard. We understand that people are most afraid of sharing personal details because of data breaching. Besides, Google Bard is still in the beta stage and experimental. If you are not feeling comfortable sharing your personal information and Gmail  ID that is linked with sensitive information, just drop the idea of sharing your personal Gmail  ID! 

Instead, create another Gmail  ID using an anonymous name with one legit phone number. Use this alternative Gmail ID to log in to Google Bard and enjoy experimenting with this AI tool. 


Let’s admit that Google has always surprised us with more personalized and secure features. Trying Google Bard is experiential, but at the same time, it is funny and nerdy as well. While chatting with Google Bard, you will feel Sheldon nearby talking to you! It’s all about the personalized experience! If you share more with Google, the AI app will be more personalized and helpful. However, if you still are not confident and wish to access Google Bard without Gmail, you know what to do! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Bard Use Gmail?

Yes, you can connect to Google Bard with Gmail only. However, you cannot use your work mail Id. you have to use your personal Gmail  ID to connect with Google Bard. 

Q2. What Is Google Bard Trained On?

The core of Google Bard is Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). This is a conversational AI developed by Google in 2021 and made available for public experimentation in May 2023. 

Q3. Does Bard Search The Internet?

Yes, Google Bard has access to the internet. If you are interested in discussing any recent topic that occurred a few days ago, Google Bard will access the internet and present the real time data. 

Q4. Will Google Bard Be Free?

Google Bard is Free. Anyone with a legit Gmail  Id and 18+ years old can access Google Bard for free. 

Q5. Why Is Google Bard Showing Error?

Google Bard is at the Beta stage and available for experimentation only. The AI tool is going through random updates every now and then. Hence, sometimes the app is showing errors. However, restarting the app or updating the app is resolving Google Bard errors easily. 

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