How To Create Account On Rossgram | New Russian Instagram!

How To Create Account On Rossgram

The Russian tech giants are all set to launch their photo-sharing application. This new platform was created after the ban of Instagram. To fill the void Rossgram has been created. Now that you do have some idea about the Rossgram app that Russia is going to launch. So, you must be thinking about how to download Rossgram? How to create account on Rossgram?

This new social media app Rossgram is set to launch on 28th March 2022. This app is a clone of Instagram and is also called Russian Instagram. So, are you excited to try out this new social media app launched by Russia? This app has features that are similar to that of Instagram.

But yes, Rossgram has included some additional features that you will not find in the Instagram app. These additional features include crowdfunding, paid access for some content and you won’t find these on Instagram. Since the features of Rossgram are the same as Instagram then creating an account should also be easy. But if you are a beginner then here, we will discuss How to create account on Rossgram?

The steps that we have discussed here on how you can create an account on the social media app are easy. You will not face any trouble. If you are an Instagram user then you can easily make an account in Rossgram but since it is a new app some guidance is needed. And here we are today to guide you.

How To Download Rossgram?

How To Download Rossgram?

Before we go on to discuss How to create account on Rossgram lets first discuss how to download the app since this is the first step.

You can download the Rossgram app on iOS and Android devices. First, you need to Go to the Play Store or Apple app store. Then in the search bar type Rossgram. You will get the Rossgram app in the search results. Then click on it and then press the download option. After you have downloaded the app and have installed it now is the time that you create an account.

How To Create Account On Rossgram?

How To Create Account On Rossgram?

After installing the app, you need to open the app. You will get a pop-up to sign up for a new account. When creating an account, it is best that you provide an email address that is easily accessible and the one that matches the email address of all the other social media platforms. When you decide on the username that you will use it is suggested that you keep your username and brand names the same across all the other social media platforms.

To create account on Rossgram you will be asked for your full name, email address, and a strong password. Make sure that you remember your password to avoid the trouble of creating a new password every time.

How To Choose A Profile Picture For Rossgram?

How To Choose A Profile Picture For Rossgram

The first thing that people will see is your profile picture. So, it is important that you make your profile picture appealing. If you will create a business account then you can choose the logo of your business and set it as your profile picture. You can choose the profile picture by selecting the picture from the gallery or even clicking the picture and then setting it as your profile picture.

How To Write Rossgram Biography?

How To Write Rossgram Biography

After your username and profile picture, the next thing that the user will see will be your bio. Your bio will tell the users what you are, what you do, and many others. So, write interesting bios to attract the attention of the users and make more followers. But if you want to make a business account then you need to include all kinds of marketing that you are involved in. They will know how you can solve their problems, what products you sell, etc. You can even add one URL to your profile that could be your business page. You can take advantage of this feature.

Wrapping Up:

So now you know how to create account on Rossgram. with the help of this guide, you can easily create your account on Rossgram. You can create your Rossgram account on iOS and on android devices since this app works on both these devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Delete Your Rossgram Account?

Before you delete your Rossgram account it is important that you download a copy of all your information like your photos and posts. This is because once you delete your account you will not be able to get back your content and you will not be able to access Rossgram’s download tool.
Go to the delete your account page.
Log in if you are not logged in to your account.
Choose the option as to why you are deleting your account from the drop-down menu.
Then enter your password again.
You will an option to permanently delete your account after you have chosen a reason from the drop-down menu.
Click on the delete option. And you are done.

Q. How To Temporarily Disable Your Rossgram Account?

If you want to disable your Rossgram account then your profile, photos, likes, and comments will be hidden until and unless you reactive it. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to disable your account temporarily:
Log in to your Rossgram account.
Tap on your profile picture. Then click on your profile.
Next, you need to click on the edit profile option.
Scroll down and press the option which says temporarily disable my account which you will find at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Choose the option from the drop-down menu as to why you disabling your account.
Then press on the temporarily disable the account.

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