How To Create A Post On Fizz Social App?

How To Create A Post On Fizz Social App

The market’s temperature is rising day by day since the launch of the Fizz app in the market. If you have already heard and downloaded the Fizz app on your Android or iPhone device then let’s explore how to create a post on Fizz social app with us in this article.

Fizz is a new social media app that has turned the table upside down for all the students. This app was designed and developed by a couple of students. The Fizz app allows students to fill an anonymous survey form where a random topic will be discussed and shared among the rest. This app mainly focuses on connecting students to each other. If you are also interested in doing so then first learn how to create a post on Fizz social app.

Open App > Add Icon > Select A Category > Make A Statement > Post and that’s it! That was how to create a post on Fizz social app. If you need the details, then read more!

In this article we are going to discuss and elaborate the process of how to create a post on Fizz social app and why you should go for the Fizz app? Excited? We’re too! Let’s hop on.

How To Create A Post On Fizz Social App?

The Fizz social app is a platform developed for college and high school students. This platform is made to vet every college guy or gurl in a safe and professional way without leaking any personal data. With the guidance of the security experts everything is safe and secure over here! 

Students as a user on this platform are allowed to post texts, statements, polls and photographs without logging in or providing any other recognizable information by using the chat and the news tab. Students can post comments and vote for something along with sending others a private text only if they agree to reveal their identity to each other. 

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If you found the app entertaining and fun till here then why not try it personally by making your first move! A post! Yea, create a post on the Fizz social app and let others know about your existence. If the worry is that you don’t know how to create a post on Fizz social app then here are the instructions for the same. Just follow each of them carefully.

Open App > Add Icon > Select A Category > Make A Statement > Add Pictures > Next > Post

Step 01: First download and then open the Fizz social app in your Android or iOS device if you haven’t already.

Step 02: From the home screen of the app click on the Add Icon at the right bottom corner of the screen.

Step 03: Next select a Pseudonym from the bottom of the screen relating to your post like Question, Confession, Shoutout, Crush, Dub and others.

Step 04: After selecting a Pseudonym, make a statement and enter whatever you want to post on the App. 

Step 05: Now add Pictures from the gallery icon at the middle left side of the bar. Once you click on that button you will enter into your gallery from where you need to select pictures that you want to pin with your statement.

Step 06: After writing and adding pictures to your post, click on the Next button at the top right corner.

Step 07: At last, tap on the Post/Send button to publish your first post on the Fizz app.

And done! You have successfully learnt how to create a post on Fizz social app with this guide. But do you know why you should pick the Fizz app instead of all the other well established platforms like Instagram and Facebook? If not, then allow us to do so! 

Why The Fizz Social App? 

How To Create A Post On Fizz Social App?

We already discussed how to create a post on Fizz social app but did we tell you why you should go for the Fizz app? What’s special about this one app? How is it different from others?

Well, we will be making this clear by describing a few of its key features in detail which you’re gonna love about it! 

Key Features Of The Fizz Social App:

  1. It is a User-Friendly app designed by students for students to help them vet on others by creating private communities
  2. Only students studying in a college or high school can sign up for the Fizz social to keep its boundaries limited.
  3. A local moderator, one who is aware of the culture of their university or school is responsible for the security of the app.
  4. The Fizz app is high on Proximity and Safety. As it keeps their users connected to each other safely.
  5. It is similar to the Gas app, the only difference is that it is meant for college students primarily.
  6. The Fizz social app keeps your identity anonymous keeping the safety in mind. Also you have the option to reveal it to someone if you wish to chat with them on the app.
  7. Downloading and accessing the app is free of cost! No charges applicable.
  8. And the most fun part, every Android and iOS user can access the application.

We guess these reasons are enough to turn your mood into the Fizz app. So don’t wait any further, download the Fizz app, create a post, publish it and know where you stand in your university!

Wrapping Up

Fizz is the new trend among all the teenage students. This app assures to increase the closeness and exclusivity among the students for each other. Since the app is issued by the university and is specific for every one of them it’s not possible for any outsider to register or sign up. This app pays so much attention to the security policy of the app that if someone gets blocked on the app they will face a permanent ban on their account and won’t be able to sign up again ever!

Also every community created on this application will be identical to their university. Like, Harvard students won’t be able to interact with Stanford students through the app. Amazing right? 

So to bring this fun to you we published this article for you to get started with the Fizz social app by learning how to create a post on Fizz social app. 

If you find any difficulty in posting a post or the downloading process then remember we are just a comment away! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Fizz App? 

Fizz is a new social media application that is solely meant for all the students out there where a user can only access the app for their own college. One can post statements, pictures, polls on the app. This app keeps the identity of the user a secret.

Q. What Is Fizz Stanford? 

Fizz Stanford was primarily known as Buzz app when it was launched on 29 July, 2021. The app allowed their users to post memes, tweets and comments anonymously. 

Q. Can I Use Fizz In The USA?

If you are wandering in the US, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, only the LTE network would be accessible. Even calling or texting is not possible.

Q. How Do You Chat On Fizz?

To chat on the Fizz social app, you first need to connect your Fizz account and wait a couple of seconds for the green bubble to pop. Once it appears, click on it and start chatting.

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