How To Fix Discord Not Working With Halo Infinite?

How To Fix Discord Not Working with Halo Infinite

If you are looking for how to fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite, you must have the hearts of gamers. Without a doubt, the Halo video game series is fantastic, and players all around the world were thrilled to learn that the majority of the games in the series would be coming to PC. The majority of the most recognizable Halo franchise tales were introduced to PC through the Halo: Master Chief Collection, along with the recognizable multiplayer feature.

Halo Infinite is currently popular. It was just released as a captivating game, and the gaming industry has embraced it. Everyone is playing as well as talking about it. Additionally, the fact that it is a multiplayer strategy game has contributed to its increased popularity. However, it does not include an in-game chat option. Because of this, players frequently use Discord to communicate with one another while playing multiplayer games. But, what if sometimes Discord is not recognizing Halo Infinite?  Hence you should know – how to fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite. 

This article will guide you step by step to learn about the error and fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite. If you are confronting the issue mentioned in the blog, go through the solution now. If you are facing any other discord errors, let us know in the comment section. 

How To Fix Discord Not Working With Halo Infinite?

Looking forward to the solution of fixing discord not working with Halo Infinite? Go through the steps as follows: 

Step 1. Turn Off Chat

Halo Infinite and Discord voice chat has been enabled by users. So there may be a voice overlap if voice communication is enabled on both sides. As a result, they won’t be able to utilize any outside software, such as Discord, while playing the game. Therefore, it would be best for you to go to the in-game options in Halo Infinite and turn off voice chat. This is the first step to learning how to fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite. You could avoid any voice overlapping issues produced by Discord during gameplay by taking this solution.

Step 2: Change The Voice Chat Setting

If you don’t want to completely disable voice chat in Halo Infinite, you can turn on the push-to-talk feature. So that the microphone on your device can correctly identify the response to your requests and prevent crashes in Halo Infinite or Discord.

  1. Pause the game while you’re playing Halo Infinite and go to Settings.
  2. Choosing the Audio tab.
  3. Expand the drop-down selection for the Voice Chat Mode under the Communication section.
  4. Pick “Press to talk” from the menu.

Step 3: Disable Game Bar

Many people reported success in resolving the Discord Not Working with Halo Infinite issue by disabling the Xbox Game Bar, hence this is the third step considered to fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite. Disabling the game bar is intended to free up system resources and prevent facility launches from conflicting with one another.

The gaming bar can be disabled from the sidebar that is currently present. After doing so, go to System Settings >> Gaming >> Captures and disable the background recording as well. Additionally, turning off Windows’ Game Mode can assist you in addressing this problem. Since you could then be able to play Halo Infinite while using Discord.

Step 4: Turn On Overlay 

The fourth suggested step to fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite is turn on Overlay. When necessary, Overlaying enables apps to communicate with one another. Discord has a built-in feature that is not turned on by default, but you may do so to make it work with Halo Infinite.

  1. Open Discord, then navigate to User Settings.
  2. Choosing the Game Activity tab.
  3. Choose Halo Infinite from the list of newly added games in Discord.
  4. Now switch on the in-game overlay.
  5. Restart Discord on your computer and see if that helps you to fix the problem.

Step 5: Change Display Settings for Discord 

This problem may be brought on by incorrect display settings in Discord. Therefore, users must make sure that the display is given the chance to operate to its full potential. In order for them to enjoy the gameplay in fullscreen, it would be ideal to keep the display scale at 100%. Additionally, players have the option of customizing the display options in-game. Setting the frame rate to 60 frames per second will help it make less money while Discord is running in the background.

Wrapping Up

Considering you are a fan of Halo Infinite, you must be an amazing strategy and battle game lover. I hope this article helped you with how to fix Discord not working with Halo Infinite. If you are still facing any discord issues, let us know in the comment box. In the meantime, I would like to suggest you join some awesome gaming discords like – Era of Althea Discord, Tower Of Fantasy Discord, Fallout 76 Discord, and Project Slayers Discord. Wish to learn more about discords? Follow Deasilex for more updates on Discord servers as well as Discord Bots. 


Q1. Why Does My Discord Not Work When I Play Games?

Slide the slider to the left next to the Enable in-game overlay option by going to the Overlay tab in the User Settings’ App Settings section. After starting a game, apply your adjustments and see if Discord is now functional.

Q2. Why Is My Voice Chat Not Working In Halo Infinite?

Check the settings in the game. Open Halo Infinite on your computer and navigate to Settings first. After that, select Communication from the Audio menu. To activate the voice chat mode, click on it. Set your Voice Chat Input Device, then save the adjustments.

Q3. Can You Stream Halo Infinite On Discord?

Discord will be incorporated into Halo Infinite’s PC multiplayer functionality, according to the most recent Halo Infinite blog post from 343 Industries, enabling users to invite friends to play online through Discord.

Q4. Why Can’t I Hear My Teammates In Halo Infinite PC?

Make sure the headset is chosen in Halo Infinite’s settings under audio, communication, and voice chat output. Go to the voice chat section of the same options page and enable open mic. Players can enable the push-to-talk feature in Halo Infinite to try to fix voice chat. Players can attempt a game reset as well.

Q5. Does Voice Chat Work In Halo Infinite?

Players can choose to use push-to-talk or open mic in Halo Infinite’s voice chat feature. In addition to those choices, you may also choose to mute the lobby as a whole, the Spartan conversation, or the volume of all incoming calls.

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