Truth Social May have The NFT Profile Picture Feature Like Twitter

Truth Social NFT Profile Picture Featur

President’s Day 2022 has passed, and the most awaited Trump Social Media, Truth Social, has also been launched. We know that the application is full of errors, but one can also not deny that the platform’s features are unmatchable. We have also heard that Truth Social may have the NFT profile picture feature, just as introduced by Twitter a few weeks ago.

Who today isn’t aware of the story behind the social media application Truth Social launch? The platform was launched by the 45th President of the United States as the rival to Twitter and reason you all should be aware of. If not, then let us tell you that the Social Media companies, including Twitter and Facebook, banned Trump from its platforms.

Do you know the reason behind the ban? No? Okay, it was because he was held responsible for instructing the mob that broke into the White House and caused destruction using his Twitter account. So, the former President was banned from social media sites.

Trump had 68 Million on Twitter, and to come back and reach his followers back, the former president launched Truth Social, an exact clone of Twitter. He said that this social media would not ban anyone telling the truth against the present Government. However, with the release of the application, there are also speculations that the Truth Social NFT Profile Picture feature will also be launched soon.

Truth Social NFT Profile Picture Feature

Although no official statement has been given by the Truth Social official platform about the Truth Social NFT Profile picture feature, it is just speculation made by the experts. But, what do you think is the major reason for these speculations?

The number one reason is the famous personalities buying the NFTs and using them as Social Media profile pictures. With the celebrity buying the CrypotoPunks for millions of dollars. The craze of using the NFT profile picture has gone up.

This was one major reason why Twitter introduced the NFT profile picture so that the authenticity of the NFT is maintained on the platform.

Official POTUS NFT Collection

Truth Social NFT Profile Picture Featur

You may also have heard of the POTUS NFT collection released by the former First Lady of the US. There are chances that Trump may use the Truth Social platform to launch the NFTs. 

If you are new to POTUS, let us tell you that it stands for the “Presidents Of The United States.” The collection of 10,000 NFTs contains the ten moments of the former US President, Donald Trump.

The POTUS collection is also expected to launch on the 21st of February, President’s day. It is the same day the Truth Social application is launched.

How To Set NFT Profile Picture on Truth Social 

The following points must be considered if the Truth Social platform plans to introduce the NFT profile picture feature.

  • The platform will collaborate with the Digital wallets to upload the NFTs.
  • It must introduce a unique style of the NFT profile picture. 
  • It will have to update the security and look at the current errors displayed on the platform. We can say that this feature might take a while to get introduced.

Wrapping Up

The Truth Social NFT Profile Picture feature is just speculation, keeping in mind the market trends and the social media behavior regarding the NFTs and looking at the errors while creating an account on the application. We can say that the feature might take a while to get introduced on the platform.

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