How To Delete Power BI Account?

How To Delete Power BI Account

If you are using Power BI for quite a long time, then you might not need any introduction. However, if you are not satisfied with the Power BI services, then it’s time to delete your Power BI Account. How to delete Power BI Account? This article will help you with the steps. 

Power BI is a Microsoft initiative to empower businesses. How? Power BI can create memorable reports that are personalized with your KPIs as well as a brand by simply connecting to, modeling, and visualizing your data. Get quick, AI-powered responses to your business inquiries—even if you ask in casual language. However, if you are no longer comfortable using this AI-based technology, then let’s go through the article and learn how to delete Power BI Account.

How to delete Power BI Account? Open Power BI account > Go to Settings > General Tab > Close Account > Select Reason > Close Account > Confirm. Please get in touch with your admin if your company registered you for Power BI. Request that they remove the license from your account.

Let’s go through the article and learn more:

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

If you are searching the internet on how to delete Power BI Account, you must be aware of the definition and work efficiency of Microsoft Power BI. Just in case, here is a brief introduction to Power BI.

Microsoft’s Power BI is an immersive AI-based data visualization software program with the main emphasis on business intelligence. The Microsoft Power Platform includes it. Power BI is a group of software services, applications, and connections that combine to transform disparate data sources into coherent, engaging visuals, and interactive insights.

A database, website, or structured files like spreadsheets, CSV, XML, and JSON can be directly read for data entry. 

The key features of this software include creating amazing data experiences, gaining insight from your largest BI deployments, Power BI making decisions [best one] for you, and end-to-end data protection. 

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Why do You need To Delete Power BI Account?

Considering you are looking forward to learning how to delete Power BI Account, we are curious to explore why you need to delete Power BI Account. 

There could be multiple reasons behind this decision. One might be curious, but there are multiple reasons that may influence you to delete Power BI Account. The first reason is of course if you are not pleased with the Power BI services then you are searching for how to delete Power BI Account.

The second reason could be you have found a better alternative [Which we doubt!]. And the third possible reason is that you may have switched your company and wish to delete the account! 

Sounds interesting; however, whatever it is, let’s follow the instructions below and delete Power BI account. 

How To Delete Power BI Account?

Open Power BI account > Go to Settings > General Tab > Close Account > Select Reason > Close Account > Confirm.

If you registered for Power BI as an individual and are looking forward to how to delete Power BI Account then go to the Settings screen to delete your account. Instructions are as follows: 

Step 1: Choose Settings by clicking the gear symbol in the top right corner of Power BI.

How To Delete Power BI Account_1

Step 2: Select Close Account under the General tab.

How To Delete Power BI Account_2

Step 3: Decide why you want to close the account. You can add more details as well. Select Close account after that.

How To Delete Power BI Account_3

Step 4: Confirm your desire to cancel your account.

How To Delete Power BI Account_4

A confirmation that Power BI canceled your account should appear. If necessary, you can reopen your account from this page.

Deleting A Dashboard In A Workspace

Now that we have learned how to delete Power BI Account; let’s learn how to delete a dashboard in a Workspace. 

Step 1: The dashboard with the name X_Y_Z [example] has to be removed from the workspace.

Step 2: The three dots that appeared on the right side of X_Y_Z should be clicked. There is a drop-down menu. Select “Delete” from the menu.

Step 3: There is a dialog window with the title Delete dashboard. Select the Delete option.

Step 4: The workspace deletes the X_Y_Z dashboard.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article helped you to find your answer – how to delete Power BI Account. Let’s go through the steps again and let us know if you confront any difficulties. Meanwhile, follow Deasilex for more updates on Tech and Social media. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Remove Power BI For Users That Already Signed Up?

Select Direct access, then move your cursor to the right. Except for you, the owner, everyone with whom you shared the report will have three dots. You will have two choices if you click on those three dots. The first of the two choices is Remove Access.

Q2. How Do I Remove My Power BI Free License?

To enable a Power BI license for the chosen user account, select Assignment options on the Assign license screen after choosing a user. Select the checkbox next to the user’s name, then click Remove license, to remove a license.

Q3. Can I Uninstall Microsoft Power BI?

Utilize Apps and Features or Programs and Features to remove Microsoft PowerBI Desktop. Click on Microsoft PowerBI Desktop after finding it in the list. The next action is to select “Uninstall” to start the uninstallation.

Q4. How Do I Permanently Delete My Microsoft Account?

Select Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts from the Start menu. Select the profile you wish to delete under Accounts used by emails, calendar, including contacts, and then click Manage. From this device, select Delete accounts. To confirm, click Delete.

Q5. What Happens To A User’s Data When You Remove Their License?

When a user’s license is removed, what happens to their data? Exchange Online data linked to a user’s account is retained for 30 days after a license is taken away. The data is erased after the 30-day grace period and cannot be retrieved.

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