How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram [2024]? Ultimate Guide To Follow!

How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram

Are you finding it difficult to download, add and search for adding trending reel songs to your Instagram account? Finding the trending audio on Instagram has become very easy and that’s because Instagram has launched a new audio tab. Do you want to know how to find trending audio on Instagram?

Since Instagram has launched a new audio tab that will help you out. It is actually simple for the producers to find the ideal song or other audio content for their Instagram content and this is all thanks to the Facebook-owned app dedicated search button for the audio content. This is because of the obvious popularity of Instagram. Reels and stories audio visual formal Instagram has added links to the explore page where you can find and locate the audio tracks.

Now, coming back to your question on how to find trending audio on Instagram. Well, here are a few easy steps that you need to follow. You can use the audio tab on the explore page, you can use the trend report and you can also scroll through the reels, search for the arrow sign, browse Spotify playlists, and check other creators’ reels.

You need not worry because we have mentioned the details in the below section that you can refer to. So, all you gotta do is scroll down and read them.

How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram [2024]?

Here we will discuss how to find trending audio on Instagram. The steps are really easy to follow so let’s get to know them.

Method 1: Use The Audio Tab On Explore Page

How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram

Within the Instagram app, you will know to be able to use the new audio search function to search for audio content. Instagram will show you a list of trending reel songs. This will assist you in determining whether any given song is what you want to use. You can also see the most recent trending reel songs on Instagram, which can serve as an inspiration and will provide you with the changes to have your reel viewed by the broader audience till you jump on that trend by using that song in the same way.

Method 2: Use The Trend Report

Use The Trend Report

If you don’t like scrolling through the reels manually coz yes that can actually be really tiring then the best way you can do is to look at the reels trend report. Every Friday the creator’s Instagram account posts a new trend report. Each of these reports offers a summary of the most popular content from the previous week like sounds, hashtags, filters, challenges, and music, and occasionally it also features a creator’s account. Of course, using the trend report can be a disadvantage since you are a step behind everyone else.

Method 3: Scroll Through The Reels

How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram

Go to the Instagram app’s dedicated reels area for more video inspiration. You can find this video icon between Instagram’s shopping feature and the search bar. Here you will be able to browse reels and discover the hottest songs at the moment. So this is also how to find trending audio on Instagram.

Method 4: Search For The Arrow Sign

How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram

Do you know which reel songs on Instagram are trending right now and which ones are old? If you are seeing reels on your smartphone there is now a helpful indicator that will appear on the trending music page. A small arrow pointing up in the right direction will be seen next to the song name if it is a rising star.

Method 5: Browse Popular Spotify Playlist

How To Find Trending Audio On Instagram

Another way that you can consider using the so that you can find popular music on reels is by visiting Spotify. Songs that are popular on reels do have their own playlist. Even though they are frequently updated they can be a useful source of inspiration if you are feeling lost.

Method 6: Keep An Eye On Other Creators

Keep An Eye On Other Creators

It is important that you comprehend and see what other creators are doing. You can also adapt the idea and make it your own if you see what works well for others. We suggest that you imitate what others do. But remember that using the short-form video that has some advantages in that you don’t always need to come up with brand-new concepts. Using popular music and dances on this platform can be really successful. You can add your flair with trending songs. This is how to find trending audio on Instagram.

Wrapping Up:

So now after reading this post, you do know how to find trending audio on Instagram. These were a few easy ways by which you can easily find trending audio on Instagram. You can try out these easy-peasy steps without much struggle. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Use Templates To Create Viral Instagram Reels?

Ans: If you don’t know how to use templates to create viral Instagram reels. Here’s how you can do it.
Click on the reels icon and then click on the camera icon which you will find in the upper corner to enter create more.
Below the record button, you will get to see the template tab and click on it.
Follow the prompts to choose the photos and videos from your own camera. These will be slotted in and synced up to the timing of the reels.
Now, go to the settings and post from there.

Q. How To Use The Transition Effects In Instagram Reels?

Ans: Here’s how you can use the transition effects in Instagram reels. Let’s check them out.
In the reels create mode click on the sparkle effects icon which is present on the left side of the screen.
Click on the reels tab that is present between trending and appearance.
Click on the effect that you want and follow the instruction to record the scene that will begin or end with the visual effect.

Q. What Is The Current #1 Song 2024?

Ans: Adele, “Easy on Me

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