How To Change Your Username On BeReal? Have The Username You Like!

How To Change Your Username On BeReal

Have you ever heard about BeReal, a new app in the market that is making all the noise? Yes, BeReal is a new photograph app. But to use the app you need to make your account. However, there are many users who want to know whether you can change your username or not on BeReal. So, if you too are facing this issue, then here’s a post on How to change your Username on BeReal?

Well, BeReal is the most popular app that allows you to show your real personality and looks without any filters. People are actually liking this app as this app has a new concept of keeping things real and not hiding anything behind the filters. Moreover, it gives you two minutes to click your picture and then send it to your friends. You won’t have much time to get prepared.

To change your Username on BeReal, BeReal app > profile > edit profile > change username > save settings.

Well, you need not worry, because in the below section you have listed the full-fledged information that will help you to easily change your username as per your preference. Are you ready for it? Let’s get started then!!

What Is BeReal?

How To Change Your Username On BeReal

Before we discuss How To Change Your Username On BeReal, let us know what is BeReal. Well, BeReal is a photo-sharing social media application that you will be able to download on your iOS and Android devices. This app was founded in December 2019 by Alexis Barreyat. This application allows you to post one photo every day to show your followers what you are doing in real time.

The BeReal app will focus on authenticity and will also ask you to be real. This is mainly because this app allows everyone to post only once a day. If you don’t want then may also not stay in the app for many hours throughout the day. This makes the app stand out from the social media platform and at the moment dominates the market. This app is now a trending social media app that is quickly growing in interest and also in downloads.

How To Change Your Username On BeReal?

How To Change Your Username On BeReal?

Since this is a new social media app and there are a lot many things that many users like you are still not aware of many things. One such issue that many users are now facing is that they don’t know how to face the BeReal username. Do you know How to change your Username on BeReal? If not, then here we have listed a few steps that will help you to change your username easily and quickly.

However, one thing that you need to remember is that your new username will be used only after you have received the next BeReal notification to post BeReals. This is exactly what the yellow information icon next to your current username is all about. If you tap on it you will be taken to the next to the next page as it says so. You can even cancel the BeReal username change by tapping on the cancel and keep my current location button. Or if you don’t want then you may not take the action if you are not sure about it.

1. Open BeReal App

Open BeReal App

The first thing that you have to do is look for the BeReal app on your device. Now, open the application.

2. Click On The Profile Option

Click On The Profile Option

Now, that you have opened the BeReal app, in the new window you have to tap on the edit profile option. Here, you will be able to find all the details related to your profile.

3. Change Username

Change Username

Now, you need to click on the username option. Change the username according to your preference.

4. Save Settings

Save Settings

Now, if you see that your new username is available then you have to click on the save option. Then you have to save your new username. You will be able to see your new username after your name in your BeReal profile.

How Do BeReal Works?

How To Change Your Username On BeReal?

If you have downloaded the BeReal app, then you will get a notification at any time once a day that says time to BeReal. This will open up a two-minute window for the users to post a picture of what you are at present doing. The main purpose of this is to capture the authentic unfiltered snapshot of your life.

If you post outside of the two-minute window then you will be considered late. Moreover, you will also not be able to see the photos of your other friends until and unless you have posted them. After you have posted you will be able to get access to the discover section of the app.

You can even retake your photo but the app will show you the number of times you have retaken the image. Moreover, this app will also show the number of times you have tried to capture the BeReal moment.

Though there is no like option available in this app, you will only be able to react to the other post with the help of RealMoji or an emoji that features your selfie mimicking an emoji reaction. This app does not provide you with any kind of filters or edit button and will not allow any videos to be posted. You also don’t get to see the follower count on the app and also you don’t get to see any ads on this app.

Wrapping Up:

Now, after reading this post you do know How to change your Username on BeReal? With the help of the easy steps that have been mentioned above, you can easily change your username on BeReal. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is BeReal Safe?

Yes, BeReal is safe to use since this app does not provide you with the profiles, likes, and messages of the users. social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram do have competitive elements but BeReal does not provide any such thing. It simply promotes acceptance and realness.

Q. Can You See Who Screenshotted By BeReal?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. You can see who screenshotted your BeReal. You will be able to see that on your Android and iPhone devices.

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