How To Use Apple Face ID With A Mask | iOS 15.4 Updated Face ID Feature!

How To Use Apple Face ID With A Mask

Two years after the COVID-19 epidemic, Apple has made face ID functional once again!  It has updated iOS 15.4 with the capability to utilize Face unlock even while wearing a mask. Sounds amazing, right? Wondering “How to use Apple Face ID with a mask?” Here’s everything you need to know about this new Apple Face ID Mask Update for iOS 15.4.

Our team tried out the brand-new iOS 15.4 version for a couple of days and felt pretty impressed at the ease with which Face ID works with a mask. We also loved being able to use the iPhone as it was intended to function, instead of entering a 6-digit passcode 12 times each time we go out.

Want to know how to use Apple Face ID with a mask? We’ll explain how to use the feature, in this post. The feature is only compatible with iPhone Models 12 or 13 running iOS 15.4. When you sign for an account, you agree to our Terms of Service and accept the data practices within the Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe at any point.

But, if you’re not ready to patiently wait for iOS 15.4 to become available to the general public or have the older iPhone version, you can find a method for you to access your iPhone using a mask that will require the Apple Watch to work. Find out more about it below.

How To Install iOS 15.4 Public Beta? 

How To Install iOS 15.4 Public Beta

There’s no doubt that the Face ID vs Touch ID debate over fingerprint sensors was a topic of discussion long before COVID-19 and the current standard of wearing a face mask going out in public places or taking public transportation such as trains and buses or airplanes. 

However, while face masks can be a valuable device to prevent the spread of disease, they’re a huge obstacle when it comes to allowing facial recognition technology such as Face ID to work for unlocking your phone. This is due to the entire “blocking half of your face” aspect.

iOS 15.4 is designed to address this issue by making Face ID work when wearing masks and focusing on the features on the top of people’s faces to determine them. It’s not the first attempt by Apple to solve the Face ID mask issue. 

iOS 13.5 recognized that you were wearing a mask and displayed the prompt for passwords more quickly and also added an option to automatically unlock your iPhone when you wear the Apple Watch in last year’s iOS 14.5 updates. But the latest Face ID mask support is an improved solution with the advantage of not needing to purchase additional Apple equipment.

Apple is determined to let its users know about the new Face ID feature. When you install iOS 15.4 (at the very least in the current beta version), The first thing you’ll encounter is a splash page asking you to be able to use Face ID with a mask. 

Making the switch is pretty easy; however, you’ll need to update your Face (presumably to ensure that Apple will dial in more details about eyeballs).

After that, Face ID with a mask is functioning well for the most part. This is to say it can unlock your iPhone whenever you look at it wearing a mask made of cloth or the more significant N95.

How Apple Face ID With Mask Work? What Are The Problems In The Way?

There are various highly successful (and unsuccessful) Face ID mask unlock designs/glasses that were not registered or didn’t work. In contrast, marked glasses and scarves, as well as (surprisingly) glasses for skiing, did the trick.

There are some weird glitches, however. If it’s your first time using a Face ID with a mask and you wear glasses, Apple is now asking you to take a baseline picture with every pair of glasses you have. 

When our team tried changing to an unregistered, different set of spectacles, we couldn’t get Face ID to function when we were wearing a mask. Face ID when wearing a mask also won’t work when wearing glasses.

Another issue encountered was when we covered our forehead, for instance, with the earflaps of a beanie pulled down, which covered the majority of the head. However, we had some remarkable successes by wearing complete ski gear, which included a knit cap, mask, and goggles (albeit an unusually transparent pair of glasses) was enough to allow Face ID to function and unlock our phone.

Is Apple Face ID With A Mask Update As Good As Regular Face ID?

Face ID is more accurate when it’s set to allow face recognition with full-face only. When using Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognize the distinctive features of the eyes to authenticate.

How inaccurate Face ID’s accuracy is when using masks is hard to judge. However, it’s worth mentioning that you could encounter some unlocked unlocks you didn’t know about when using Face ID.

Also, the other side is that Apple warns that Face IDs using masks may not be as reliable as regular Face IDs. 

Although, this Apple Face Mask ID Update is quite helpful too. Like it’s handy to streamline Apple Pay to pay for things like making payments on subway tickets on the NYC metro (instead of fumbling around using my passcode in a jam-packed rush hour).

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How To Use Apple Face ID With A Mask (currently in beta)

This new feature of Apple is only available on iOS 15.4, which is in beta and only available for those with the iPhone 12, 12 Mini Pro and Pro and 12 Pro, as well as Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, and the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. If you own both the hardware and software, follow the steps below to make use of Face ID with the mask:

  • 1. On your iPhone, start your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • 2. Next, go into Face ID & Passcode.
  • 3. Then, enter your passcode.
  • 4. Switch to Switch on Face ID With a Mask.
  • 5. Select from the Use Face ID With a Mask option on the next screen.
  • 6. Create a Face ID and put your mask put on.

Making Face ID with a mask on is pretty much similar to setting up regular Face ID, except that it’s focused on authenticating the features that surround your eyes. After that’s done and it takes around a minute, it will be possible to unlock your iPhone when you’re masked (and removed from the mask).

How To Unlock Face ID With Mask Using Apple Watch

Make sure that your watch is near when you create your account. Unlock using Apple Watch. If you do not already have iOS 15.4 or iPhone 12 or 13, you’ll still be able to unlock your iPhone using a mask with the Apple Watch. To do this, you’ll need to have iOS 14.5 or higher and watch OS 7.4 at or after. For setting up the feature:

  • Start your Settings application for your iPhone.
  • Select Face ID and Passcode.
  • Enter your password when you are asked.
  • Then, scroll down to unlock using your Apple Watch, find your Apple Watch, and toggle the feature on.

In the future, if you wear a face-covering, the only thing you need be doing is to hold your phone as you would typically do to unlock it using Face ID. There will be a click on your wrist. This will let you know that your watch is utilized to open your mobile.

The watch’s alert is more than an acknowledgment that your phone was not locked, however. It also has a button to unlock your phone if it was closed by another. This is a security measure to ensure that no one else can take your phone and then open it when wearing the mask. While it’s unlikely to occur, it’s an excellent alternative to ensure that your information is safe.

Lift your phone, and in a flash, the phone is unlocked using your watch.

Wrapping Up:

This was all about the latest update in Apple Face ID that lets you set a screen lock wearing a face mask. Isn’t it a great feature? Hopefully, now you know how to use Apple Face ID with a mask!

iOS 15.4 is in beta public, which means all the usual warnings about running beta software that isn’t finished on your primary device remain in place. Apple might hold off on Face ID mask support for an upcoming update if it’s unhappy with how things are going. 

But we’re hoping that Apple will launch iOS 15.4 along with the critical face ID feature to everyone within the coming days and put an end to our password-entry nightmare.


Q. Does Face ID Work With A Mask?

Yes, with the availability of iOS 15.4, Face ID works with a mask on. You need to make sure that your face is only half covered and the rest half part is visible.

Q. Can Face ID Unlock While You Are Sleeping?

No, Face ID won’t work while sleeping or while your eyes are closed.

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