Rossgram Vs Instagram | Which One Is The King?

We hope that till now you might have heard about Rossgram! What? No? This is so wrong. You have us, still, you don’t know about Rossgram! No issues, we are here now. We will tell you all that you need to know with this post on Rossgram Vs Instagram.

Rossgram is being counted as the hottest topic of the month, still, you don’t know about it! Shocking. Maybe you were waiting for us only. So, here we are. Let’s begin this comparison with Rossgram Vs Instagram.

Let’s start the Rossgram Vs Instagram session with a brief introduction of Rossgram. Rossgram is nothing but a Russian social media platform made for picture sharing and communicating with each other in Russia.  Rossgram is said to be in progress and will be launched soon. 

Through this post, you will get to know what Rossgram is, how Rossgram is used and downloaded, and all that is necessary to get the basic knowledge of Rossgram. So without thinking much let’s get into Rossgram Vs Instagram. 

What Is Russia’s Instagram?

Russia’s Instagram is an application being designed especially for the Russian public as a result of a conflict between Russia and Instagram that took place on the 14th of March 2022. This application is being designed and developed by Russia’s most High-Tech Entrepreneurs and Developers. 

After Instagram got banned from Russia, the Russians merged and got into the idea of building new software. Rossgram is expected to include all the features that Instagram has to make sure that the Russians may not feel the absence of Instagram. 

Everyone is waiting for the results of this race of Rossgram Vs Instagram, every Russian out there is seeking to resume their social activities on such a platform again after the ban.

It’s been two weeks since the ban on Instagram and the Russians are waiting for Rossgram to launch. But little do they know that before allowing the Russian public\audience to utilize the Rossgram, a small and specialized team will be testing the platform for a fixed period of time. In which they will be examining the performance of the application and the functionality of features which will then decide whether the application is ready for public launch or not.

How Are Rossgram And Instagram Related?

Rossgram and Instagram have quite a history. On 14th March 2022, Russia and Instagram fell into a conflict, where Instagram let their users bark against the Russian army by targeting World War Three situations.  

As we all know that Instagram has a strict set of standard rules and regulations against any type of activity on their platform which might hurt or offend one’s sentiments directly or indirectly. Where one of the Community Guidelines says that “Instagram doesn’t allow any attack or abuse on behalf of any race, national origin, sex, ethnicity, gender identity, gender, disease, disability, religion. One must not harass, impersonate, threaten, abuse, or intimidate other users.”

Based on these rules and regulations Instagram takes action on actions and activities done by their users. The action was and is being taken by Instagram every single time when any of users tries to or do post offensive or foul content online. Instagram takes down the content or the entire account of the user to prevent such activity ever again on their platform.

Despite having such subtle rules Instagram did not take any action against supporters of Ukraine who posted violent content all in public targeting Russia and their armies who were in rage to initiate World War Three. 

Russia could not digest such humiliation and in revenge swept out the entire Instagram from Russia on the day of 14th March 2022.

Similarities Between Instagram And Rossgram

Confused by the headline? Because we just told you that Russia made Rossgram take revenge from Instagram by boycotting it! Then why is Rossgram being called similar to Instagram? We will tell you, have patience and read on!

From the beginning of the post we are telling you that Rossgram is Russia’s Instagram, haven’t we? That’s because of a reason. Look, Russia’s decision to ban Instagram was made in rage to take revenge, but in the fight between Russia and Instagram, the needs of the Russian public got hampered. In order to cover that void, Russia is building up Rossgram, right! So, shouldn’t Rossgram be like Instagram? Getting it! Exactly that.

Rossgram is being developed with only one motive, to fulfill the needs of Russians. Rossgram is covering up every single feature of Instagram, like chatting, calling, media exchange, and many more. Other than that, a picture was shared by Zobov on VKontakte of Rossgram, in which it was clearly observable that Rossgram’s color concept and the layout are inspired by Instagram only. And not to be called a clone of Instagram, a Russian team of tech entrepreneurs and developers has inserted some other features too, to highlight and outshine Rossgram from others.

Additional Features Of Rossgram

Till now, not much news has been released in relation to Rossgram, but according to Reuters, there are going to be a few features that will make Rossgram different from other platforms and will make it remarkable in the market. Here are the features as followed :

  1. CrowdFunding
  2. Business Development
  3. Subscription Model

These are the features that gonna make Rossgram different from Instagram and others.  Because of not having these features, Instagram loses a point over here. Along with being a communication and interaction-based platform, Rossgram has made its own path to contribute towards humanity and public service by introducing crowdfunding into the application.

Which One Is Your Call?

Rossgram Vs Instagram. Which one’s your pick? Whom do you choose? Make your mind and decision. Don’t worry, there’s no hurry, you have time till launch. But are you clear about your choice? If not then let us help you.

All of this started from the conflict, Russia got offended because Instagram didn’t take any action when some of its users stood against Russia. Whereas, Instagram’s motive was to give a stage to raise the voices of the needy, the helpless. In this situation, when Russia raised questions against such an event, Instagram delivered a statement which meant, that in such horrible situations if they also shut down the voices of the Ukrainian people, then who will take their stand? 

Emotional, right! Yea, Indeed it is. But Somewhere, Russia was also right. Because, in the crowd of people asking for help for Ukraine, there were many users who were busy asking about the deaths of the Russian army, on which Instagram did not pay attention.

Now, here’s the end. You know all about the Rossgram. Go and analyze, what’s your pick among Instagram Vs Rossgram.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for Rossgram vs Instagram.

Rossgram is Russia’s personal Instagram, which will be accessible to Russians only. After restricting Instagram from Russia, they had to develop a personal Instagram to fill the gap created in the public by their decision. This application is going to organize its beta launch on the 28th of this March. If all goes well, then Rossgram will be publicly launched in April 2022. Rossgram is going to be an ultra version of Instagram, assured by the Russian Tech Entrepreneurs.


Q1. Which Country Has Banned Instagram And Why?

Ans, Russia has banned Instagram because of spreading hatred against the Russian army in the world.

Q2. Can You Use Instagram In Russia?

Ans. Unfortunately, not anymore. Before 14th March 2022, Instagram was accessible in Russia, but after the conflict, it was removed from the entire country.

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