How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Friends Posts? 8 Easy Ways To Try!!

How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Friends Posts

Isn’t it fun to post your BeReal and watch what your friends post to stay updated with what’s going on in their lives? But what if BeReal is not working? Then, it is important to immediately look for how to fix BeReal not showing friends posts to use the app smoothly and keep up with your friends!

Social media has a special place in our lives and it is difficult to imagine our lives without it. Today, BeReal has become one of the most-used social media platforms even after being the latest addition to social media apps. But recently, users have been facing several BeReal issues, and the app is not working well with everyone.

To fix BeReal not showing friends posts, check if the BeReal app is down, restart your device, check if your friends posted on BeReal, check your internet connection, update the app, clear its cache, make more friends on BeReal, or contact Bereal support.

This photo-sharing app encourages users to post pictures at random times. However, after posting, when users tap on the My Friends option to discover their friend’s posts, it can’t be accessed. So, check out the reasons and fixes for this issue! 

Why Is BeReal Not Showing Friends Posts? 

BeReal is one of the famous platforms on social media. But the platform is not error-free and sometimes, users face BeReal issues while using the app. The latest issue is about BeReal not working and thus users are unable to see their friends’ posts. Here are the possible reasons for BeReal not working or showing friends posts on the app.

  1. The BeReal servers are not working properly and the app is down.
  2. Users do not have a fast and stable internet connection.
  3. Your friends have not posted on BeReal.
  4. You just have limited friends who do not post anything.
  5. The app has accumulated data in the form of a cache.
  6. You are using an older version of the BeReal app.
  7. There is a minor glitch or bug in the BeReal app.

How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Friends Posts? 

If an app is not working well, the most common thing we try to fix is refreshing it again and again. If you have also refreshed your BeReal app, but still you are unable to fix BeReal not showing friends posts, then head on to check out other ways to get rid of this problem, and smoothly use your favorite BeReal app.

Fix 1: Is BeReal Down Or Not

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to fix BeReal not showing friends posts after refreshing the app is to check if BeReal servers are working properly or not. You can use websites like DownDetector and Twitter to confirm whether BeReal is down or not.

Fix 2: Restart The Device 

If the app does not have server-related issues, then it is better to restart your device before trying out any other troubleshooting steps to fix BeReal not showing friends posts. So, you can either restart your Android device or turn off the power on your iOS device and then turn it on. 

Fix 3: Confirm If Your Friends Posted On BeReal

It is also possible that your friends have not posted anything on BeReal and that is the reason you are unable to see any posts on your BeReal Feed. So, to fix BeReal not showing friends posts, you can confirm whether your friends have posted anything on BeReal or not. If they have posted, then you can follow other ways to fix the issue.

Fix 4: Increase Your BeReal Friends

If you have a limited number of friends on BeReal, then you won’t be able to see many posts in your BeReal Feed as everyone’s post will get deleted after 24 hours of posting. So, to fix BeReal not showing friends posts, you can try increasing the number of friends on BeReal which will ultimately result in more posts on your BeReal Feed.

Fix 5: Check Your Internet Connection

Another common reason behind BeReal errors is a poor and unstable network connection. So, to fix BeReal not showing friends posts, you need to confirm whether you are using a stable and fast internet connection or not. If not, then switch to a good network connection immediately, and then check if you are able to see your friends’ posts or not.

Fix 6: Clear The App’s Cache

It is possible that some amount of temporary data has accumulated on your device and thus your BeReal app is not running properly. So, to fix BeReal not showing friends posts, you need to clear this temporary data in the form of a cache from your device. You can navigate to your device settings, and then clear the cache before accessing the BeReal app.

Fix 7: Update Your App

If you are still facing issues with the BeReal app, then it is possible that you are using an outdated version of the BeReal app due to which the app is unable to fetch the latest updates from your BeReal friends. So, to fix BeReal not showing friends posts, you must update your BeReal app to the latest available version from your device’s Play Store or App Store.

Fix 8: Contact BeReal Support 

If you are still unable to fix BeReal not showing friends posts even after trying out all the ways mentioned above, then it is better that you contact the BeReal support team. You can navigate to your BeReal profile and then after tapping on the More option, tap on Help. Now report the issue and wait until the team comes up with a solution for your problem.

Many users have been complaining that their BeReal stuck on Find your friends and they are unable to check out their friends’ posts on their BeReal app. If you are also facing the same issue, then it is because of some glitch in the app or because of your internet connection. It is similar to the BeReal not showing friends’ posts issue. So, you can try out the ways that have been mentioned above to fix BeReal not showing friends posts and fix this issue too. 

Wrapping Up 

BeReal is a popular platform known for its filterlessness and realness. This photo-sharing platform has millions of fans who love using the app to post their unfiltered and real pictures and share them with fellow users. Since the platform promotes authenticity, many users love posting pictures and checking out their friend’s posts. However, BeReal stuck on finding your friends is a common issue and users want to fix BeReal not showing friends posts. So, try the ways mentioned above and fix the problem!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Did My BeReal Disappear?

A. If your BeReal disappeared, then it is mostly because you have changed your time zone or some corrupted app data has accumulated on your device.

Q2. Why Won’t My BeReal Upload?

A. Your BeReal won’t upload if BeReal servers are down or your internet connection is unstable.

Q3. How Do I See Friends Posts On BeReal?

A. You can see your friends’ posts in the Discovery section on BeReal. 

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