How To Choose The Best Portable Screen For Laptop

How To Choose The Best Portable Screen For Laptop

A second screen is commonplace today. Since the pandemic hit, remote or hybrid work has become the norm, and people have started to improve their home workstations to set themselves up for efficiency and productivity. 

On the other hand, gamers, graphic designers, or different niche workers with complicated workflows utilize second screens to help organize their focus. 

Portable monitors, like the Mobile Pixels Trio portable screen for laptops, have also blown up all over social media, from being featured in gaming videos to videos of influencers and social media stars. 

Let’s see what makes them so special.

Why Do I Need a Portable Screen for my Laptop?

Portability is of the essence in 2022. People are constantly on the go, and they need to be able to meet the demands of their work. Portable screens are an excellent way to extend the screen of your work laptop. There are several benefits of investing in a portable screen, such as:

  1. Compatibility: Most portable monitors are universally compatible. They sync well with various systems and programs. They can also be adjusted according to the unique needs of the user. Most of these products are lightweight and plug-and-play, so they can connect to your device instantly. 

Since most computers on the market have USB-C ports, portable monitors are available in this variety but aren’t limited to it. They also come with HDMI or display port connections. So, you can have your pick of the lot when choosing a screen for your laptop. 

  1. Mobility and Weight: As mentioned earlier, people are constantly on the go. In some cases, this means they have to work in multiple spaces or would like to be able to do so – even if it’s just for a change of scenery. 

Portable screens allow flexibility in your desired workspace. You can move from one place to another without being bogged down by heavy weight and overwhelming size. They’re lightweight and have a decent size, ranging from 3.5 to 22 inches. Although, if mobility is essential, you should stick to the mid-range sizes.

  1. Productivity: A portable screen for laptops is a stepping stone to higher productivity. Instead of switching between windows or using small dual windows side by side on the same screen, you can use one screen as a workstation and the other for something else, like communication with your team. This saves the frustration and hassle of switching screens and losing track of your tabs. 

Your productivity will benefit in three significant ways: increased data insights, lower stress levels which lead to better solutions, and more free time for essential tasks. In addition, the screen will reduce strain on your eyes, as you won’t be squinting at some small text in dual window views. 

How Do I Choose a Portable Screen for my Laptop?

There are three criteria according to which you should choose your portable screen:

Use and Device

You should consider what you will use the portable screen for – is it work or leisure? If it’s for work, consider the nature of your work and what exactly you want it for, like a bigger screen, better readability, or convenience. 

A portable screen should offer quick connectivity with a USB-A or USB-C port. This is the most reliable way to connect a screen and ensures compatibility as well as bandwidth for any resolution the monitor offers. 

Battery or No Battery 

You can get portable screens with or without a battery. Screens without a battery are cheaper and lighter, but keep in mind that they will also drain your laptop’s battery pretty quickly. 


If you plan on working in the sunny outdoors or in a space with a lot of natural light, you want your screen to be as bright as possible. 

Most screens are limited in brightness, offering a little more than 200 nits. Try to get something bright, but remember that the brighter the screen, the more the power drainage. 


Portable screens for laptops are highly convenient for work or play. They’ve been streamlined for connectivity with most devices and offer their users a high degree of flexibility and mobility. 

With a portable screen, your work performance can improve, reducing stress and increasing productivity by making the workflow seamless and efficient. In this day and age, a portable screen is a worthwhile investment.

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