How To Fix Bonus BeReal Not In Memories? Explained

How To Fix Bonus BeReal Not In Memories

By now we are all in love with BeReal. This is more like anti-Instagram social media where you are bound to post only ‘real’ images in real time. As per the new update, now you can have a chance to post a bonus BeReal post, sometimes you may find Bonus BeReal not in memories. Why?

There could be multiple reasons behind the Bonus BeReal not in memories issue. But, unlike many other cases, this is not exactly a technical issue. As per the BeReal team, they are well aware of the issue and according to their statement, this issue is more likely related to the software. 

How to fix Bonus BeReal not in memories issue? So far, BeReal officials offered no help to resolve the issue. The BeReal app is only displaying one message in their help center: “Your Bonus BeReal are safe with us and will be available in your memories soon!!.”

So, now that we can’t do much to fix the Bonus BeReal not in memories problem, let’s wait it out. Wait for the next BeReal update patiently and you may get access to the Bonus BeReal memories, soon!

How To Fix Bonus BeReal Not In Memories?

As we were talking about, Bonus BeReal is not available in memories. Henceforth, if you are facing the Bonus BeReal not in memory problem, you are not alone! 

The fact is Bonus BeReal is still an experimental feature, which is not even rolled out to all the users. Only selective regions have the privilege to access Bonus BeReal. 

Now that Reddit and Twitter are flooding with complaints like ‘Why can’t I access Bonus BeReal’ or Bonus BeReal not in memories’, BeReal moderators answered the query. 

According to the BeReal modertors, “Your Bonus BeReal are safe with us and will be available in your memories soon!!.” They are displaying this message on Reddit as well as on the Help Center page. 

In other words, there are no solutions to this problem. No, right now! All you have to do is wait for the next BeReal update where they roll out modifications to this feature and make it more enjoyable. 

Why Can’t I Find The ‘Bonus Bereal’ Feature?

If, you are unable to find the Bonus BeReal feature because the Bonus BeReal is not in memories, here are the possible reasons:

1. Maybe the BeReal Bonus feature is still not available in your region.

2. Maybe you are not using the updated BeReal version. Update your app now.

3. Maybe you are not posting BeReal pictures on time. If you are not posting BeReal pictures immediately after receiving the notification from BeReal, the app will never show you the Bonus option. 

How To Save All BeReal Memories? 

If you intend to save all the BeReal memories, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Open the BeReal app and tap on your Profile icon

Step 2: Find the “view all my memories”, option and tap on it. 

Step 3: A window will open with all the memories including dates. Find the memories you want to save

Step 4: Tap on the kebab menu of the individual memories and choose the ‘Save’ option. 


Maybe Bonus BeReal is not in memories, but as promised by BeReal, your Bonus BeReal is safe and will be added to your memories soon. Then you can access your Bonus memories just as your regular BeReal posts. Till then, keep posting your Bonus BeReal and encourage more people to join on BeReal. Not to mention, your favorite celebrities are now also available on BeReal, posting their candid moments! Follow them on BeReal and be inspired. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How To Delete Memories On BeReal?

BeReal is a secure app. However, if you are thinking about deleting BeRealposts, you can do so! Go To Settings >> Tap On Any Memories >> Deactivate or delete your memory

Q2. Can I Delete A Bonus BeReal?

Yes, you can delete a Bonus BeReal just as any memories on BeReal.

Q3. Can I See Bonus BeReal Memories?

As of now, BeReal Bonus memories are not available on BeReal Memory; hence, you cannot see your Bonus BeReal memories. However, according to BeReal moderators, you can access the Bonus BeReal memories soon. 

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