How To Activate Epicgames? 2 Easy Methods!

How To Activate Epicgames?

If you want to take your video game playing skills to the next level then we would suggest you learn how to activate Epicgames in just a couple of minutes!

Epicgames is a platform especially for video game development and publishing. Games like Unreal Engine and Gears Of War are developed through Epicgames! If you are also into things like this, then you must have an account on Epicgames and if you don’t have one till now then learn how to activate Epicgames in two different ways!

To activate Epicgames, go to Epicgames website, activate > Download Epic Games Launcher > Install > Open app > Sign In > Open a game > Activation code > Copy code > Launch browser > Activation link > Paste Activation code and done! Your Epicgames games account has been successfully activated.

This article helps the readers with two easy guides on how to activate Epicgames and also some important tips that they should take care of while activating their account! If you are down for this, then most welcome for a thorough read!

How To Activate Epicgames?

Epic Games is one of the popular video game developing and publishing brands whose origin is in North California, USA. Gears Of War, Blade Game Series, Fortnite, Unreal Engine are a few of the games developed by Epicgames. If you wish to play games developed by Epicgames on different devices then you must know how to activate Epicgames. Here are two easy ways through which you can activate Epicgames. 

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Method 1: Through Activation Website

In order to play games like Fortnite on your computer, you have to download the Epic Games Launcher via activate. After which, the app will give you an activation code to activate your Epicgames account. Here are the details that you can follow:

Epicgames Website > Download Epic Games Launcher > Install > Open App > Sign In > Open A Game > Activation Code > Copy Code > Launch Browser > Activation Link > Paste Activation Code.

Step 01: Launch a web browser and navigate through Epic Games official website activate.

Step 02: Download and Install Epic Games Launcher on your device either it is Windows or MacOS.

Step 03: Launch the app and Log In to your Epic Games account.

Step 04: Once done, you can open a game and it will provide you an eight-digit activation code. Copy the code and launch a browser once again.

how to activate Epicgames

Step 05: Paste this LINK in the search bar and hit the lens icon. Now Paste the copied activation code here to activate your Epicgame account.

And done! All you have to do is to wait a couple of seconds to let the Epicgames link your account with the game. And here you have now successfully activated your Epicgame account!

Method 02: Through PS4

Another easy way to play different Epicgames video games is via your PS4. You must have a compatible system and Network account for this method. In order to link your PS4 to your Epic Games account, follow the below give guidelines:

PS4 > Epic Games Website > Sign In > Enter Account Details > Select Thumbnail > Select Account > Connections > Accounts > Connect > New Window > Link Account > Login To PSN Account.

Step 01: Access your PS4 console and head to the Epic Games official website activate and click on the Sign In button.

Step 02: On the next page, you have to enter your account details like email address and password etc.

how to activate Epicgames

Step 03: After that, select one Thumbnail for your account and select your Account.

Step 04: Next, you have to click on the Connections option followed by a tap on the Accounts button. You will now find multiple stages to which you can link your Epic Game account.

Step 05: Now find the Connect button beneath the PlayStation Network and click on it!

Step 06: Now launch a fresh window and click on the Link Account and log in to your PlayStation Network account.

Step 07: Once done, your PlayStation Network account will automatically be linked and you will see a big Disconnect option beneath the PSN icon.

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And done! That’s how to activate Epicgames. If you want more gaming related content to feed your mind and bless your devices with trending and adventurous games then read the below mentioned articles!

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Wrapping Up

Epic Games are known for their popular video games which can be played by anyone having a compatible device and basic requirements like stable internet connection etc. But do you know what else you will need majorly? It’s a detailed guide on how to activate Epicgames , which will teach you two easy ways to activate your Epic Game account on any device. In this blog post, we have explained to the readers how one can activate their EpicGame account with the official website and through PS4. 

If you know someone who’s been looking for ways through which they can generate and activate an account on EpicGames then share this article with them and don’t forget to share your views, suggestions and doubts in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Activate My Epic Games Account?

To activate EpicGames account: Epicgames Website > Download Epic Games Launcher > Install > Open App > Sign In > Open A Game > Activation Code > Copy Code > Launch Browser > Activation Link > Paste Activation Code.

Q. How Do I Get An Activation Code For Epic Games?

After linking your Epic Games Account, head to the download page and click on the Claim to your Epic Games Account button. This will send you an activation code to activate your Epicgame account or register to your account.

Q. How Do I Activate Epic Games On Steam?

To activate Epic Games on Steam you have to Fire Up Steam and find the option to claim a code. Now, after heading into Steam, navigate through the top of the client and look for Games Menu and click on the Activate a Product on Steam. 

Q. How Do I Reactivate My Inactive Epic Games Account?

Once you enter your Email Address and Password, a pop-up window will appear. From there click on the Reactivate Account to cancel the account deactivation request.

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