How To Do The AI Trend On TikTok? Follow TikTok Trend 2024!

How To Do The AI Trend On TikTok

Trends are passing on TikTok even faster than our hair falls. One of the latest and trending on going trends is the new AI trend. To cope-up with the TikTok algorithm and maintain your statistics you need to know how to do the AI trend on TikTok to create and post a video of the same.

You must be observing a lot of the AI trend TikToks on your for you page recently. This is because recently a lot of content creators on TikTok are following the trend and concept to create their videos. In this trend the creators are converting words into pictures. Imaginary right? But it’s possible only if you know how to do the AI trend on TikTok. And if you don’t then grab the details below and do as we say.

Download Wombo > Enter Words > Select Art Style > Create > Save > Share. This was how to do the AI trend on TikTok. Read more to know the tips through which you can set your account on fire.

Content creators on TikTok love to follow trends and match with the TikTok algorithms. If you also want to stay updated then you also must go after trends. Start now by learning how to do the AI trend on TikTok. 

How To Do The AI Trend On TikTok?

The latest AI trend on TikTok helps convert texts into amazing AI-generated images and wallpapers by using a third party application. Unfortunately, TikTok does not have an inbuilt app to do so. Most of the popular TikTok trends during the past few years made the creators go crazy and creative with a vast variety of video editing skills or platforms to create fun video filters and videos that go viral on the TikTok app.

Specifically, there are a number of trends that make users get unique and creative ways to create locking wallpapers of their own devices like the planet wallpapers trend from last January, 2024. Recently, there’s a new lock screen trend that users have been following by accessing an application to convert their favorite images of their friends, themselves, family members, actors or characters into amazing AI-generated artistic wallpapers. Till now, all of you have found the results of the trend mesmerizing.

You can also get these amazing results just by accessing an application that is – Dream by Wombo. This application converts ordinary images into pretty, aesthetic and pleasing pieces of art, which is the perfect way to cope up with the entire variety of matters into your wallpaper.

So if you are also one of the creators who are hovering over the latest AI trend on TikTok but don’t know how to do the AI trend on TikTok. Then here are the instructions for the same helping you with every detail that will turn every single word of yours into mesmerizing pictures.

Follow every step carefully to know how to do the AI trend on TikTok in detail:

Step 01: Head to App Store/Play Store and download Dream by Wombo app.

Step 02: Open the app in your Android or iOS device and do as the app says: enter a couple of words of your choice. 

TIP: You can also enter lyrics and thoughts instead of just words.

Step 03: Now, select an Art Style which you want your pictures of. Like ukiyoe, festive, psychic, fantasy, pastel, dark fantasy, vibrant, HD, mystical, steampunk, synthwave etc. These are currently available, you can select among these.

Step 04: After making a choice, click on the Create button and allow a couple of seconds to the app to create an amazing AI-generated painting for you.

Step 05: At last, you can Save, Share and Upload that picture in your gallery or your TikTok account.

And done! This was how to do the AI trend on TikTok. You can also use those pictures as your device’s lock screen and wallpaper or as said earlier, can upload it on TikTok to create a video and let the audience guess what that image really was! 

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Wrapping Up

From the last couple of years, users and creators on tiktok have brought up a huge number of TikTok trends that have set the platform on fire. A couple of months ago, the egg cleanse trend took the platform on the seventh sky and left all other social media platforms behind and this time, it’s the AI trend on TikTok. Users are contributing their best to hype this trend even more! 

To follow this trend you need an app called the Dream by Wombo which converts texts into similar and relatable pleasing and aesthetic pictures. More than that you can also get pictures based on different quotes, thoughts and lyrics of your favorite song all by just entering the words and the lyrics into the app. This app also allows you to save and share the generated picture so that you can make use of that picture in different ways too! Like setting them up in lock screens of phone wallpapers etc.

To know how to do the AI trend on TikTok follow the instructions given above in this article and also share this post with your TikToker friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The AI Generator TikTok?

TikTok has launched a latest in-app text-to-image AI-generator that allows its users to enter a text and get an image in return that can be used as lockscreen, wallpaper and background for TikTok videos. Users call it an AI-greenscreen effect that can be used from the video app’s camera screen.

Q. How Do I Do The AI Thing On TikTok?

Launch TikTok Camera > Select Effect > Search > AI Manga Filter > Long Press Camera Button > Filter applied to your picture successfully.

Q. How Does The AI Filter Work On TikTok?

Users can enter a series of texts, lyrics, thoughts and AI will create an authentic image related to the words that you filled earlier. Now, users can access AI technology to edit their pictures.

Q. How To Do The AI Portrait Trend?

Download Lensa App > Create An Account > Select Photos > Select Avatar Package > Get AI-Generated Images > Save And Share

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