How To Fix Cameo Request Denied? Latest Troubleshooting Methods 2023!

How To Fix Cameo Requests Denied

If you have recently requested a video from any celebrity on the Cameo app and you receive a cancellation notification instantly or after a couple of days or hours then my dear it’s better for you to know how to fix Cameo request denied because it’s a matter or money! 

Cameo is a video sharing platform where celebrities provide you with a customized video wishing or greeting you or your loved ones at a price. But first you have to request a celebrity of your choice to send you a video saying whatever you want. Usually everyone gets what they want from the platform but sometimes a few of the requests get denied for some reason which leaves the user in confusion. In this article we will be cracking how to fix Cameo requests denied. 

There can be multiple reasons for request denial like requesting something inappropriate or going against the terms & policy. In such situations you either send another request or contact the Cameo support team for how to fix Cameo requests denied. 

Let’s look into different ways for how to fix Cameo requests denied and the reason behind these so that you can go through the situation without any hurdle.

How To Fix Cameo Requests Denied?

If you are on Cameo as a user then you must be aware of the pattern of requesting a personalized video. Cameo fulfills the wish of hundreds and thousands of hard fans who ever dreamed of talking to their favorite celebrity. Now not only can they talk to them but also can have the moment captured in a video.

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All you need to do is send a request with all the details describing how you want your video to be and then make the payment. Next you will receive a notification if the actor accepts or denies the request. In most of the cases the requests get accepted but if yours got denied then it’s something worth your attention.

First of all you might be confused why it got denied? Whether you will receive the refund or not? How to fix Cameo requests denied….well we won’t say take a chill pill, but would definitely recommend you to stick to the article to know why all of this is happening.

Why Did My Cameo Request Get Denied?

how to fix Cameo requests denied

Getting your Cameo request denied is not usual till now but if you are faced with something similar to this then you should consider this section a must know.

There are high chances of your Cameo request getting cancelled when the celebrity that you chose has a busy schedule due to which they cancel your request or it automatically gets cancelled. If not this then you might re-check the request that you sent to that actor and confirm whether it’s meeting with all the standards and policies of Cameo or not! 

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Make sure you are not using any offensive, foul or religion/community specific information in your Cameo request or else your request will not only get denied but your account may also face reports and bans.

How To Fix Cameo Requests Denied – Three Useful Fixes 

If you receive a notification from the Cameo team on your app or email informing you about the cancellation of your recent Cameo request then you can try these methods for how to fix Cameo requests denied.

Method 01. Edit And Resend The Request

Every celebrity gets the window period of a week/ 7 days to provide you with the video that you want in case of a regular Cameo and a day for a 24 hour delivery Cameo if your request is accepted by the actor.

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And if it gets denied you will instantly receive the notification alarming you! In such a case you can open your cancelled request, go through it calmly and resend another request from the beginning with decent language without going against the terms and policies of Cameo.

Method 02. Send Request To Any Other Celeb

If you don’t feel like trying anymore with the same celebrity again? Then no issues, you can send the same request to any other celebrity with a less busy schedule and at the second position of your priority list.

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You can send a fresh request to any other celebrity and track the updates of your request in the Cameo app, or from the request confirmation email link. If this request also gets denied or expires (when the celebrity doesn’t take any action on your request) you will receive a notification and email informing you the same and if it gets accepted, the celebrity will deliver you a video under 7 days about which you will know with the help of a email including a link to view the completed.

Method 03. Contact Cameo Support

If your requests are getting cancelled back to back without doing anything wrong like use of foul language in the request or demanding wrong content or anything else then we’d recommend you to contact the Cameo support team through calling services, sending email or by contacting directly through the chat bot!

Cameo Support Number: 


Cameo Official Email Address: 

[email protected]

If you are not getting any response from these two contacts then you can also try pinging them on their social media accounts and letting them know about your concern.

So this was all about how to fix Cameo requests denied from our end! If you have any other Cameo related queries or doubts then feel free to contact us in our comment section.

Wrapping Up

At Cameo, Deasilex wants everyone to have a seamless experience for which we have tried our best to provide a thread of guides on how to use and how to fix issues related to Cameo.   

In this article, we have included why your Cameo request may get denied and how to fix Cameo requests denied. We hope our try got successful and you learnt the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Should I Put In My Cameo Video Request?

As many details as possible like, for whom the video is for and for what occasion the video is, what’s the receiver’s name, how to pronounce it etc etc.

Q. Can I Edit The Instructions After I Send My Cameo Video Request?

Fortunately, yes! You can edit the instructions from the app or the site and also from the request confirmation link in the email.

Q. Can Celebrities Decline Cameo?

Unfortunately, yes! The reason behind this can be their busy schedule or some inappropriate demand or offensive language used in the Cameo request.

Q. What Happens When A Cameo Request Expires?

If your Cameo request expires or declined, you will get the payment refunded in your account in the next working days!

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