How to Choose Your First Electric Bike

How to Choose Your First Electric Bike

Electric bike is the hot transport way in recent years, while many people do not have one and don’t have ideas on how to choose the first e-bike.

Check the rest of the article to find some buying tips., which will help you find the e-bike you really deserve and minimize the chances of ripping off your budget by buying an e-bike that is not suitable for your case.

Expected Price

First, you need to check the price and find the e-bike that costs close to the budget you have set. Usually, it may cost you $1500 for a quality electric bicycle, though you might run into cheaper prices, just be aware. Like buying a car, the configuration and performance of an electric bike are important factors in determining the price, and of course the appearance is also important. Take Honbike HF01 as an example. With its shaft drive system and smart drive technology, the price of this chainless & foldable bike reaches $2,000. Some well-known brands, such as Vanmoof and Cowboy, their bike prices have exceeded 2,000 US dollars.

Ensure the Motor Is Brushless

Another thing you should always be aware of would be the existence of a brushless motor. Most e-bikes come with brushless e-motor., That gives them a lower weight and a lower need for lubrication. In other words, you will have the best commuting experience without the need to lubricate the motor and let it cool down when all you need would be to reach your destination in the shortest time possible without any issues.

Get the E-bike that Weighs Lower

The total weight of the electric bike (combined with the e-motor and battery) is the main criterion when you need to buy the first e-bike for your personal use. No matter if you need it for competitions or daily commutes, lightweight will offer you many goodness. It’s better to pay more and buy an e-bike made from premium materials than to have a heavy bike that needs lots of energy to move around. An e-bike that weighs less is the one that makes you more prominent to ride it and gives you wings to fly when you need to commute to work daily.

Buy the E-bike With Long Range

The mileage performance of the electric bicycle is also something you need to consider. If you are only commuting daily, then the mileage of 40KM can satisfy you, but if you often ride an electric bicycle to go out to play, a longer battery life is necessary. Such as Honbike U4, a latest belt-driven e-bike with up to 100KM range, which is suitable for your long range need.

Choose the E-bike according to the Maintenance Needs

Electric bikes have a normal maintenance schedule that you need to respect. That will give you the chance to enjoy your e-bike for more years and will let you have rides anywhere you like. However, it’s better to ask the salesperson about the e-bike’s needs for maintenance before you actually make an offer to buy it. Don’t forget to check the manual for hidden maintenance costs that are not covered by the warranty scheme. However, there are some e-bike companies offer maintenance service for riders, such as Honbike, the brand provides every HF01 riders with 40000 KM maintenance-free service.

Get The One offering Better After Sales Service

Some stores and brands don’t offer any after-sales service to their customers. That is the case for some e-bikes manufacturers, and you should stay away from their e-bikes no matter how seductive could their initial price become. You need to have a comprehensive after-sales service that will be there for you 24/7 when you have something to ask.

Waterproof ability

The best electric bikes are the ones that can withstand rain. No doubt every rider feels that their LCD, battery and motor are splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about riding in the rain or leaving your bike outdoors, after all these bad weather are unavoidable.

Join the Test Ride 

It would be great if you could experience an e-bike before you actually buy it. Now, many electric bicycle brands provide consumers with trial riding activities. You can apply on the website of your favorite bicycle brand, and then you can experience whether the electric bicycle you choose meets your requirements.


All in all, buying your first electric bike is definitely an important decision, and by referring to the points mentioned above, you will be able to find the one that pleases you.

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