How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter? Quick Tips To Try!

How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter

As clients search tweets in the Twitter mobile app, they might run over a tweet containing content they might want to save and access later on (like an article). At the point when this occurs, clients would bookmark the tweet, which will be able to add it to the Bookmarks segment of their Twitter account. But how? Don’t have a hint? No problem, our article will help you get through this by providing the basic knowledge of “How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter?”.

Clearly, over 33% of the worldwide populace have never utilized the web. They’re more overly happy for it. Here’s how to bookmark tweets on Twitter for individuals like us who are linked to our screens by the mauling beast of corporate free enterprise. Along with bookmarking, you can also load GIFs, and pin tweets on the platform.

Presented in 2018, Twitter’s Bookmarks feature permits clients to save tweets they might need to take a gander at again later. Not at all like Preferences or Retweets, your rundown of bookmarked tweets isn’t noticeable to any other individual, permitting you to simply go ham and save anything that you like without totally destroying your public persona.

Taking into account the number of superstars and government officials who have been called out for enjoying NSFW tweets, the capacity to secretly Bookmark tweets appears to be a feature more individuals ought to utilize. Our aide will tell you “The Best Way To Bookmark A Tweet” inside the Twitter versatile application.

Why Change From Liking To Bookmarking?

Over the recent years, Twitter has gradually changed the conduct of the Like button (recently known as Favorite). It used to be an approach to showing appreciation for a post. Here’s a manual to keep tweets preserved and for utilizing later on like IFTTT.

Presently, the Like component is utilized openly, and it factors into Twitter’s proposal motor. Whenever somebody in your circle likes another person’s tweet, it appears on your feed. Twitter is supposed to deliver a notification to the people in your follower list for tweets that you’ve liked and are interested in saving for later.

On the off chance that you’ve liked tweets exclusively to save them for some other time, this is likely not what you need to take place.

You’ll need to begin bookmarking tweets now. The bookmarking is done secretly, and the information isn’t imparted to anybody. A different segment for Twitter Bookmarks has generally all your bookmarked tweets. This is the way the Twitter Bookmarks feature functions on the mobile application and on the site.

How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter

How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter

Here are the easy steps that will help you to bookmark tweets on Twitter:

  • Open Twitter.
  • Opt for that specific Tweet that you would like to bookmark. It may very well be your own tweet or another person’s.
  • Click on the share option in the bottom right corner of the tweet. This will display a set of options on your screen.
  • Select “Bookmark” from the given list to bookmark the tweet.

In order to find bookmarked tweets, simply select “Bookmarks” from the list on the left of your screen. Assuming that you’re on your mobile application, tap your profile symbol to open this menu first.

For a little emotional well-being support, take a stab at utilizing Bookmarks at whatever point someone tweets something decent with regards to you, or when you see a tweet that fulfills you. Before long you’ll have fabricated a decent assortment of ameliorating tweets to mitigate you at whatever point your Twitter timetable gets overwhelmed with the spirit annihilating report of the day.

How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter Desktop

We’ve learned how to bookmark tweets on mobile applications but what about desktop? No need to worry, we’re here. Here’s a brief instruction on how to do the same.

  • Go to the Twitter application’s home screen.
  • Click on your “Profile” symbol in the upper left corner (or you can scroll in from the left side of the display screen).
  • Then, tap on “Bookmarks.”

The entire list of your saved tweets will appear here. Newly bookmarked tweets will be at the top of the list. The tweet will incorporate every single connected medium. You have the option to click on it in order to expand the tweet and view the replies.

To remove a tweet from the bookmark section, click on the “share” option, and after that tap on “delete from bookmarks”. 

How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter’s Site

The procedure is comparable to the Twitter website that anyone can easily access from any PC or internet source. 

  • Open the Twitter site and find the tweet you need to bookmark.
  • Give the “Share” button a click at the bottom of the tweet.
  • Tap on “Add Tweet to Bookmarks” from the given list. The tweet will be bookmarked.
  • Observing the Bookmarks segment is a lot more straightforward on the desktop site.  A Bookmark button will be observed by you on the sidebar. (Assuming you’re utilizing a PC or more modest showcase and the sidebar is in minimized mode, you’ll see just a bookmark symbol.)
  • Tap the “Bookmarks” option in order to open Bookmarked tweets.
  • Now, you’ll be able to find all your saved tweets. 

Since you know how to utilize Twitter Bookmarks to save tweets for some other time, have a go at making Twitter Records remove the clamor and lessen the messiness on your Twitter channel.

Wrapping Up:

Twitter offers a component called Bookmarks that permits you to save Tweets for some other time. Bookmarking your tweets permits you to allude back to your beloved remarks and media regardless of where you sign in to Twitter. Bookmarks allow you to save Tweets in a course of events for simple, fast access whenever. From a Tweet, tap the offer symbol and select Add Tweet to Bookmarks. To see your saved Tweets, tap Bookmarks from your profile symbol menu. This blog shows you how to bookmark a tweet for later utilizing a PC, telephone, or tablet.


Q1. How To Bookmark Tweets In The Desktop Area?

Ans. Open a Tweet, click the Share symbol and select Add Tweet to Bookmarks.

Q2. What’s Twitter Bookmark Limit?

Ans. There are no limits on the number of bookmarked tweets. One can bookmark as many tweets as they want.

Q3. How To See Old Bookmarks On Twitter?

Ans. Go to the Bookmarks tab from your profile and scroll. You’ll find all your bookmarked tweets.

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