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How To Add NFT In Snapchat As Lenses

We all are aware of the NFT hype. Almost every company has stepped into the NFT world, and now it’s time to showcase them. Like several other social media, Snapchat has also announced to introduce the NFT feature as a profile picture. Let’s learn more about how to add NFT in Snapchat as Lenses.

Just like Twitter or Instagram which are working on introducing the NFTs as an option on their profile picture, similarly, Snapchat has also announced the same but with a twist.  Snapchat will display 3D versions of NFTs and they can be used as a virtual mask or as background items depending upon the NFT.

This post discusses how to add NFT in Snapchat as lenses. What are the AR features that will support this new feature? What are its applications with AR lenses? So, without wasting time, let’s start.

How To Add NFT In Snapchat As Lenses?

Snapchat has announced to release of a new feature that will support NFT on users’ profile pictures. This is a similar concept that was earlier introduced by Twitter and now Instagram is also working on the same feature. Snapchat has announced to use of AR tools to link NFT with your profile picture. Augmented Reality is also turning out to be the future of technology and now companies are adopting these new technologies.

The arrival of AR lenses and the Snapchat plan of integrating NFTs with the AR tools provide a clue that the new AR lenses will be of good use and can be integrated with Snapchat.

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When Will The NFT Feature Of Snapchat Be Launched?

Snapchat company will start the testing of this feature in August next month. The users or the artists will be able to create and mint NFTs on any other platform of their choice and then import that NFT as a lens into Snapchat. This will be free of charge feature and this will further increase the fame of NFTs.

Will The NFT Feature Of Snapchat Cost Money?

Although the company is promising this feature to be free, however, recently Snapchat company has released another version of Snapchat “Premium subscription Snapchat Plus”. This will be the paid version of Snapchat that will support some additional features. This feature after a successful launch can be integrated into this version of Snapchat Plus.

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Wrapping Up

Here we conclude this post on how to add NFT in Snapchat as lenses. We have seen a dip in the  NFTs after the 2nd quarter of 2021. These features will again boost the interest of people in the NFTs as this will be the new dp trend that we will be expecting soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Will  NFT Snapchat Filter Be Available?

The testing of this new feature of Snapchat will begin in August 2022 and then it will take a couple of months to roll out.

Q2. Where Is The AR Bar On Snapchat?

If you open the camera on Snapchat, you will see the AR bar. It is a special lens that helps to scan the world for useful information.

Q3. Are Snapchat Filters AR?

Yes, they are the AR filters created from the lens studio of Snapchat. Both the advertisers and the users can create their own filters. They started these filters in 2015 and released their own Lens Studio in 2017.

Q4.  What Is An AR Filter?

AR filters are all the filters that you use on Snapchat. These filters superimpose on the camera image and create AI-powered filters. These filters work in the real-time bot in the background and foreground.

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