How To Add Roles In Discord? Become A Pro With Easy Tips!

How to add roles in discord

Whatever Discord servers are today is because of their users. But, if you are operating a big server, you cannot allow every other user that has the same powers and permissions.

That is what roles are made for. You can dedicate roles in your server to manage the channels in which they can chat, how they are presented in the member’s list, and much more. This is to add moderators to your server. So along with this, we will be learning how to add roles in Discord in this post.

Discord is a communication platform where users can chat or call each other or play games online. It is easy to navigate, offers a number of features, and is highly customizable. These features allow you to provide the members of the servers with a particular role in your chat server. Did we arise you’re in knowing how to add roles in Discord yet! Or do we need to explain more?

Well, we don’t think there’s any need, but to make that possible you should know the basics of Discord. Starting from learning how to add roles in Discord on mobile phones and PCs. Let’s goooooo…..

What Are Discord Roles?  

What Are Discord Roles?

In terms of Discord, a role is a bunch of permissions with a dedicated name to each one. For instance, there is a role set by default “@everyone”, which provides a wide variety of permissions like communicating on the server and reading the texts. 

A “Moderator” role is created by a server administrator, which would enable the ability to mute or completely ban other users. Users can attain a number of roles like if someone who has both Moderator and @everyone roles will have all the authority of @everyone and the powers of a Moderator.

What Are The Different Discord Permissions?

Discord Permissions

29 permissions are there in Discord which are then divided into the General, Voice Permission, Text. To properly assist roles, you need to understand what is the role of each and every one. Here is the list of each and every permission:

1. General Permissions

  1. View Audit Log : Read the server’s audit logs.
  1. Manage Server : Move it to a separate region or change the server name.
  1. Administrator : Grants all the permissions that exist on the server.
  1. Manage Roles : Create new roles and edit roles in which do not have Manage roles permission enabled.
  1. Manage Channels : Create, edit and delete channels on the server.
  1. Ban members : Ban members on server.
  1. Kick members : Kick off the members from the server. 
  1. Change Nickname : Change nicknames of other users.
  1. Create Instant Invite : Invite other users to the server.
  1. Manage Nicknames : Change nicknames of other users.
  1. Manage Webhooks : Create, edit and delete webhooks.
  1. Manage Emojis : Manage emoji on server.
  1. Read Text Channels and See Voice Channels : Read the message channels.

2. Text Permissions 

  1. Send TTS Messages : Send text-to-speech messages.
  1. Send messages : Send messages on the text chat.
  1. Embed Links : Embed hyperlinks in the chat.
  1. Manage Messages : Delete or pin messages from other users.
  1. Attach Files : Attach files in the chat.
  1. Mention Everyone : Trigger push notifications for members of the channel.
  1. Read Message History : Scroll back and access previous messages.
  1. Add Reactions : Add new reactions to a message.
  1. Use External Emojis : Use emojis from other servers.

3. Voice Permissions 

  1. Speak : Speak on voice channel.
  1. Connect : Connect to voice channel.
  1. Deafen Members : turn off the user’s ability to hear on the channel.
  1. Mute Members : Turn off other user’s capability to speak.
  1. Move Members : Move other members from one channel to another.
  1. Use Voice Activity : Speak without Push-To -Talk.
  1. Priority Speaker : Reduce the volume of other users. 

How To Add Roles In Discord?

Creating roles in a proper manner is the main factor to manage your users on a Discord server. Creating a set of roles before inviting people to your Discord Server is not a bad idea. You have the authority to go back, check, edit, add and delete any roles you want.

  1. Log into your Discord account and navigate your server.
  2. Tap on the small arrow and click on “Server Setting” from the drop down list,
  3. From the left side, tap on “Roles”.
  4. Click on “Create Role”.
  5. You will observe your new Role as a New Role.
  6. Keep the invented role something and assign it a color.
  7. Cross check all the created roles are saved. 

How To Add Roles In Discord On A PC?

How To Add Roles In Discord

How to add roles in Discord on a PC?

Firstly, you need to be either the owner or should have the “Manage Roles” permission given to you to add roles to your server. 

  1. Launch the server in which you want to add roles and tap on its name from the top-left corner.
  2. Tap on Server settings. If you are unable to find this option, it means you don’t have the access to edit the permission.
  3. Choose Roles from the left sidebar, and the hit “Create Role”.
  4. You will end up on the Edit Role Page

The page is divided into three different portions :

  1. Display:
  • Set new role’s name and color.
  • Manage their appearance in Members list.
  • Manage the texts from the other users.
  1. Permissions:
  • Manage the responsibilities of members with this role in the server.
  • Edit their powers.
  1. Manage Members:
  • Assign roles manually to server members.

Once you are done, tap “Save Changes” from the bottom of the page. Your role will be queued in the list of roles on the server.

How To Add Roles In Discord On iPhone And Android?

How To Add Roles In Discord

Instructions for both the iPhone and Android are given here :

  1. Launch the Discord application and open the Server in which you want to add roles.
  2. Click on the server’s name on the top list of channels, then click on Settings. If you cannot see the option on the screen, then it means that you do not have the permission to make changes to the server.
  3. Scroll till the base of the Settings tab and click on Roles, next click on Plus icon on the top-right (iPhone) or bottom-right (Android). 

Now, based on what device you are on :

  1. For an iPhone : Provide the Role a name and color followed by a tap on Create. On the resulting page, select anyone preset permission types available (the more right you will go the more permissions the role will have), tap on Skip This Step to create a role with no permissions. At last, select the server members to give the role and next click on Finish.
  2. For Android : Make use of a single Role settings page to handle everything about the role, name , color and permissions included. Every alteration done by you will be saved by default.

To make changes in the role in the future, just visit the Roles Page and tap it.
In order to distribute roles to your members, visit the Settings page and click Members, or you can long-press on a member’s profile picture and tap on Manage.

How To Delete Roles In Discord?

How To Add Roles In Discord

Since you know how to add roles in Discord, let’s see how to delete one?

It is quite rare that you might need to delete any role when you have the liberty to edit it whenever you want. Although, if your account is cluttering with useless roles, here is the solution to remove them :

  1. Select the mini drop-down arrow close to your server and tap on Server Settings.
  2. Tap on Roles from the left pane and click on the roles that you wish to delete.
  3. Scroll a bit downwards and click on the “Delete (Role Name)” button.
  4. Confirm by tapping on “Okay”.

Winding Up 

That’s all for how to add roles in Discord and how to delete them.

Well, role management is an important portion of maintaining a Discord server balanced, especially when it increases. Remember, that Discord has a limit of 250 different roles for a specific server. Ideally, this limitation should not exist, but do not start explaining every possible pair of permissions that one you may ever intend to utilize – you will lack in terms of roles very soon if you do so. 


Q1. Can One Assign Roles By Default?

Ans. Yes, of course. However, you might require a bot to do it. 

Q2. I’m Still Facing Issues In Managing The Server Despite Being The Admin! Why?

Ans. It’s happening because not all the permissions have been granted to you. Get in touch with the server owner to cross-check.

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