How To Fix Apple Voicemail Not Working?

How To Fix Apple Voicemail Not Working?

Voicemail is not that popular nowadays but someday it was. Still, it’s a wonderful feature. It let us receive voice notes when we couldn’t answer the phone sometimes. Imagine when it facilitates such a wonderful feature and suddenly stops working! What would be your reaction? What the hell! Right? Ah! Exactly. So, to avoid that situation, let’s study how to fix Apple voicemail not working problem in this post.

Voicemail can be stuck for a number of reasons, fortunately, there are multiple solutions on how to fix Apple Voicemail not working issues. So, if your voicemail isn’t performing on your iPhone, here’s the way to fix it.

On just one occasion, only the iPhone allows you to see an inventory of incoming messages without taking note of all of them, one after the opposite.

In fact, it is easy to require voicemail without any consideration entirely, right up to the instant that it stops working for a few reasons. In case your iPhone stops working then either a few sections of it might not be functioning properly or voicemail isn’t working itself at all. Here’s all you need to fix the voicemail not working issue in Apple iPhone at one stop.

Proven Ways on How To Fix Apple Voicemail Not Working

Fixing Apple Voicemail seems to be a hard task. However, these possible ways of how to fix Apple Voicemail Not Working will work best for you. So, give them a try.

1. Examine That Updated Version Of Voicemail Is Available On Your iPhone

How To Fix Apple Voicemail Not Working?

Before diving into the procedure of fixing voicemail not working in your iPhone, It’s necessary to know what is your voicemail actually up to? What is wrong with it?

Certain updates might alter or reset the configuration of your phone and replace it with the new ones. Hence, before moving forward, switch on your phone and click on Voicemail to ensure that your voicemail is functioning.

Enter Settings → go to Phone section →and make sure you observe the alterations you made in Voicemail Password.

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2. Attempt Calling Your Voicemail Straight

Open Phone → confirms you’re on Keypad → Press and hold the amount 1 for a couple of seconds.

It’ll drop a call in your voicemail, you can cross-check voicemails over there. Unlock the Phone app and long-press the number. It’ll ring Voicemail on your iPhone. 

3. Switch Off And Switch It On Back

To switch it off on iPhone X, swipe up until the apps appear in the last tasks, then again swipe up. On iPhone 8, tap twice at home. Then swipe up the screen. You’ll observe all the last opened apps. 

Drag up the Phone App Card to Force Quit it on iPhone. Later on, restart the app. This may fix the issue of voicemail not working well on your phone.

4. Power Switch Off And On Of Your Cellular Service

How To Fix Apple Voicemail Not Working?

You can shut down and then reopen your Cellular Service from the Settings section on your phone.

Enter Settings→Cellular Power Off Cellular Data → After 0.5 min, Switch on the power

In the Settings section, click on Cellular to turn it On or Off on iPhone.

5. Turn On And Off Airplane Mode

Another possible method on how to fix Apple Voicemail Not Working is by turning on and off the airplane mode. That can be done either from Settings or the center.

On iPhone X or later, swipe down from the highest right of the screen (where the battery indicator is). On iPhone 8 or even older models, swipe upside from the bottom of the display screen. Click on the airplane icon to switch it On and disconnect all the connections. 30 seconds later, click on the same airplane symbol to switch it off. The Control center is responsible for turning airplane mode on and off.

This will presumably fix the difficulty of your voicemail not working.

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6. Restart Your iPhone To Repair Your Voicemail Not Working

“Just switch it off and on back again”. You must have heard this as a joke thread, but it is actually useful to boost your devices.

As you’re having problems with your voicemail functionality, we suggest you restart your iPhone – it might fix the issue with your voicemail.

7. Check For And Install A Carrier Settings Update

Open Settings → General → About → If there’s an update, you’ll see a pop-up. → Tap Update.

In setting app, tap on General, then tap on About for Checking Carrier Update on iPhone.

8. Disable Wi-Fi On your iPhone

Few people found this trick successful in fixing the voicemail issue in their device after disabling their Wi-Fi, on their iPhone. Give it a try yourself.

To turn off Wi-Fi, attend the center and tap the Wi-Fi icon. Now, try opening your voicemail and using it. 

You can go to the Settings→ click on Wi-Fi → switch if off. Now try using voicemail.

Go to your setting app, then tap on the Wi-Fi icon for activating and Off on iPhone

9. Confirm Telephone Is Off

If you’ve got a telephone found out, it’s likely to cause conflicts with voicemail. to show off the telephone or confirm it’s not enabled:

Head over to Settings → Phone → telephone → to make sure the toggle is about to turn off.

Go to your Setting app then tap on Phone then Tap on the telephone to make sure the toggle is Off on iPhone

10. Reset Zone And Set Date & Time Automatically

To a number of users, it is suggested to let your phone set time by itself. To make sure that a few time zones and settings like that are correct.

Enter into Setting→go to General →open Date and Time →Switch on Set Automatically.

Tap on General, then tap Date and Time and enable Set Automatically.

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11. Reset Voicemail Password

To affix your voicemail issue on your iPhone, another way is that you have to try to change your voicemail password.

You can make this possible by signing in to your carrier website or connecting to customer service. Some network providers also allow you to do so via their mobile apps. Along with that, you have to reset your voicemail password by going into sections.

Enter to Settings→ go to Phone → click on Change Voicemail Password

Re-enter the new password and save the changes. If you can’t remember your ex-password, you will need to contact your connectionless carrier.

12. Reset Network Settings

Nothing above helped? It’s time to reset your network settings.

Note: this may not delete your stored data.

Navigate to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings → Enter your password → Reset Network Settings.

Go to Settings, tap on General, then tap on Reset, then tap on Reset Network Settings on iPhone. Then contact your carrier. If resetting your Network connections could not bring good results, it’s the right time to give your carrier a call or give them a visit.

13. Contact Apple Support

If nothing works among the said solutions on how to fix Apple Voicemail not working issue, then Apple Support is that the pis aller. You can contact them online or make a meeting at the closest Apple Store.

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Wrap up:

These were a number of the solutions of how to fix Apple voicemail not working on your iPhone. The very fact is, voicemail may pack up correctly for various reasons. I hope one among these solutions was ready to solve your problems. Have any questions? Allow us to know within the comments.

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