How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft | A Complete Guide!

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft | A Complete Guide

In the game Minecraft, saddles are used to ride on horses, mules, and pigs. But unlike most other things, you can’t make a saddle in Minecraft if you require one. You’ll need to search for it instead. Saddles can be found in the numerous chests found in the dungeons and temples if you’re prepared.

 If you have a lot of stuff, you can get a saddle as a trade offer by trading with villagers for emeralds. Fishing enthusiasts have a slim chance of landing a saddle. A few easy cheats can quickly supply a saddle for those who need one right away.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to locate saddles. Even though you may have to offer a treat or two to the animal you wish to ride, using one is simple once you have one. Here is all the information you require to make a saddle in Minecraft or more precisely find one. 

How to Make a Saddle in ‘Minecraft’?

Well, as mentioned earlier, you can hardly make a saddle in Minecraft, but you have to find a saddle in Minecraft unlike many other things in the game. There are four ways to get a saddle:

1. Finding Special Chests and a Saddle Within It

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft_find chest

Most chests you uncover have a tiny possibility of containing saddles. There are some places in the world where you’ll be luckier.

Find a Dungeon: The underground dungeons are where you’ll be lucky to find saddles. There is a 54% chance of finding a saddle in a dungeon chest. Because of the cobblestone and mossy stone walls, floors, and ceilings, you can tell you are in a dungeon. They often include one or two chests as well as a zombie, skeleton, or spider spawner. A dungeon without a chest is possible but extremely uncommon. With two chests, there is a strong probability that one of them will contain a saddle.

Head to the Nether: Saddles also have a better likelihood of appearing in chests in nether fortresses. You must construct a Nether portal frame out of obsidian blocks in order to enter the Nether. For complete instructions, refer to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft. Because the Nether is a hostile environment, be careful to bring plenty of supplies and sturdy equipment. The likelihood of discovering a saddle in a chest from a Nether castle is almost 40%.

Find a temple in the desert. The floor of the temple is always at Y:64, and these structures always occur in the desert biome. This indicates that the sand may be partially or entirely covering the temple. Find the “blue clay block” in the center of the floor when you arrive at the temple. 

This can be dug out to reveal a hidden room with four chests. Each of these chests has a 15% chance of spawning a saddle, but in 1.9, that chance will increase to 24%. This indicates that one of the four chests will almost certainly contain a saddle. When you enter the hidden chamber, be cautious of the TNT booby trap.

Find the local blacksmith. Blacksmiths are more likely to be born in towns than in villages. There is a chest in the blacksmith’s building, and there is a 16% chance that it contains a saddle.

Look for a village because it has access to free things. A village is full of chests that contain various items. In addition, the villagers provide advantages through trading. Depending on the villager’s specialty, you can swap materials you acquire all through the game for a variety of things.

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2. Trading For a Saddle

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft_Trade

Trading for a saddle is one of the easiest ways to make a saddle in Minecraft. Now, you can use these six trading methods or steps:

  1. Find a leather-worker villager to make the trade. You can trade goods for emeralds and vice versa with villagers you meet in villages all across the world when playing the PC or console versions of Minecraft. You’ll create more trade possibilities by finishing the ones that are currently open. The third tier trade option is to exchange a saddle with the leather-worker villager (white apron). There is no trading in Minecraft PE. 
  2. Get yourself some emeralds. To buy the saddle, you’ll need 8–10 more emeralds in addition to the 9–16 emeralds required to unlock the potential to do so. Emeralds can be acquired by chests, mining, or bartering with other villagers. For advice on how to discover emeralds while mining, see Find Emeralds in Minecraft.
  3. With the leatherworker, open the trading window. To access the trade window, right-click the leatherworker, once you have some emeralds.
  4. To buy the leather pants, use 2-4 emeralds. After placing the trade, close the trading window. The leatherworker will move up to the trading rank as a result.
  5. Reopen the trading window and get the leather tunic this time. You must pay 7–12 emeralds for this. To go on to the next tier, be sure to once more exit the Trading window.
  6. To see the saddle, open the trading window a third time. The saddle for 8–10 emeralds should now be available from the leatherworker. If you have enough emeralds, you can buy the saddle.

3. Fishing To Get a Saddle

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft_Fishing

Build a fishing pole. Three sticks and two pieces of string can be combined to create a straightforward fishing rod. Wooden planks can be used to make sticks, and spiderwebs and cobwebs can be used to make string.

In the crafting grid, arrange the three sticks so that they are positioned diagonally from bottom-left to top-right. The other two slots in the right column should be filled with two pieces of string.

Any body of water, approach it. Any water can be fished from, and the outcome won’t differ based on your location. However, casting in water that is only one to two blocks deep will cause your fishing rod to lose its added toughness. Fish, if you can, in deeper water.

Add Luck of the Sea on your fishing rod to enchant it. Your chances of finding treasures while fishing is increased by this enchantment your chance of receiving the saddle will increase from 0.84 percent to 1.77 percent at the third level of the enchantment.

If you want to increase your chances of getting the saddle or other treasure, use the Lure enchantment. For additional information on how to create an enchanting table in Minecraft, see Make an Enchantment Table.

4. Hunting

Finally, you can kill a Ravager if you enjoy the excitement of the hunt. These formidable foes, which resemble bulls, will go on raids with plunderers. A Ravager will always leave behind a saddle after dying.

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How to Use Your Saddle in Minecraft?

You are prepared to ride after you have your saddle. Which animal should you choose, though?

The traditional choices include horses, donkeys, and mules. The number of times you must repeatedly saddle each of these creatures until they stop bucking you off depends on whatever animal you are taming. When they are trained, you will “use” the saddle on them and put it on them. 

By mounting the animal and hitting the inventory button, you can retrieve the saddle. It has its inventory, which you can access to remove the saddle. Pigs and Striders, though, are two other unlikely but entertaining choices. The worst part is a pig must be killed before a saddle may be removed from it.

Wrapping Up

When “make a saddle in Minecraft” is not much of an option, you can always get one from the game. Now that you have reached the end of the article, you know how to find one! Find as many as you can and don’t settle for less. Do you know more tricks to find a saddle in Minecraft? Comment below. 

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