How To Export Twitter Following List?

How To Export Twitter Following List

Carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive scrolling and copying shouldn’t be a problem while exporting Twitter followers. Want a complete list of all your Twitter followers? Consider their locations, most recent tweets, and level of impact. You can always export Twitter following list, regardless matter whether you have 100 or 10 million. 

As long as you’re downloading it from a Twitter profile you own, downloading the followers list on Twitter is simple. Although its viability is frequently questioned, Twitter permits the native exporting of your following list or followers in a JSON format.

How to export Twitter following list? You can navigate throughout your Twitter follower list until you’ve loaded every single follower to export followers without needing a third-party program. After that, you may use a Chrome plugin like Scraper to copy and paste their handles. Similar HTML components on a page can be collected and exported with Scraper to an Excel list.

To export the Twitter archives from the profiles you own, follow the instructions in this blog post. Let’s learn how to export Twitter following list.

How To Export Twitter Following List?

If you are looking forward to export Twitter following list, you have landed on the right page. Let’s follow the instructions below to export Twitter following list. To export Twitter’s following list you will need to use a third-party tool like Scraper and twtData. 

How To Export Twitter Following List? – Using Scraper

You can manually export your followers if you have a smaller list—under 100—of followers.

You can navigate through your Twitter follower list until you’ve loaded every single follower to export followers without needing a third-party program. After that, you may use a Chrome plugin like Scraper to copy and paste their handles.

With Scraper, you may take similar HTML elements from a page (such as a Twitter account) and export them to an Excel list. Install Scraper, choose Copy Similar from the context menu when you right-click on a follower’s handle in the list that has fully loaded. Without any other measurements, you will end up with a list of handles. Benefits of using a Twitter following list: It is unpaid!

How To Export Twitter Following List? – Using twtData

The procedures for exporting a list of your Twitter followers are eerily similar to those we covered earlier. To export a list of Twitter followers, all you need to do is give twtData the @ handle of the selected account. the following steps:

Step 1: Visit now.

Step 2: The “Download friends/following tab” should be selected.

Step 3: Enter the @ handle of the desired Twitter account.

Step 4: Select your preferred file type (.csv or.xlsx).

Step 5: To obtain a price or a free sample, click the button.

Step 6: After that, click “Pay with Card” to finish the transaction.

The following list will begin to construct as soon as the payment is complete and will be ready for export in a few hours. The number of followers an account has will determine how long it takes to compile a report; the more followers an account has, the longer it will take.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are at the conclusion, hope this guide helped you with how to export Twitter following list. If done correctly, downloading or exporting a list of Twitter followers is simple. You can quickly export your Twitter followers or following list with the aid of twtData and Scraper, which can also assist you in locating research-grade data for your academic or marketing needs. Got a question? Let me know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on emerging social media like Mastodon and Discord channels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Export Twitter Following List On Mastodon?

There are a few third-party choices, like Fedifinder, Twitodon, and Debirdify. It’s really easy to use, however finding people on Mastodon relies on the possibility that your friends and followers have already used the service. Visit the Twitodon website and sign in with your Twitter and Mastodon accounts separately. Without preserving any passwords, this is done to link the two accounts. As of right now, Twitodon will search through all of your Twitter contacts who have connected their profiles to Mastodon accounts. Fedifinder and Debirdify also work similarly to Twitodon. 

Q2. How Can I Export My Twitter Following List For Free?

Step 1> Type a username for Twitter Step 2> Pick an export category (followers or following list) Step 3> Press the export icon. Data security All data processing takes place on your local computer; our online server never sees it, so no one can see what you export.

Q3. Can You Copy A Twitter List?

Visit the List that you want to share. On the detail page for the List, click the share icon (available on iOS, the web, and Android), and select one of the options below: Link copied to List.

Q4. Can You Bulk Follow On Twitter?

Overall, there are no restrictions on the accounts you can follow, but there are some on how quickly you can do so. Every Twitter account has a daily following limit of 400 accounts. Up to 1,000 accounts can be followed each day by verified Twitter accounts.

Q5. Where Is My Following List On Twitter?

To view the people you’ve followed, shown in a following list, tap or click on Following on your home page. If you decide you no longer wish to follow certain accounts, you can remove them from that page.

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