How To Become a Successful Streamer in 9 Easy Steps

Hoe to become a successful streamer

Don’t wait for the opportunity. Create it!!

If you’re reading this post right now, you are probably in search of ideas on how to become a successful streamer? Well, if you are pretty dedicated and sure of what you want to do, then this post is for you. I’ll be sharing 9 easy and effective steps/ways that’ll lead to the path of becoming a successful streamer.

Success is not given. Its earned. How are you gonna earn success?

Just get started!! Easy Peasy!!

It takes time, effort, strong will, skills, an optimistic approach, a learning mindset, and passion of course to be famous and successful. If you’re having these ingredients then let’s sprinkle some magical ways on them to become a successful streamer. (Of course, it’s your hard work that will work magic for you!!) 

Some of the key steps to becoming a successful streamer are choosing a genre for streaming, choosing the channel type, forming connections and building your channel, learning the online marketing strategy,  accepting the feedback, promoting yourself, and working with top streamers.

These were few ways that can help you become a successful streamer. Most importantly, learn to be original. Don’t copy what others are doing. Everyone has their individuality.

How To Become a Succesful Streamer in 9 Easy Steps

Let’s get a bit deeper into knowing these 9 steps to become a successful streamer. If I start my own channel, how long will it take to become famous? Read and find yourself.

Choose Your Area of Interest

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Choose Your Area of Interest

If you wish to become a successful streamer, the first and foremost step is choosing your game that interests you. But remember one genre at a time.

Focusing solely on one game can be beneficial. If you watch other successful YouTubers they also use the same tactics (for example TF2 YouTubers mostly play TF2).

Choose The Kind Of Gaming Channel

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Choose The Kind Of Gaming Channel

Now that you have chosen the game, the next step is to decide what kind of gaming channel you’ll be having. There are so many to choose from like Tutorial channels, informational channels, Commentary Channels, In-Game Comedy channels, and Show channels.

If you feel you’re good at creating tutorials on game mechanics, or skills then go for a tutorial channel.

If you’re good at providing information regarding a particular game or its development and other content, then try the informational or Trivia channel. “Did You Know Gaming” is the best-known gaming channel for this genre.

Similarly, if you’re good at commentating on other player’s gaming skills, then choosing a commentary channel is good for you.

Start Building Your Channel

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Start Building Your Channel

A profile with a blank display profile and a profile with a lively catchy image, which one will attract you?

No need for polling I guess. The next step is similar. After you know what kind of channel you’re creating it’s important to make it worth visiting. 

For this, you need to have a good profile picture for your channel. Including an introductory video, logos and other graphic designs is a good idea to start with.

Most importantly, you must have a backlog of content before starting the channel. Why? Because You need to post regular content on your channel. In case you are running short on the content you need to have some backlogs. So start making videos.

Look Into Networks Or Learn How To Be Indie

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Look Into Networks Or Learn How To Be Indie

Since your channel is all set to be launched. You are ready with the content, you found your channel’s voice, it’s probably the time to make money. Start looking for an MNC(on YouTube network) and get partner status. 

If you want to run your channel independently, you need to do good homework. This means you need to learn the rules of copyright and Fair Use in and out. 

Do Some Research Work – Get Into Professionalism

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Do Some Research Work - Get Into Professionalism

Okay, thinking about professionalism overnight can be a little too early. Relax!!

Give yourself time to grow. Gain experience, learn. 

Once you start making content and are monetized start your research. Learn how to make your videos/ your channel content more compelling and attractive. Look into SEO(Search Engine Optimization). You can take an online course to learn these basic necessities. 

Be in touch with the latest trends in gaming. Add those trends to your channel. Keep working on new skills and polish the old ones.

Feedback = Improvement

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Feedback = Improvement

Take appropriate feedback. The first thing you need to understand while starting a YouTube channel is that To become a successful streamer on YouTube you need to learn how to handle feedback. 

Learn from your mistakes. Learn from other’s mistakes. Watch other successful streamers sharing their story of failures and success. 

Even if you receive criticism on your channel, learn to take it positively. Improve. That’s how it works. 

Work With Other Gaming Streamers

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Work With Other Gaming Streamers

Growing your network is very important if you wish to be successful. Make sure you get to work with other gaming YouTubers. You are now a part of a big community. You need to form collaborations, get shoutouts, learn from other creators.

Make sure your content stands out in the crowd. If your channel catches the attention of other creators and they approach you to work together, you already are having a win-win situation. It’s good for the growth of your channel and audience as well.

Promote Yourself

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Promote Yourself

It’s a fact that if you advertise well, there are more chances of you getting famous. One thing you need to learn is never shy about campaigning yourself and what’s better than using social media platforms.

Social media can earn you great bounce. Promote yourself and your channel. The best way to draw new viewers is by uploading humorous clips to your YouTube channel as well as to your Twitch dashboard. A good fanbase is always welcomed.

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

How To Become a Successful Streamer; Love What You Do, Do What You Love

One common problem spotted among various streamers is their inconsistency. Don’t settle for short or long terms on Twitch or YouTube unless you are not crazy about gaming.

The viewers should feel connected to you. They should see your passion for gaming. 

Online streaming has given a wonderful space for all gaming enthusiasts to showcase their skills. Whether you wish to be a streamer or just wanted to know the back story of every successful streamer, hope this article provided you enough information. Now you too can become a successful streamer by following these 9 effective steps.

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