How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Screenshot? Secrets Revealed

How To Fix BeReal Not Showing Screenshot

People are now more concerned about their social media sharing to avoid cyberbully. Many social media platforms took the initiative to send instant notifications to the users if anyone took screenshots secretly, including BeReal. However, sometimes BeReal not showing screenshot, and this is a major dispute. 

Twitter is flooding with posts where BeReal users are showering their resentment on BeReal not showing screenshot issues and finding a solution to fix it. If you are also suspecting that your BeReal posts are compromised, but you are not receiving any notifications from BeReal, this article has got your back. 

There could be many reasons behind the BeReal not showing screenshot issue; for instance, maybe no one has taken screenshots of your posts or the photo is not yours! If the photo is not posted within the last 24 hours, then you can also miss the alert. 

Sometimes, even if you find the notification, you will find that the details of the people who took the screenshot are blurred. This is because BeReal is protecting its identity too! You can check other people’s profile details, only if you cross-post your BeReal photos on other social media. Sounds conflicting? Let’s find out more about BeReal not showing screenshot issues in this article. 

Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

Yes! BeReal does notify screenshots to the users!

However, the process is not as same as Snapchat. The fact is, unlike Snapchat, BeReal does not send a push notification to the user. Hence, you should not expect to receive a notification from BeReal every time someone takes a screenshot of your post. 

On the contrary, BeReal does keep a record of how many times people are taking screenshots of your posts and the record of their identity, just like other social media platforms do for counting likes and shares. So, if sometimes people are complaining about BeReal not showing screenshot, maybe they are under the false impression of receiving a push notification that BeReal will never send! 

Why BeReal Not Showing Screenshot?

Well, like any other app, BeReal also sometimes goes through technical issues. Moreover, BeReal is still growing and expanding to more countries, which may also have an impact on the app’s performance. Nevertheless, here are some of the possible reasons that we have figured out behind the BeReal not showing screenshot issue:

1. No One Has Taken A Screenshot 

It may sound bizarre, but maybe no one has taken screenshots of any of your BeReal posts, yet! BeReal keeps tracking and reflecting the count of screenshots in the box next to your BeReal posts, only after someone took a screenshot. Now, BeReal never shows a blank box or box with zero counting. 

Hence, if you are still confused about BeReal not showing screenshot to you, ask any of your friends to take a screenshot of a post and check whether BeReal is reflecting the same in the count box. If BeReal is not showing the count, your concern is true. 

2. The Photo Isn’t Yours

What if you are not the owner of the post? Well, sometimes, maybe you are in the photo, but your friend has posted that one on BeReal. In that case, you will be unable to view whether someone took a screenshot of that photo or not. Only the owner of the post has access to know whether someone took a screenshot. If you are concerned, connect with that person on BeReal. 

3. The Photo Is Posted More Than 24 Hours Ago

If you are checking old BeRealposts and wondering if someone took screenshots of those photos, forget it! First of all, BeReal shows screenshots counting only for recent posts [very recent posts!]. And the second important thing to remember is that BeReal will show the screenshot countdown only for the previous 24 hours! So, if you are concerned about a photo that you shared weeks back, just forget it! 

4. People’s Details Are Blurred Out

Now, BeReal not showing screenshot is one thing. But, what if, if you find the little box with numbers on it that shows screenshots count and hit it to check the people’s details who have taken your screenshots and you are stuck with blurred content? 

BeReal will never show you the details of the users who took screenshots of your photo unless you share your BeReal post on other social media! Only when you start cross-posting, you will uncover people’s details on BeReal. However, this haste is for iPhone users only! Android users do not need to cross-post to reveal people’s details, BeReal automatically shows them who took the screenshot! 

5. Partial Screenshot Or A Video Is Taken

If you are sure that someone on BeReal took screenshots of your photos and BeReal not showing screenshot notifications, this is maybe that person must have worked around. How? Well, if someone took a partial screenshot of your photo, BeReal will never show the count. Another popular way is to make a video of a user’s post and then take a screenshot. In that case, BeReal will be fooled too, and will not notify you. 

How To Take Screenshots On BeReal Secretly?

If you are wondering how to take screenshots on BeReal secretly without notifying someone, yes, there is a secret sauce to do that too! So, here are some of the popular ways to achieve this insanity: 

1. Recording BeReal Screen

If you are desperate to take a BeReal screenshot without notification, the first thing you can do is try screen recording. Whether it is iPhone or Android you can use any third-party tool and use it to record your screen when your BeReal post of interest is on your screen. Record a short video and then take a screenshot of the photo. 

2. Use Another Device To Take A Photo

If you are looking forward to cheating BeReal and taking a screenshot by surprise without alerting the user, you can try an old-school method. 

First, open the desired post, and then open the camera of the second phone and take a photo. BeReal will be fooled for sure! 

3. Take A Partial Screenshot

BeReal screenshot not showing notification is becoming a common problem. This is because people have found loopholes like the partial screenshot technique! Yes, if you are taking a partial screenshot on BeReal, BeReal will not show a notification to the user. 


Now that BeReall users are showering their frustration on social media, BeReal needs to take some really good measures to fix loopholes. Yes, we are talking about the loopholes like taking partial screenshots or recording screens. It is difficult [almost impossible]; however, considering BeReal is a photo-sharing platform where people are encouraged to share their candid moments, BeReal needs to ensure users’ privacy too! Share your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How To See Who Screenshotted Your Bereal?

Android users simply need to tap on the screenshot count icon and the people who took the screenshots will be revealed. However, iPhone users need to go through a long process. They can only find blurred content while tapping on the screenshot count icon. To reveal the identity of the screenshot takers, they need to share the post [cross-post] on another platform with a share option. 

Q2. Does Bereal Show Screenshots Of Realmojis?

Taking screenshots of Realmojis may sound tempting but BeReal does not share any notification for Realmoji screenshots. 

Q3. Why Can’t I See Who Took A Screenshot Of My Bereal?

If you are facing any BeReal Screenshot glitch, then you may not receive a notification for screenshots. All you need to do is remove the app cache and update the app to recover from the glitch. 

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