How Do I Create A Custom App For iOS?

Create A Custom App For iOS

The many stages of building a mobile application, whether for Android or iOS, are always complex. In this article, we’ll look at the process of developing an app for Apple’s operating system and how custom iOS app development services Celadon provide can come in handy here. 

iOS Features

The iOS platform has various quirks that must be considered while developing a successful app.

When we hear the word “iOS,” we instantly think of the iPhone, but Apple’s software is the undisputed ruler of tablets. If you wish to design an iOS app for the iPad, you’ll need to make a few changes, such as adjusting the size of typographies and photos to different screen resolutions to retain readability.

To produce your application, the development team will certainly require various expertise, such as visual design and coding. We will discuss the many stages to be taken in order to complete your project.

Design The GUI Of Your iOS App

There are several possibilities for visually bringing your unique application to life. You’ll need icons and a variety of other vectorized graphical elements.

If your development team is looking for fresh ideas, they may use sites like Behance or Pinterest to locate interfaces of designs they like and bookmark them to direct the development team of their choice.

If your budget is not constrained, nothing should prohibit you from including a skilled member in your development team. Such a member must be as enthusiastic about the idea as you are! This is the last resort, as specialists are frequently swamped with requests of this nature, which are of little interest to them.

Build The App

This is the stage where your application comes to life by bringing together its specifications and design. Just like in the previous step, you have many options to bring your application to life.

And yes, again, the easiest way is probably to find a reputable provider of custom iOS app development services to create your application. At Celadon, we have a profound expertise in iOS development and can offer you web designers and UX designers to model the interface of your iOS application, as well as iOS developers to develop it!

For iOS development, your team needs to download and install Xcode. This is the development environment in which all iOS applications are created. And remember, Xcode is a free SDK only for Apple`s operation systems.

You will not run Xcode on Windows or Linux. If you want to develop an iOS application without being equipped with a machine of the apple brand, you will have to resolve to buy a Mac. You will need your Apple ID to download Xcode. To develop the app, you’ll also need to download the iOS SDK containing the APIs to use features like Touch ID or iCloud.

Test Your iOS App

Xcode comes with a built-in iOS simulator that allows you to test your app on many iOS devices. Unfortunately, a test with a simulator is not enough. So, you need to test your app on your real iPhone or iPad.

Test your application well to spot (and fix) any bugs or errors encountered. You can also use tools like TestFlight to make this task easier for you, especially in case your application is complex.

Of course, when you upload the app to the store, it will almost probably have flaws, but the fewer the issues, the happy your users will be. They, too, will be there to report the many bugs they have discovered.

Debug Your App

If your program crashes, you must determine what went wrong and why. This is a broad subject, and there are hundreds of reasons why your app may crash.

Read the error messages on the debug console. Most of the time, they are unintelligible, and only iOS engineers can tell you what they are about. And, once you’ve determined why your application is crashing, assign the duty of resolving everything to your development team.

How To Publish An iOS App On The App Store

The Apple App Store is the only official marketplace where you can find and download iOS apps. To put it on the App Store, you’ll need two things: 

  • the Apple Developer Program (a platform that assists with app creation for the Apple App Store)
  • iTunes Connect. 

These two services are the interfaces to the Apple App Store.

The first prerequisite for publishing an app is that you have a developer account. You can register it using your Apple ID. 

Once you sign up for the Apple Developer program, your app will require several settings. For example, each iOS app available on the App Store requires multiple signed Apple Certificates. These can be created from Xcode or an Apple Developer account.

Then register your Apple mobile device in your Apple Developer Account. This is useful if you want to test the app using the developer program tool. Writing up the device can be done with Xcode in the same way as Apple Developer. Another requirement for downloading an iOS app is the creation of an app ID. This ID number characterizes the app itself.

App Review Page For The App Store

Now, you need to present your app on the product page, providing all the information to understand its usefulness (e.g., content description, screenshots, keywords to search in the App Store, etc.).

Launching the deployment of an app does not mean that it will be published immediately. First of all, as mentioned above, Apple reviews the content of each app and makes sure that it is not malware. The review process now usually takes almost 2 days. However, it’s impossible to generalize: the more Apple considers an app sensitive, the longer the process can take.

After the check is complete, your app will be published to the AppStore. After that, you can start to further develop your app and promote it with advertising.

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