How To Join Fan Club In Cameo App? A Detailed Guide 2022!

How To Join Fan Club In Cameo App

Girlfriend’s birthday? Don’t know what to give her? Well, gifting her a video of her favorite actor wishing her would be best! That can be possible through the Cameo app for which you have to take daily updates on that actor! How? You can learn how to join fan club in Cameo app to know what that actor is up to! 

There are more than a thousand actors, sportsmen, singers and other popular personalities on Cameo app. You are free to hire anyone on the Cameo app until your pocket allows you! For instance you can request Nick Lachey from 98 degrees so wish your girlfriend in a melodious way on her birthday. Sounds interesting? Hop on to learn how to join fan club in Cameo app.

Open Cameo App > Login > Search Celebrity > Open Profile > Join Fan Club > Go To Fan Club > Fan Club Page and done!! Next you will get notified for all the posts, updates, calls and other activities from that particular actor. This is how to join fan club in Cameo app. 

To know what are the other things that you should take care of while heading forward for how to join fan club in Cameo app, read the further details.

How To Join Fan Club In Cameo App?

Cameo is a social media stage which is based in the United States especially made to unite celebrities and their fans. One can use the Cameo service from their application or their web version also. Both can be accessible for both the iPhone and Android users. One plus point of the Cameo app is that it doesn’t charge any amount to use its services either as a fan or a celebrity. But if you wish to directly message an actor or request any celebrity for a personalized video from them, you have to pay an amount in return.  

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If you are looking forward to it we would recommend you to first learn how to join fan club in Cameo app, to look at their daily updates and book a video accordingly so that you may get your deliverables on time! 

Here are the instructions for how to join fan club in Cameo app. Follow each step accordingly:

Open Cameo App > Login > Search Celebrity > Open Profile > Join Fan Club > Go To Fan Club > Fan Club Page

Step 01: Open the Cameo application on your iPhone or Android device. If you do not want to download the application in your device then you can also access the Cameo Website on your web browser.

Step 02: Login to your Cameo Account by filling in your registered email address and password.

Step 03: Now Search or find the celebrity whose Fan Club you want to join and click on their Cameo Profile.

Step 04: Now click on the Join The Fan Club button at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 05: Next you will receive a pop-up alerting you that you have successfully joined your favorite actor’s fan club.

Step 06: At last, you are supposed to click on the pink button saying Fan Club Page to open the Fan page of that actor where you will find all the updates and posts of that actor.

And done! You have officially joined their fan club where you will get day-to-day updates of that actor. Joining anyone’s fan club does not charge you anything until you make any other content based request to them personally. 

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Also on the fan page, you will be able to view all their previous Cameos including the price drops in their ranges! According to a few reports, there are more fun perks to come for all the members in the fan clubs.

Wrapping Up

Cameo is a newly launched application that arranges personalized content like shoutouts, wishes and a lot more from popular celebrities like Nick Lachey, Snoop Dog, Carole Baskin and many more for their fans in exchange for an amount. 

Every fan’s dream is becoming true through this platform. All you need to do to make your dream come true is first keep record of the updates of your favorite personality on Cameo by joining their fan club.

If you don’t know how to join a fan club in the Cameo app, then this article is for you! Join one today and share it with your friends too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Cameo Fan Club?

Fan Club is a page on Cameo where every famous personality updates their fans about now and then updates and published Cameo content.

Q. How Do I Use Cameo App?

Create an account > Login > Find Celebrity > Request Cameo > Payout > Confirm!  

Q. How Long Do Cameo Lasts?

A fresh 10-min video calling feature let you all and your friends to communicate live with the celebrity they find attracted to!

Q. Does It Cost To Join A Fan Club On Cameo?

Cameo’s premium version comes for $4.99 per month and can be purchased only in web vers

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