How To Change Netflix Region? Do It In Simple Steps!

There is so much content that you can find on Netflix but there are many contents that are restricted to the country only. Even the list of the shows and the movies you see will also depend on the region you are residing in. The Netflix library is very limited. You surely want to see other regions’ content as well. But, since you reside in a particular region you will not be able to see other regions’ content. Well in this case you can change the Netflix region. But do you know how to change Netflix region?

It could be that you travel from the US to Spain you will not be able to see the lesser shows and movies and you will also not be able to get access to your usual home streaming services. If you too face this issue then, you can use one simple tip and you will be able to see the contents of the other regions as well.

All you have to do is trick Netflix and make it think that you are in a different region like the US to get now access to that region’s Netflix library. Do you know what is the simplest and easiest way to change Netflix region? Well, let me tell you this is where VPN comes into the picture. So, now if you want to know how to change Netflix region then you must read this full guide.

The steps that you need to follow are really easy but you need to make sure that you follow them as it is stated. So let’s not waste much time and get started with how to change the Netflix region to get access to the Netflix library. 

Can You Change Netflix Region?

How To Change Netflix Region?

Yes, you can change the Netflix region. All you have to do is to change your region to other than your native region. But the question here is how can you trick Netflix to let you stream in a different region? 

For that, we must go through the steps mentioned below!

Why Does Netflix Show Different Content In Different Regions?

Netflix shows different content in different regions as this all has to do with the licensing of the shows and the movies. In some areas, the different networks will have different licensing deals with different shows. If you see that the specific show is available in the specific country on another streaming service, then it is possible that you will find that show on Netflix as well. But using the services of VPN you can change your location to a country where Netflix does not have the license to broadcast those shows.

How To Change Netflix Region?

How To Change Netflix Region?

Here are some steps that you need to follow carefully to on how to change Netflix region:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to check whether you have an active account on Netflix or not.
  2. Now, decide whether you actually want to pay for a VPN or just use the free Netflix VPN.
  3. You can now subscribe to any VPN service and then download it to your Mac or PC.
  4. You can even download the VPN service on your mobile device.
  5. Now you have to open your VPN and then choose the region that you want to switch to.
  6. Open your Netflix account and then select the movie or the show that you want to watch from that region’s new selection.

What Happens When You Change Netflix Region?

It might happen that Netflix detects the changes in your region for many different reasons. For eg, you could be traveling to a different country or using the VPN to get better security. 

Until and unless it is a reliable VPN it will not be able to bypass the security of Netflix and you will end up watching the global content on Netflix only. After Netflix detects a proxy location it will block each and every country-specific title but this will not happen when you visit another country. 

So, here are some changes that you may notice on your Netflix account when you try to log in from a different country.

  1. The titles that are available in your previous country may not be available now after you change your region.
  2. You can see the new shows and movies.
  3. On the basis of the region, the best and top-picked title list is changed.
  4. Your Netflix list along with the continue watching list might as well get affected.
  5. On the basis of the changing country, the default audio, as well as the subtitle language, can also get changed.
  6. When you are in a different country, then the downloaded content on your mobile device or PC may not be available.

Best VPN’S To Change Netflix Regions

Best VPN’S To Change Netflix Regions

There are many VPN services that you can use to change the Netflix region. Here are some of the best VPNs that you can use:

  1.  Mysterium Network
  2. Express VPN
  3. Cyber Ghost
  4. Surf Shark

How To Change Netflix Region With Mysterium Network?

With the help of the mysterium network, you can now easily change the Netflix region and stream the contents from any of the regions that you feel like. Also, the biggest advantage of using this VPN service is that you can only pay for that time when you watch it. There are no contracts or locked-in costs or any kind of subscription when you use the Mysterium network. You can switch it on once you use it and then switch it off after you finished using this service.

Wrapping Up: 

So, here we have discussed how to change Netflix region. The steps that we have mentioned are quite easy to follow. Moreover, you can even check out the different VPN services that you can use to change Netflix region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can You Change The Netflix Region Without VPN?

The sad part is that you cannot change the Netflix region without using VPN. Although you can use a DNS proxy this will still not bypass the security of Netflix. So you will get only a few shows and movies and only the ones that are available all over the world will be available to you.

Q. Is It Legal To Change Your Netflix Regions?

The answer is Yes.

Changing your location with the help of a VPN is legal in many countries. But in some countries for instance, in China, it is difficult to use a VPN. But this is still legal. Netflix is against the usage of VPN as using VPN will violate the terms and the conditions of Netflix.

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