Best Decentralized Crypto Exchanges | Top 10 Exchanges To Try!

Best Decentralized crypto exchanges

Investors are moving towards decentralized crypto exchanges nowadays. If you are also one of those who want to know how to invest in decentralized exchanges, you can go through our post. This post will tell you about the best Decentralized crypto exchanges where you can trade cryptocurrency.

Decentralized crypto exchanges are quite popular because they do not involve intermediaries. They are considered cheaper than centralized crypto exchanges and hence, preferred by various investors. Not just this, but you can get a huge range of cryptocurrencies listed on the decentralized crypto exchanges.

Decentralized crypto exchanges are popularly accepted because of the various advantages it provides to users over centralized ones. Privacy is also one of the major reasons why people choose these exchanges.

If you want to get details about the best Decentralized crypto exchanges, stick to our post until the end. We will provide a list of 10 decentralized exchanges where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Excited? So, let us move on to the best Decentralized crypto exchanges.

Best Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

Here is a list of the best Decentralized crypto exchanges to trade cryptocurrency.

1. Curve 

Curve Decentralized Exchange

It is one of the best Decentralized crypto exchanges. It is a decentralized exchange that is not run by any centralized body. The fee is low, and slippage is low. The risk associated with the Curve decentralized crypto exchange is not high.

2. SushiSwap 

SushiSwap is considered one of the best Decentralized crypto exchanges because of its decentralized lending market. One can easily lend, borrow, swap, or earn. If you want your assets to be under your control, you can go with the SushiSwap decentralized crypto exchange.

3. Uniswap

Uniswap- Decentralized crypto exchange

Uniswap was founded in 2018. It is a well-known decentralized platform and is considered one of the best Decentralized crypto exchanges. Illiquid assets face a serious problem of high spreads on regular exchanges. Uniswap, a decentralized platform, resolves this issue by providing access to all for becoming a market maker. 

4. Balancer 

The balancer is a decentralized platform where one can easily trade cryptocurrency. One can create different types of liquidity pools and add liquidity to public pools. Balancer enables anyone to use the platform for either trading or creating and providing liquidity. The investors can also collect fees from the traders for rebalancing their portfolios.

5. 1inch.Exchange

1inch.Exchange- DEX

1inch.Exchange is a decentralized crypto exchange platform where users can find out the best rates and low fees for their trades. It is considered one of the best Decentralized crypto exchanges because of this feature. This crypto exchange platform has many cryptocurrencies and works with many wallets.

6. PancakeSwap

It is one of the most popular and most trusted decentralized crypto exchanges. The decentralized platform uses the Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap enables its users to enjoy cheap and fast transactions. The number of users keeps on increasing at this platform because of the benefits and convenience it provides to the users. 

7. Compound

Compound was launched in 2017, and it runs on Ethereum. It is a decentralized crypto exchange platform that enables users to deposit their cryptos in pools and earn interest from them. Users can borrow and lend crypto using this platform. If you use this decentralized platform, you are not required to invest any money, time, or effort to deal with intermediaries. 

8. TokenIon

TokenIon is a decentralized crypto exchange based upon the 0x Protocol. It is one of the best Decentralized crypto exchanges because of its fast trade element. The crypto platform is considered a secure and trustless token-to-token exchange. This platform enables its users to trade various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

9. Venus

This decentralized crypto exchange platform was launched in 2020. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you want to trade crypto assets, you can choose the Venus Decentralized Crypto Exchange. 

10. BurgerSwap

BurgerSwap is another decentralized crypto exchange platform. It allows the users to trade and swap cryptos. 

There are various other exchanges, but we have listed the best Decentralized crypto exchanges out of them.


That’s all for the post on the best Decentralized crypto exchanges.

This article provided details about the 10 best Decentralized crypto exchanges. If you find it informative, do share it as much as possible. Don’t forget that investment in cryptocurrency is highly risky. Be careful before investing! Do tell us if you have any queries in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Biggest Decentralized Exchange?

A. In terms of volume, Uniswap is one of the largest decentralized crypto exchanges. 

Q2. Is Kraken A Decentralized Exchange?

A. No, Kraken is a centralized crypto exchange.

Q3. What Is The Advantage Of Decentralized Crypto Exchange?

A. There is no need to transfer the assets to an intermediary in the case of decentralized exchanges. Hence, the risk of company hacking is reduced, and the users are secured from theft or hacking.

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