How To Fix Coinbase Account Restricted | 4 Methods To Fix!

How to fix Coinbase Account restricted

When it comes to crypto trading, who is not aware of Coinbase! Coinbase is the world’s most used platform for cryptocurrency trading. The exchange handles a lot of money, so it becomes important to take extra care of security. Users may sometimes face their accounts being restricted or frozen. Have you faced such an issue on Coinbase? Here is a post to help you in learning How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted.

One of the reasons for your Coinbase account being restricted is that your country may not be supporting some features of the Coinbase exchange. There are chances that you might’ve violated the User Agreement of Coinbase. There can be many other reasons too. But, there is a solution to solve this issue. Yes, you can learn How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted issue. 

Coinbase takes care of the security measures so that users don’t need to worry about any fraudulent traders. There are certain ways through which account restrictions can be fixed on Coinbase. You can try contacting Coinbase support, try resetting your password, providing all the crucial information, etc. We have got other fixes too on How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted. 

Want to know more on How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted? This post will provide you with a guide on How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted. We have a few fixes that can be tried out to solve the issue. So, let us not waste much of your time, and dive straight into the post to learn How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted. 

How To Fix Coinbase Account Restricted?

How to fix Coinbase Account restricted

Confused about How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted issue? You can try certain fixes like providing all the crucial information in the Coinbase Account, resetting your password, contacting Coinbase Support, etc.

Here are the common fixes you can try out to learn How to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted. Let us discuss them in detail.

Fix 1: Verification Process Incomplete

One of the common reasons why your Coinbase account is restricted can be because you haven’t provided all the required KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. You can resolve this by providing all the necessary documentation. Coinbase will usually take around a week to verify the account. You will get an email once the process is complete.

Fix 2: Two-Factor Authentication

Another crucial fix that can be helpful in resolving your issue is 2FA. Any account that’s flagged as suspicious, is restricted by the Coinbase platform. Here are the steps to fix this.

Step 1: Navigate to the Coinbase account and press the Profile icon.

How to fix Coinbase Account restricted: Two-factor authentication

Step 2: Press the Settings button and then tap on Security. Scroll down to 2-step verification. Click on Select on the Authenticator App option.

Step 3: Put the 7-digit code that’s sent to your phone and press the Confirm button.

How to fix Coinbase Account restricted: 7-digit code

Step 4: Enable Authenticator Support by scanning the QR code. Type the code and click on Enable.

You’ll receive a message that 2FA has been successfully completed.

Fix 3: Coinbase User Agreement Violated

If your account no longer meets the requirements of Coinbase, it is considered to violate the User Agreement.

  1. An account whose profile isn’t available publicly.
  2. An account where various transactions are made without the user’s authorization.
  3. An account that’s been frozen for a long time.

If this is the case, you can resolve it by contacting Coinbase Customer Support. This might help you to fix the problem and there are no restrictions left.

Fix 4: Reset The Password

One of the common fixes to try out is resetting your password. Sometimes, it is seen that people can fix such issues by just resetting their passwords with a string password pattern. So, you can try that by navigating to Settings, then going to security settings, and changing your password under the Password section. Add a much stronger password this time. Type the PIN verification code and check if it works now or not.

This is how to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted. Hopefully, these fixes will help you solve the problem.

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This post is all about How To Fix Coinbase Account Restricted. Coinbase restrictions are there to prevent users from any fraudulent traders. We have provided you with the fixes that can be tried out. You must have got all your answers on How to fix Coinbase Account Restricted. If you still have any doubts in your mind, just drop them in the comments, we will help you find answers to those questions. Don’t forget to share this post and help your friends know how to Fix Coinbase Account Restricted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Buy Crypto If My Account Is Restricted?

A. No, though you’ll have full access to your funds but will not be able to make any trades. So, you can’t buy any crypto if your account is restricted.

Q2. Can Coinbase Prevent Me From Trading?

A. Yes, it can. Coinbase can block funds from being transferred or withdrawn. The Coinbase exchange will hold your tokens until proper identification documents are provided.

Q3. Why My Account Is Restricted After Verification?

A. Coinbase has some functions restricted in several countries. You may not be able to buy or sell crypto if you’re located in such areas.  

Q4. Why Can’t I Buy Crypto On Coinbase?

A. There can be several reasons you cannot buy crypto on Coinbase. It can be due to crypto being illegal in your country, you may not have added all the security documents that are required by Coinbase, etc.

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